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Please allow me to urge EVERYONE… if you don’t like the direction the congress, senate and white house are taking, make sure you carve out some time (even if it’s only 20 minutes) to stop by a tea party in your area. There are AT LEAST 1331 tea parties scheduled around the country. We need to make our voices heard. I know it’s a busy day, but how appropriate to celebrate freedom by doing something to maintain it!
America the Silly… Canada Free Press
Tea Party Talking Points… the Heritage Foundation
High Court Takes ‘Unusual Step’ to Re-Hear Challenge to McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Law …CNS News
Normally, the nine justices would have issued their final opinions Monday to close out their term before taking the summer off. Instead they announced that they had decided not to rule whether the law’s ban on broadcast TV and radio ads 60 days before a general election actually applied to a 90-minute film in 2008 critical of then-Democratic New York Sen. Hillary Clinton. Chief Justice John Roberts ordered the case to be put back on the docket – and ordered the parties to make further arguments in addition to whether Citizens United, a conservative not-for-profit organization, had the right to air the film in Democratic primary states and on pay-per-view to cable subscribers without complying with federal campaign-finance law. McCain-Feingold, which was passed in 2002, regulates who, how much and when contributions may be made to political candidates. An important aspect of McCain-Feingold also bars organizations from sponsoring television and radio ads about candidates for office within 30 days of a primary or 60 days of when a general election is held.
The Shell Game in Our House and Senate
Since the first of this year, there have been a whopping 3112 bills introduced in the House and another 1379 in the Senate. There has also been 58 Joint Resolution, 159 Conccurrent Resolutions and 606 Resolutions in the House and 17 Joint Resolutions, 32 Concurrent Resolutions, and 206 Resolutions in the Senate this year as well.  To see the lists click the link above. This is how things get by as no one, including our representatives, can possibly read every page of every bill.. or know exactly what’s going on. And, my friends, that’s the way they like it. As well, to showboat, they introduce a bill that sounds like what we want to hear, then bury it in committee forever. You can see this by clicking on a particular bill then clicking on the list of actions.  Best bet is to check the Open Congress website once or twice a month to see for yourself exactly what is going on. Some of the noted bills are HJR5 to amend how many terms the president can serve. HR1388- Kennedy Serve American Act, HR17 Citizens Self Defense and Security Act, and HR2346 called the Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act- which has nothing to do with what it says it does.. it continues war funding in Iraq and Afganastan and gives $108 Billion to the International Monetary Fund amound other bailouts to non-American entities, and the transfer of Guantanamo detainees. To see the 93 amendments to this bill (or amendments to any bill) click on the amendments link…. quite an education in back door dealing by doing so.  You can also see how your represenatives and senators voted by clicking that on the top of page.
GM’s CEO grilled at Court .. Washinton Examiner
Fritz Henderson held his own yesterday in court. Hearing ended at 8pm last everning. At a packed Manhattan courthouse Tuesday, Henderson was questioned for about five hours by attorneys for the various parties challenging the sale, including bondholders, consumer groups and some unions. Henderson said the No. 1 U.S.-automaker’s sale plan is necessary to get GM back on its feet quickly and cautioned that the government could walk away from the deal if the sale doesn’t close by July 10. Under a government-backed deal, GM will sell most of its assets to a newly created company, 60 percent owned by the U.S. government. The Canadian government will get a 12.5 percent stake while the United Auto Workers union will take a 17.5 percent share to fund its health care obligations. Unsecured bondholders receive the remaining 10 percent. Existing GM shareholders are expected to be wiped out.

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