Your Duty As A Citizen

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Our government is completely out of control. Continually and unconstitutionally saddling every American citizen with unjust taxation and debt. Supposedly representing us but doing seemingly everything possible to stab us in the back at every turn. Our constitutional God given rights are being seriously threatened.
And yet, there is so much apathy. Or is it the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what to do?
Everyone is busy with their lives. So much to do and time is so short on a daily basis.
Keeping your eyes peeled for what is really going on is hard work. Especially now when it seems there is so much happening every day. It’s overwhelming.
So, do we let them take advantage of us in such an egregious way, or do we fight back?
Only you can answer that question. What is your money and your rights worth to you?
Is it worth an hour a day? Ten minutes a day?
I, personally, try to make it easier by providing a small newsletter highlighting what is going on behind your back in our government and country. Perhaps you only have time to look at that, and hopefully take an extra minute to pass it to your friends. Maybe you can spare ten additional minutes to contact your government representatives. Maybe you have an hour to attend a tea party. Maybe you have the time to join a local citizens group to help fight back.
If you feel the government is adequately representing you, then it’s ok to do nothing. If you think this country is going down the tubes, then it is your responsibility to do something about it. Please do your part to make this country the America we remember. But do it fast, time is indeed running out. Please share this plea with your friends. We need everyone to help.

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