I Am Mad As Hell and I Am Not Taking It Anymore

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As I often do, I grabbed my morning coffee and brought up my twitterdeck to see what was going on this morning. I had planned to talk about something entirely different today, but I can not help myself. I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!
A barrage of ridiculous headlines streamed in. Let me show you what I mean:
NY Dem Uses Constitution To Defend ACORN
OBAMA NOMINATES ANOTHER LOBBYIST FOR FMCSA (I thought lobbyists weren’t allowed)
US large-loan bank losses triple to $53 billion
Inspector General Says Taxpayers May Loose Money on Bailouts ( I didn’t see that coming, lol)
Obama’s Concrete Actions In The Last 9 Months
This does not even take into consideration all the crap over the last few days like Dems saying they are going “nuclear” with health care legislation even if people don’t want it, vote to continue purposeful demise of California farmers to create yet another crisis, Obama’s continuation of his appology tour at UN, school children singing of our Dear Leader’s promise,  and much, much more.
I know the progressives in charge of this country are doing this on purpose. I now know why (see http://wp.me/xG9Z). They are trying to overwhelm the system. They are succeeding. Even though people are waking up and plugging in, there is so much going on continually it’s hard to know where to look. They keep our heads spinning on a daily basis and it slows down the opposition. People feel frustrated and will eventually, if the barrage continues, give up. They have had forty years plus to understand the philosophy of Cloward and Piven and thirty years to master the principles of Saul Alinsky. This is all new to American taxpaying citizens, who try as they may to do their part, can not keep up with their constant assaults.
We must figure out a way to keep up. We can not allow them to squander our futures for their own greed.
As we are working hard, trying to maintain (increasingly difficult and nearly impossible if we let pending legislation pass), they are doing everything they can to make sure we fail. It’s hard with work, family, and other responsibilities to now have to devote every spare moment to the preservation of our Constitution. What’s worse is we have to root out the real news, the actual facts for ourselves. Media has crossed over and no longer chooses to do their job. We must now do that as well. So here is what I am proposing:
No longer watch programming from networks that refuse to report the actual news. Period. They may not care at first, but as their ad revenues drop, they will have no choice but to capitulate. Except, of course, if the government chooses to give them a bailout as they are choosing to do with the newspapers. Newspapers are hurting because people are no longer supporting their attempt to propagandize the news. Let’s do the same to the networks. We can not just abandon their news programming, we have already been doing that and it’s not a strong enough gesture. We need to cripple their revenue stream severely. Oh. and HULU is owned by NBC by the way, so that’s off limits too.
No longer purchase GE products. Do not watch other stations owned by them.  GE owns NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, The Weather Channel, The History Channel, Bio, The Hallmark Channel, Oxygen, Sci-Fi, Bravo, A&E and a whole host of other channels (see http://tinyurl.com/68grer).  
That link also has all of the major broadcast networks holdings, FYI. Stop watching them all. GE and Goldman Sachs are responsible for much of the destruction our society is now facing.
I realize this is asking a lot of people. Perhaps it will only be temporary. Perhaps the networks will come around. You can find a lot on the web.
Sports enthusiasts will be particularly hit. Sports is the drug of choice in this country, I realize that.
Join in the local protests on October 17th at your local stations. For info visit http://www.operationcanyouhearusnow.com/ Called “Operation Can You Hear Us Now” is aimed at exhibiting our displeasure with their service.
Pink Slip Congress. Put them on notice- their jobs are on the line : http://tinyurl.com/675roy  Download a pdf pink slip to mail to your Senators and Representatives from www.kickthemallout.com. Make sure you get involved in 2010 campaigns and do not fall for the same crap they push down our throats at election time. MAKE them answer questions. LOOK at their records. No excuses, take no prisoners.
Every day, yes every single day, call, write, email, fax your Senators, Representatives, State and Local officials to voice your displeasure. Here is a complete contact list   http://tinyurl.com/dym2b   Use it. It takes only a minute to send an email. How much is your country worth to you? Can you spare 10 minutes a week? It’s ok if you draft one letter a week and email it to a different person everyday. The people wanting to implode our country are counting on your silence. Disappoint them, won’t you?
Stop using Google. Yeah, unfortunately, really. It’s all about the money, friends. There are other search engines. The reason I suggest this is two fold. I have heard that Google pushes a lot of it’s profit to the Tides Center. Google saves everything you do on the computer, forever. While this is supposed to be done anonymously, they have your computer’s ID. Based on whom they choose to align themselves with, who is to say at some later date this information will not be used against you. Not meaning to sound paranoid, I am having trust issues of late. Go figure.
Most of all. PAY ATTENTION. I know it’s hard. Use Twitter. Get the news from people you feel you can trust. Hook to others who understand the peril we are in. Feel free to follow me on Twitter. You can find the link in the column to the right of this story here on my site.
PRAY! PRAY HARD, PRAY LOUD, PRAY OFTEN. Pray for our country, our Constitution, our freedom. Pray for all of the good men and women standing up for our freedom and our values everywhere.
 PLEASE SEE PART II of this column: NOW IT’S YOUR TURN- FIGHT BACK AMERICA http://wp.me/pxG9Z-97 

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barrage of ridiculous headlines streamed that you highlighed discusts and no American Patriot can take it any more. Our government is corrupt to its very core and we must take it back. My Patriots time to stand – vot eout every incumbent and #toct must run

A good plan, much of which I already do. If people aren’t determined enough to sacrifice their favorite TV shows, then where is the fortitude for taking our country back?

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