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Independence Day Tea Parties Shift Emphasis From Awareness to Action   by Doug Edelman

Each person of like mind must become educated, not only in the facts but in tactics and processes by which they PERSONALLY can respond.  No army puts its generals on the front line leading a charge, while the troops remain in the Barracks watching TV and cheering them on when they are on the news!  While senior staff creates policy and establishes strategies, the real work is done by the enlisted soldier, directed by a non-comm. For the movement to continue to have “legs”, each person must become an individual activist.  This does not mean counting on the elected minority to move the agenda forward.  Nor relying on the voice of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham and the rest to be the lone voices in the wilderness, leading the way all the way to the promised land!  Not even leaving the work to the organizers of Tea Parties or other such protests.  Each individual must take the personal responsibility to make their voice heard. An informed activist must know how to effectively translate that information into action.  Most importantly, they must communicate their ideas, their frustrations, their anger and their praises to their elected officials.  They must do so clearly, frequently, and in such a manner as to put them on notice that they are being scrutinized and will be held accountable come election time. They can gather with the likeminded – not just to enjoy the social enjoyment of gathering with birds of a feather – but to share with one another.  To share information. To share “war stories’ both for amusement and for “lessons learned”.  To move initiative petitions along. Making a difference and affecting “change” will take much commitment of Patriots who are willing to engage the process at the risk of “lives, fortunes and sacred honor”.  But not to do so means allowing the ever-expanding and increasingly demanding hydra of government to direct our lives, confiscate our fortunes, and discredit our honor.  We must never stand idly by and permit the rise of totalitarianism, socialism, or despotism or tyranny! After the constitutional convention, Ben Franklin was approached and asked what type government they had given the people.  His reply:  A republic – IF YOU CAN KEEP IT.  Are you ready, willing and able to commit yourself to this cause?

One former SAA mechanic, who spent years learning his trade before being laid off, said foreign workers got their training on the job from the Americans they worked with. Byron Harris reports.
A News 8 investigation found that hundreds of aircraft mechanics have been brought into the United States to work at aircraft repair facilities. Insiders say the companies that are importing the mechanics are so eager to save money, they’re overstating their qualifications. The result may be a threat to safety, abetted by lax enforcement of immigration law.
July 4, 2009: Celebrating the End of American Independence by JB Williams
2009 marks the end of an era in which the United States of America led the world in prosperity, power, individual liberty and freedom. The US Constitution no longer stands as the cornerstone of freedom. The average American is no longer well suited for self-governance. The federal government no longer serves at the pleasure of the people and the states and the future of the greatest nation ever known to mankind, is beyond bleak. The American people are divided into three political blocs today.
  • Those who desire access to the earnings and assets of others and are using the weight and power of the federal government to rob their fellow Americans of freedom, liberty and hard earned prosperity.
  • Those who have spent a lifetime on the sidelines not knowing what to believe or who to trust, manipulated by a constant drumbeat in the leftist press, academia and Hollywood elite, trading their individual liberty and that of others for a so-called “greater communal good.”
  • Those who still believe in the founding principles and values of a Constitutional Republic, but have no representation in Washington DC, the press, academia or Hollywood, and have yet to find a viable means of restoring freedom without force.

Even those who see what is happening live in a state of illusion, hoping against hope that it is all just a mirage. They believe that America will simply rebound, as it always has. But they overlook the reality that all of the founding principles and values that made it possible for our country to prosper and even dig itself out of tough times, have been systematically destroyed. The mechanisms needed to rebound, no longer exist…


Independence 1776. Independence 201x? by Brad Warbiany at Liberty Papers this anniversary of the date of American Independence, it is right to celebrate. It is right to remember the valiant and principled action of the Founding Fathers to take on the world’s great superpower and assert their rights — many lost their lives in the effort. We have a nation worth celebrating.

OnBut in remembrance of those who we are celebrating, it is important to understand their significance in a historic context (again, see the books recommended above). It is important to remember that the principles they are fighting for are again in peril. And it important to realize that in order for those principles to be recovered, we must tirelessly call the United States Government for what it is — illegitimate.


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