Cap and Tax Passes The House.. This is a sad day for American Citizens

Posted on June 27, 2009. Filed under: Soapbox | Tags: , , , |

Cap and Trade PASSED in the House…. meaning you will pay increased taxes on EVERY SINGLE THING YOU PURCHASE, if the Senate also passes this bill. The taxes will amount to thousands of dollars per year for the average family. Utility billls will double. Gasoline will rise substantially. This will also allow the government to dictate, no mandate, the use of every ounce of water, every bit of energy and every product whose production causes carbon to be emmited that you use. Furthermore, the bill leaves wide open changes to it as the government sees fit. As well California building standards are mandated throughout the rest of the country under the bill, along with a grading system for every home (existing and future) to calculate the amount of energy it uses. From windows to appliances and everything in between, the formula will calculate a number, a grade if you will,  which you will have to disclose in order to sell your home at market. The bill does a lot more, but quite frankly who knows what all else it does.. at 1510 pages of legal ease- of which most congressmen did not read… I just plain can’t tell you what else is in the bill. I do know the democrats had only one copy on the floor- one without the 300 +  page amendment added in the middle of the night last night- and which they would not allow the republicans to read. I watched this go down today over various wire services, twitter, the internet and television, and I can tell you, today I am the one who is embarassed to be an American. Today I am the one who is not proud of my country. I am proud of the hundreds of thousands of citizens who stood up. Thank you to all of you who did. Now the real fight begins. Every single American citizen needs to stand up and make sure this does not make it through the senate. And all of us need to remember every single name on that yes list…  and vote them out of office faster than they can say Cap and Trade!

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