News for 09/08/2009- Why Citizens Are Concerned About the President’s Action Today

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 Why are citizens concerned about President Obama’s message to children and the “How can you serve the President” lesson plan that accompanied it? :

(see article: )
It was not the speech from the President to school children encouraging them to do good in school, as it was the after speech “lesson plan” -aka indoctrination session- that followed which upset some Americans. The reason is clear. President Obama and his many associates have a plan to socialism which involves co-opting our children’s future. All one has to do is pay attention to know why. In case this is all new to you, allow me to illustrate:
Change You Can Be Drafted By Government For from American Thinker
President Obama’s Own Words:   video clip of entire speech
Children Sing for Change:
Agenda Moves Forward:
The President Signs the Kennedy Serve America Act (video of speech by President Obama and the late Sen. Edward Kennedy)
On Tuesday, April 21, President Barack Obama signed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act! This groundbreaking piece of legislation ushers in a new era of national service. In addition to expanding opportunities for Americans of all ages and backgrounds to serve, the bill supports high-impact, results-driven organizations through the creation of a Social Innovation Fund.

The bill was named for Senator Edward M. Kennedy, a life-long champion of national service and a strong supporter of social innovation. Senator Kennedy spoke at the historic bill-signing, recalling the call to service “another young president,” John F. Kennedy, issued more than 40 years ago, before introducing President Obama.

In his remarks, President Obama emphasized the transformative potential of high-impact service organizations.

Programs like these are a force multiplier; they leverage small numbers of members into thousands of volunteers. And we will focus their service toward solving today’s most pressing challenges. We’ll invest in ideas that help us meet our common challenges, no matter where those ideas come from. All across America, there are ideas that could benefit millions of Americans if only they were given a chance to take root and to grow — ideas like the one that Eric Adler and Raj Vinnakota had that led to this school and expanded its model to others. That’s why this bill includes a new Social Innovation Fund that will bring nonprofits and foundations and faith-based organizations and the private sector to the table with government so that we can learn from one another’s success stories.

We’ll invest in ideas that work, leverage private-sector dollars to encourage innovation, expand successful programs to scale and make them work in cities across America.

The signing of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act was a watershed event for champions of service and social innovation across the U.S.

America Forward would like to join the President in thanking everyone who made this exciting moment in the history of national service possible.

Launching of Internet Sites to Move the Ball Along:
The official website.
Organizing for America
Cheif of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s Plan for Universal Service For All Americans
Read his book: The Plan- Big Ideas for Change In America co-authored by Rahm Emanuel
Check out this Washington Examiner article on what happened when Bush spoke with students:

 Our New National Day of Service

 See articles  (

On August 11th, President Obama held a conference call with all his special interest allies in order to push renaming 09/11 as our National Day of Service instead of keeping the day for strict remembrance of those who perished in the awful and unjust terrorist attacks on our country. Their feeling is that the Republican Party owns this day, according to some reports, and this would be a way to ”capture” the day for the Democrats. What horrendous thinking, illustrative of what is wrong with this country.  The resolution, introduced in the Senate by Charles Shummer (D-NY) as S.245, then in the House as HR 718, by Doris Matsui (D-CA) was being furthered by the President by consulting
this hand-picked assemblage.

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