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YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS ARE UNDER ATTACK! The UN is working on a GLOBAL dictate under the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.
In order to assure the US government does not adopt the UN’s policy which regulates education, discipline, feeding, etc.. please WRITE your CONGRESS REP and SENATOR NOW!  There is a bill in joint houses to ensure your rights as an American to raise your child as YOU see fit.  Please act now as time is short. This link will tell you about the bill. Below that are the links to your reps in DC.
Federal Parental Rights Amendment

The Federal Parental Rights Amendment proposal now has over 100 Congressional Supporters. We need to push this forward to at least 120 before the middle of July! You can help by getting both Representatives and Senators on board.

This means PHONE CALLS and FAXES!

In addition to the phone calls and faxes, please take a moment to write your own Congressman and request their support or thank them for their support.

After looking up your own Representative by entering your state and zip code at the writerep website above visit this link to see if your Representative is listed as a supporter:

If they are still not listed as a supporter, please write them and ask for them to state their position on House Joint Resolution 42 and why they are holding the position, then send a copy of the response that you receive to me directly at You may have to follow-up with them if you get “boiler-plate” letters that say “we will take your views into consideration… you want their position and views.

The Senate Version of the proposed Constitutional Amendment is referenced as Senate Joint Resolution 16. There are a lot less Senators to have to speak to, so this should be easier. We need each and every position of our Senators and a thank you to Senator Jim DeMint.

At the top of the Senate.Gov website link there is a drop down menu to select your State. Once you select your state and use the links to contact both of the Senators in your State.

If you call them, ask them very politely if they support Senator Jim DeMint’s Senate Joint Resolution 16. Report back their name, state, and position. Follow-up with their web form from the link above, send a nice follow-up to them as well. If you have any questions on this, we can help, just drop an email or a phone call.


State Politics a Must! Equal Parenting or Parent-Child Relationship Protection Bills?
This upcoming Sunday at 8PM EST, we are hosting a live conference call to discuss introductions of “Parent-Child Relationship Protection Bills” and we want you to bring someone with you. That means recruiting them for this newsletter and also making sure you get them the contact information for the call. This is important, because there have been bills introduced in a couple of states, but there needs to be greater exposure to the issues into mainstream media. We can help get organizations and advocates up to speed on making this happen.

Here is the information to participate:

Live Listen/Call In: 724-444-7444
Talk Cast Id: 39517
Pin 1+#

If you want to participate in live chat during the conference call:



Regular Broadcasts Every Wednesday and Sunday Night with Get Your Justice Live at 8PM EST.

We have been building a media network unlike any other for grassroots activism. Here are some links that you will want to visit and spread throughout the Internet communities that you participate in:

Yahoo Group to submit news:

Facebook Get Your Justice Live Fan Page
Facebook Get Your Justice Live Group

Want to help with our efforts? Join into our Meetup Group


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