News for 07/13/2009- Narcisism, Smoking Guns, Irresponsibility and Tolerance

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Barack Obama is a narcissist, his contempt towards average Americans is boundless by David Podvin at Canada Free Press

Obama governs using the Chicago model on which he was politically weaned: “You scratch my back, or I break yours.”
General Electric perceived an opportunity to reap tremendous benefits if Obama were elected, and so GE media outlets assisted the conglomerate’s preferred candidate. That decision will prove tragically short-sighted when Obamanomics rupture the capitalist system. However, Corporate America’s time horizon is now dictated by quarterly earnings reports, and for the time being General Electric is making out like a bandit. So is Goldman Sachs, which has received billions from the Troubled Asset Relief Program designed to bail out failing financial institutions. That rescue money has gone to a company in no need of being rescued: Goldman recently reported record earnings. As other Wall Street firms struggle to survive, Goldman Sachs is thriving because it aligned with Obama. Among the other prominent organizational and corporate collaborators receiving administration largesse are: 

  • ACORN, the quintessential left-wing community organization that illegally registered voters on Obama’s behalf and is being rewarded with a massive increase in its taxpayer funding.
  • Chevron Texaco, the quintessential multinational conglomerate that supported Obama and consequently still administers the Iraqi oilfields despite the candidate’s promise that he would promptly return those fields to the Iraqi people.
  • The Service Employees International Union, which contributed over thirty million dollars to Obama and on whose behalf he attempted to extort California taxpayers. State officials were threatened that any budgetary cuts adversely affecting SEIU employees would result in California forfeiting a $7 billion federal stimulus grant.
  • Berkshire Hathaway, whose Chairman Warren Buffett aggressively supported Obama. Since the inauguration, the financial institutions contained in Berkshire’s portfolio have received priority treatment. Ninety-one percent of California-bound TARP funds have gone to banks in which Berkshire is the largest shareholder.
  • Hamas, the genocidal anti-Semitic terrorist group that illegally raised funds for the Obama campaign and is now receiving an infusion of American taxpayer money totaling $900 million.
  • Time Warner, which contributed more than half a million dollars to Obama and deployed its Time Magazine subsidiary to promote him as a “centrist” despite his voting record being the Senate’s most liberal. In exchange for the communication conglomerate’s unswerving allegiance, Obama has appointed five Time Warner executives to his administration, where they will have input on legislation affecting…the communications industry.

While most Americans are suffering financially, Obama’s major contributors are enjoying taxpayer-provided prosperity.
Yet Another Smoking Gun For Sotomayor by Tom Bowden at Ayn Rand Center
On the eve of Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Sonia Sotomayor, was reporting that “Republicans have yet to uncover a smoking gun in Sotomayor’s past, and her confirmation is seen by many as a fait accompli.” This says a lot about the Senate’s inability (on both sides of the aisle) to recognize a smoking gun when they see it. In previous posts, I’ve discussed the oft-quoted public speech in which she rhapsodized about “how wonderful and magical it is to have a Latina soul.” In that speech, which she later authorized to be reprinted as a law review article, Sotomayor publicly declared that judicial impartiality is just a pipe dream, that judges can’t be objective because “

ersonal experiences affect the facts that judges choose to see,” and as a result “‘there is no objective stance but only a series of perspectives.’” This speech not just a smoking gun—it’s an atomic blast meant to obliterate the rule of law. Any senator of either party who cannot see the implications of Sotomayor’s views is intellectually unequipped to perform the kind of searching review the Founders intended when they required advice and consent of the Senate for Supreme Court nominations.

America sliding into a pit of foreign debt By Howard Richman, Raymond Richman, and Jesse Richman at American Thinker

There are two types of news: the news that fits and the news that would cause fits if it were printed. A responsible press would cover both. Unfortunately, economic reporting in the US doesn’t always do this. If news of an economic bombshell gets suppressed… did it really explode? The United States net foreign debt hit an unprecedented $3.5 trillion, 24.3% of our GDP, at the end of 2008, according to a report issued on June 26 by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. When foreign debt rises as a percentage of GDP, a country becomes less and less able to pay off debt from its income stream. Normally the dramatic rise for 2008 would have been newsworthy but on July 8, almost two weeks after the report was issued, only the Washington Times covered the story. Elsewhere in the news were references to foreign debt in Argentina, Armenia, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Croatia, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Namibia, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Turkey, and Zimbabwe, but not to America’s rising foreign debt. Obama has been expanding U.S. government borrowing from abroad. On April 15, Treasury Secretary Geithner, intent on borrowing more money from China, issued a report to Congress which pretended that China does not manipulate its currency, despite the fact that China had already collected about $1.7 trillion dollars of our debt as a byproduct of its non-existent currency manipulations.

The Tolerance Surplus By Daniel Greenfield at Canada Free Press
If you ask American, Israeli and European liberals and leftists what the key problem with Islam is, they will answer that there is a lack of tolerance. Not of course a lack of tolerance on the part of the throat-slitters, car burners, gang rapists, car bombers and hate preachers of Islam. On the contrary they will assert that there is a great tolerance deficit on the part of Western nations toward Islam. In a rational political calculus, we take for granted that the people blowing up synagogues, stabbing their sisters to death for wearing jeans, and kidnapping and beheading people they don’t like, are the ones suffering from a tolerance shortage. But to a progressive, brutal violence by a minority is always a symptom that they are being oppressed, rather than that they are the ones doing the oppressing. Muslim violence is comeuppance or blowback, and the only solution is to be more and more tolerant of Muslims. Having classified Western nations as always being in the wrong, and Muslims as being always in the right, where reasonable people see a failure to fight terrorism, progressives see a failure to fight intolerance. Given a mandate, conservative governments will try to get to grips with violent Islamists. Liberal governments will try to get to grips with anyone who criticizes Islam. And naturally it becomes a good deal more difficult to point out that Muslim violence is a serious problem, when you’ve passed laws prohibiting anyone from making any mention of Muslims and violence in the same sentence. This has the convenience of making it illegal to point out the stupidity of progressive policymaking, which is something that their fellow People’s Democratic regimes routinely do. Tens of thousands dead in America, Europe, Israeli and Australia has not done much to chip away at the insistence of multiple governments that Islam is a religion of peace. And even conservatives have adopted the liberal mantra that Islamic violence is something carried out by splinter groups, in response to not being tolerated enough. The solution being more cowbell, or more tolerance. But so far the “Hug them until they love us” approach has not yielded any dividends, except more bombs and bullet holes, and bodies in morgues.

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