News for 09/11/2009 R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means To Me, Human Rights Do Not Apply to Americans

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Fly Your Flag Today in Memory of All Who Perished on September 11, 2001
R-E-S-P-E-C-T  Find Out What It Means To Me
Respect is a two way street. If a person respects another who does not reciprocate that respect, is that anything less than humiliation?
I have never disrespected a President of the United States before. Then again, I have never felt so very disrespected as I do now. Why you ask? It is easier to provide the incidents that have led me here.
It all started when President Barack Obama chose not to run in the primary in my state. Michigan was badly hit by an economy that was not working even during the campaign, when other states were still doing quite well. For someone who espoused change, helping the most oppressed state did not seem to be an option. Clue number one that it was not about what it was supposed to be about. His party politic before the people. That was clear to me from that point on.
Then, there was Joe the Plumber. He did nothing but ask a question, a sensible question, an honest question and one many citizens were asking themselves. Then all hell broke loose and I realized, once again, this is not about what it is supposed to be about.
Then came William Ayers, Rev. Wright, the dinners with Khalidi and associations with other questionable characters ( His Marxist associations were coming to light. His failure to produce documents requested by citizens and honest media, his failure to cooperate with traditions,  the Acorn fraud charges, the Black Panthers guarding the poles in Philadelphia. Wow! What’s up with that? I began thinking I may want to start paying close attention.
After the election, came the nomination and appointment of far left individuals, some with very questionable socialist and communist backgrounds. What kind of change was our new President ushering in?
Then the barrage of unconstitutional bill proposals. (see articles and
Where was congress? Why was no one doing anything to protect our constitution? They aren’t even reading the bills they are signing. They are indenturing us for generations forward on nonsense that, once again, was not addressing what was supposed to be addressed. They are naming the bills contrary to it’s set goals.
President Bush sounded the alarm with his stimulus bill. People were beginning to loose patience. Many noticed that most in government are not doing their jobs. They are not representing the people in most cases. Even though an overwhelming majority of citizens called and emailed their representatives to strongly oppose the stimulus, it passed. It was clear to most that it was merely an unconstitutional bailout for the wealthy corporations and did nothing to help the citizens. While we were allowed to read the original bill, the bill that passed was pushed through without an ample opportunity for discussion, explanation or sympathetic reaction to what the people were saying.
Then came cap and trade (aka- cap and tax), an absurd assault on the hard working American citizen borne under fallacious argument and even more vulgar consequence. This was followed by HR 3200 and the people rose up. Townhalls had record attendance. The lack of respect from those in government toward the citizens they represent became apparent. There are so many examples. Here are a few:
04/29/2009 – “So, when you see – those of you who are watching certain news channels that on which I’m not very popular and you see folks waving tea bags around, let me just remind them that I am happy to have a serious conversation about how we are going to cut our health care costs down over the long term, how we are going to stabilize Social Security,” Obama said with an indignant tone.
The President tells people to shut up and sit down:
Pelosi calls protesters Nazi’s and Baraba Boxer insults them:
President Obama’s version of a town hall:
Congress is back in session after their August break (must be nice). Many did not burden themselves with townhalls or concerns from their constituents. Well, I am on my way to Washington DC to welcome them back. Throngs of everyday citizens, concerned with what is happening in our country, concerned the constitution is being shredded on a daily basis, will be joining me. Do you think they will listen now? What do you think the odds are they have gotten the message? Only time will tell. If you can not join me in DC, join in a tea party near you tomorrow and help us with the first step to take back our country.
Respect is a two way street. I will start respecting those in government, when they reaffirm their respect for the constitution and for the overwhelming majority of  American citizens that do.
For Obama, It’s only human rights if it’s anti-US from Canada Free Press 
Although you would never know it from the mainstream media, many Americans never bought the ridiculous argument that Barack Obama was some sort of human rights activist.  In fact, for some of us, he was just the opposite.  As reported in an earlier Canada Free Press article (“Obama Sides with Islamists in Choudhury Case”), Obama was the only Washingtonian asked who did not take any action to support Muslim Zionist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury.

In 2003, Shoaib was arrested by Bangladeshi officials after he exposed the rise of radical Islam in his country, urged relations with Israel, and advocated genuine interfaith understanding based on religious equality.  For 17 months, I fought to end this Islamist-engineered atrocity until with the help of Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL), we succeeded.  Both before and after we did—for his persecution has not stopped and he still faces capital charges for his “crime”—I approached approximately 15 percent of the House and a handful of Senators.  Every one of them—Republican and Democrat, liberal and conservative—responded with support; every one of them except my own junior Senator, Barack Hussein Obama.

It is bad enough that Obama easily turns the other way when another human being is being tortured for his beliefs; but far more sinister is Obama’s rejection of basic American values and their defense.  As I noted above, support for Shoaib Choudhury crossed party and ideological lines.  The day that Durbin sent his letter of protest, then-Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) did the same.  Everyone recognized the common American value of supporting those who stand against injustice; everyone, except Barack Obama.  If we examine his human rights record since taking office, President Obama’s behavior has not changed.

 If we examine his human rights record since taking office, President Obama’s behavior has not changed. Ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims in Bangladesh—Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, and others—is proceeding without a break.  Even as this article is being written, about 15,000,000 Bangladeshis are facing state-supported oppression.  Currently, Obama’s friends in Islamabad are completing the destruction of Pakistan’s Hindus.  Christian communities throughout the Middle East—in Iraq, Lebanon, Egypt, and the territories controlled by the Palestinian Authority—are being systematically destroyed.  Palestinian and other Arab authorities continue to teach their children the vilest sort of anti-Semitism.  And an openly Islamist Turkish government has implemented policies that prevent religious minorities from owning land, training clergy, or offering religious education above high school; this in addition to tolerating anti-minority violence and bigotry.  Leftists are guilty as well.  There are massive human rights violations in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, targeting both political opponents and the country’s Jewish community.  Neither has Cuba nor China moved to give their peoples freedom.Yet, the perpetrators of these atrocities are Obama’s friends, and so he allows these human rights violations to proceed without so much as a whimper of protest.  Yet, he consistently talks about two issues in human rights terms, Guantanamo and the Palestinians, and points an accusing finger at the United States and Israel.

If we examine his silence on the one hand and his aggressive stance on the other, a very clear pattern emerges.  It seems that human rights issues exist for Obama only if the supposed victim is anti-American; conversely, those violations should be “understood” if the perpetrator is anti-American.  His stance is ideological not moral; and certainly not based on the values that are the bedrock of American society.  Obama’s actions in the Choudhury case are consistent with that.  Shoaib Choudhury publicly supports the United States and Israel in a part of the world where—according to Obama’s Cairo speech and other pronouncements—we should be ashamed of what the US and Israel have done and apologize for it.

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