News Links for 06/21/2009

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The Fed and the possible demise of our American dollar
Hero or Villain? by Ross DeForrest -An uncommon perspective on the Federal Reserve System.
The Urgent Need for a Comprehensive Monetary Reform by the National Center for Constitutional Studies
They have some free podcasts of interest as well for anyone interested in our constitution.
The death of the dollar?

Stealing our Great Lakes
The Government Water Grab.. by Jack Hoogendyk

Payback for the UAW
Newt Gingrich on the UAW

Food Safety or Food Control? option=com_content&view=article&id=1657:energy-and-commerce- subcommittee-markup-on-hr-2749-the-food-safety-enhancement-act-of-2009&catid=137:subcommittee-on-health&Itemid=77
H.R. 2749, the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 is shown above in it’s entirety with comment by sponsoring congressional members.
Opposition is strong for this bill as it is felt to negatively impact small farmers by over regulation as well as an annual $500 fee to “facility”
who grows, produces or manufactures food… perhaps including you if you have a garden? Here is the opposing point of view:

Part 1: Who holds REAL control
Policy makers: World Trade Organization- an introduction
Part 1 of a multi part series to get to know the people who make decisions FOR us.

American or terrorist? …
“Among the multiple-choice questions included in its Level 1 Antiterrorism Awareness training course, the DoD asks the following: ‘Which of the following is an example of low-level terrorist activity?’ To answer correctly, the examinee must select ‘protests’.” Yes, you read that correctly. The Pentagon has designed a training system that puts you in the crosshairs!
Several current and former agents within the National Security Agency (NSA), speaking on condition of anonymity, have told the New York Times that the spy agency likely monitors millions of e-mail communications and telephone calls made by Americans. The new revelations follow the disclosure in April that the NSA’s monitoring of domestic e-mail traffic broke the law in 2008 and 2009. Last year, Congress passed legislation providing the NSA greater latitude to spy on the communications of Americans. Among those voting for the bill was then-Senator Barack Obama of Illinois. In all, 293 members of the House and 69 senators voted to pass the bill.

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