News for 07/21/2009 – Does anyone in government remember the Constitution?

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Quote Revisited- George Bush calls the constitution a God D****** Piece of Paper
This goes far beyond Obama.. let’s remember history. In the interest of fairness and clarity, our problems did not start with Pres. Obama, nor did they start with George Bush, Bill Clinton, etc.. they started with Woodrow Wilson. As citizens do not perform their due dilligence, the problem just exacerbates. Please get involved to the best of your ability. The politicians in Washington do not value us, our views, our tax dollars, our lives, our privacy, etc…

Part Time Congressional Hair Stylist Needed
– Glenn Beck radio show
Congress is looking for a part time hair stylist accomplished in both male and female services. Pay is $9000/yr, plus 45% commission, plus parking and FEDERAL BENEFITS. – once again, your tax dollars hard at work. By, the way, Glenn says they have their own gas pumps in the congressional garage, too, FYI. Their own restaraunts, their own pension plans, their own health care.. and the list goes on and on. No wonder they are not in touch with reality. We should revoke their amenities. They make over four times the average American’s salary, NOT including benefits.

HR 1018 – Welfare for Wild Horses with $700,000,000 of Your Tax Money…
Things included in the bill – Horse census every 2 yrs, 19M in land purchases (real agenda no doubt), $5M to correct damage to land from horses, and enhanced horse birth control and contreception, Govt inspections of people’s facilities who want to adopt horses. Seven hundred million dollars. Are you kidding??? This passed in the house and now goes onto the Senate. See who voted for this at http://www.govtrack.u… and do not re-elect them!

CALL TO ACTION- Silly but useful.. from Glenn Beck
Larry Summers, Obama’s top economic advisor, sees some strong evidence that the economy is out of free fall. We apologize if the following has too much financial lingo for the average person to understand, but this is really good news. Summers says the recent decrease in Google searches for ‘economic depression’ are down to normal levels. Yes, that is correct, and Summers is a ‘top’ economic advisor. Help Larry understand the economy is not fixed — Google search ‘economic depression’ right now. (personally, I hit the Search button at least a hundred times)

Candidates Ask Lobbyists for Campaign Help from…
July 15 was the first time that candidates’ political committees had to detail to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) the lobbyists and companies registered to lobby that have been bundling for them — collecting checks for campaign donations to give to the politicians. In the new reports, several prominent congressional leaders in the House and the Senate have listed lobbyists as bundlers for them, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars from their networks for the lawmakers. Examples and details given in article linked above.

Uproar Over $2M 2lb Ham Causes Govt to Issue Press Release…
See yesterday’s newsletter for clarification, if necessary. At least they now know we are paying attention! Chalk up one for the transparency police!
STATEMENT FROM AGRICULTURAL SECRETARY: The references to “2 pound frozen ham sliced” are to the sizes of the packaging. Press reports suggesting that the Recovery Act spent $1.191 million to buy “2 pounds of ham” are wrong. In fact, the contract in question purchased 760,000 pounds of ham for $1.191 million, at a cost of approximately $1.50 per pound. In terms of the dairy purchase referenced, USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) purchased 837,936 pounds of mozzarella cheese and 4,039,200 pounds of processed cheese. The canned pork purchase was 8,424,000 pounds at a cost of $16,784,000, or approximately $1.99 per pound.

Health Care Bill Will Cover Illegal Alliens At Untold Expense To Legal Taxpaying Citizens by F.A.I.R.…
The draft House bill — consisting of 1,018 pages — was introduced by Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) and cosponsored by the chairmen of the three House committees of jurisdiction: Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee; Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA), Chairmen of the Energy & Commerce Committee; and Rep. George Miller (D-CA), Chairman of the Education & Labor Committee. Section 202 of this bill creates a Health Insurance Exchange (exchange) and states that “all individuals are eligible to obtain coverage” through the exchange. The House Education & Labor Committee has produced a summary of the bill and explains that the exchange will allow individuals and employers to “comparison shop for coverage” and that the bill creates “new affordability credits… for people purchasing [health coverage] through the exchange.” Under Section 242, all legal aliens will qualify for the affordability credit. Subsection (d) states that the affordability credits “shall not be treated [as] a benefit provided under section 403” of the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. Under Welfare Reform, legal aliens are generally required to wait five years before becoming eligible for welfare or other taxpayer funded benefits. The House health reform bill eliminates that 5-year waiting period for legal aliens as applied to taxpayer financed health insurance subsidies, such as the affordability credit.

Congress is Taxation Without Representation by Todd Huston at Canada Free Press http://canadafreepres…
We are speeding headlong toward a time when our Congress will have become just like Mad King George’s Parliament, that body from which in 1776 the American colonists separated with the rallying cry of “no taxation without representation.” Our national government is fast becoming just as unrepresentative of the people as far off Briton was when we went to war to become the United States of America. Compared to the British Parliament that raised the ire of our forefathers so long ago, today’s Congress shows many signs of the same, oppressive, haughty, disinterested politicians that considered their national government more important than the local’s interests and needs. All is not lost, to be sure. But with the poor education we are now offering our youth, it cannot be much longer before no one has the slightest clue what it was that the founders created and just why it is special enough not to let slip through our fingers. (Ed Note: That’s why it is up to us, as parents and grandparents to TEACH our children about the Constitution, what it meant, what our responsibilities are as citizens and what our forefathers did for us.) Please see full article at link above.

** Free EBook For You..** In the spirit of education From

The Case Against the Fed by Murray Rothbard…

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