The Many Faces of George Soros

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  GEORGE SOROS- A Primer:   DISCOVER THE NETWORKS SAYS: Multi-billionaire funder of leftwing causes and groups Founder of the Open Society Institute Stated that defeating President Bush in the 2004 election “is the central focus of my life” George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 in Budapest, Hungary. His father, Teodoro Schwartz, was an Orthodox Jew who, in 1936, changed the family surname from Schwartz to Soros in order to enable his family to conceal its Jewish identity and thus to survive the Nazi Holocaust. In 1947 Soros’ family relocated from Hungary to England. Five years later, George graduated from the London School of Economics. He subsequently worked for a London stockbroker.

In 1956 Soros, with meager personal assets, emigrated to the United States. He would go on to become one of the world’s leading hedge fund investors and currency traders. In 1969 he started his enormously successful Quantum Fund, which, over the ensuing three decades, yielded its long-term investors a four thousand-fold gain on their initial 1969 investments.

In a $10 billion 1992 deal whose success was contingent upon the devaluation of the British Pound, Soros earned himself a $1 billion profit and the title, “the man who broke the Bank of England.” To date, he has amassed a personal fortune exceeding $7 billion. In addition, his management company controls billions of dollars more in investor assets.

In 1979 Soros established the Open Society Institute (OSI), which serves as the flagship of a network of Soros foundations that donate tens of millions of dollars each year to a wide array of individuals and organizations that share the founder’s agendas. Those agendas can be summarized as follows: promoting the view that America is institutionally an oppressive nation
promoting the election of leftist political candidates throughout the United States
opposing virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government, particularly the Patriot Act
depicting American military actions as unjust, unwarranted, and immoral
promoting open borders, mass immigration, and a watering down of current immigration laws
promoting a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs funded by ever-escalating taxes
promoting social welfare benefits and amnesty for illegal aliens
defending the civil rights and liberties of suspected anti-American terrorists and their abetters
financing the recruitment and training of future activist leaders of the political Left
advocating America’s unilateral disarmament and/or a steep reduction in its military spending
opposing the death penalty in all circumstances
promoting socialized medicine in the United States
promoting the tenets of radical environmentalism, whose ultimate goal, as writer Michael Berliner has explained, is “not clean air and clean water, [but] rather … the demolition of technological/industrial civilization”
bringing American foreign policy under the control of the United Nations
promoting racial and ethnic preferences in academia and the business world alike
promoting taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand
advocating stricter gun-control measures
advocating the legalization of marijuana Organizations that, in recent years, have received direct funding and assistance from George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI) include the following. (Comprehensive profiles of each are available in the “Groups” section of
Alliance for Justice: Best known for its activism vis a vis the appointment of federal judges, this group consistently depicts Republican judicial nominees as “extremists.”
America Coming Together: Soros played a major role in creating this group, whose purpose was to coordinate and organize pro-Democrat voter-mobilization programs.
America Votes: Soros also played a major role in creating this group, whose get-out-the-vote campaigns targeted likely Democratic voters.   American Civil Liberties Union: This group opposes virtually all post-9/11 national security measures enacted by U.S. government. It supports open borders, has rushed to the defense of suspected terrorists and their abettors, and appointed former New Left terrorist Bernardine Dohrn to its Advisory Board.
American Constitution Society for Law and Policy: This Washington, DC-based think tank seeks to move American jurisprudence to the left by recruiting, indoctrinating, and mobilizing young law students, helping them acquire positions of power. It also provides leftist Democrats with a bully pulpit from which to denounce their political adversaries.
American Family Voices: This group creates and coordinates media campaigns charging Republicans with wrongdoing.
American Friends Service Committee: This group views the United States as the principal cause of human suffering around the world. As such, it favors America’s unilateral disarmament, the dissolution of American borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, the abolition of the death penalty, and the repeal of the Patriot Act.
American Immigration Law Foundation: This group supports amnesty for illegal aliens, on whose behalf it litigates against the U.S. government.
American Library Association: This group has been an outspoken critic of the Bush administration’s War on Terror — most particularly, Section 215 of the USA Patriot Act, which it calls “a present danger to the constitutional rights and privacy rights of library users.”
The American Prospect, Inc.: This corporation trains and mentors young leftwing journalists, and organizes strategy meetings for leftist leaders.
Amnesty International: This organization directs a grossly disproportionate share of its criticism for human rights violations at the United States and Israel.
Arab American Institute Foundation: The Arab American Institute denounces the purportedly widespread civil liberties violations directed against Arab Americans in the post-9/11 period, and characterizes Israel as a brutal oppressor of the Palestinian people.   Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now: This group conducts voter mobilization drives on behalf of leftist Democrats. These initiatives have been notoriously marred by fraud and corruption.
Bill of Rights Defense Committee: This group provides a detailed blueprint for activists interested in getting their local towns, cities, and even college campuses to publicly declare their opposition to the Patriot Act, and to designate themselves “Civil Liberties Safe Zones.” The organization also came to the defense of self-described radical attorney Lynne Stewart, who was convicted in 2005 of providing material support for terrorism.
Brennan Center for Justice: This think tank/legal activist group generates scholarly studies, mounts media campaigns, files amicus briefs, gives pro bono support to activists, and litigates test cases in pursuit of radical “change.”
Brookings Institution: This organization has been involved with a variety of internationalist and state-sponsored programs, including one that aspires to facilitate the establishment of a U.N.-dominated world government. Brookings Fellows have also called for additional global collaboration on trade and banking; the expansion of the Kyoto Protocol; and nationalized health insurance for children. Nine Brookings economists signed a petition opposing President Bush’s tax cuts in 2003.
Campaign for America’s Future: This group supports tax hikes, socialized medicine, and a dramatic expansion of social welfare programs.

Campus Progress: A project of the Soros-bankrolled Center for American Progress, this group seeks to “strengthen progressive voices on college and university campuses, counter the growing influence of right-wing groups on campus, and empower new generations of progressive leaders.”

Catholics for a Free Choice: This nominally Catholic organization supports women’s right to abortion-on-demand.

Center for American Progress: This leftist think tank is headed by former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta, works closely with Hillary Clinton, and employs numerous former Clinton administration staffers. It is committed to “developing a long-term vision of a progressive America” and “providing a forum to generate new progressive ideas and policy proposals.”
Center for Community Change: This group recruits and trains activists to spearhead leftist “political issue campaigns.” Promoting increased funding for social welfare programs by bringing “attention to major national issues related to poverty,” the Center bases its training programs on the techniques taught by the famed radical organizer Saul Alinsky.
Center for Constitutional Rights: This pro-Castro organization is a core member of the open borders lobby, has opposed virtually all post-9/11 anti-terrorism measures by the U.S. government, and alleges that American injustice provokes acts of international terrorism.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: Reasoning from the premise that tax cuts generally help only the wealthy, this organization advocates greater tax expenditures on social welfare programs for low earners.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington: This group litigates and brings ethics charges against “government officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests” and “betray the public trust.” Almost all of its targets are Republicans.

Coalition for an International Criminal Court: This group seeks to subordinate American criminal-justice procedures to those of an international court.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund: Defenders of Wildlife opposes oil exploration in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It condemns logging, ranching, mining, and even the use of recreational motorized vehicles as activities that are destructive to the environment.

Democracy Alliance: This self-described “liberal organization” aims to raise $200 million to develop a funding clearinghouse for leftist groups. Soros is a major donor to this group.

Democracy 21: This group is a staunch supporter of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002, also known as the McCain-Feingold Act.

Democratic Party: Soros’ funding activities are devoted largely to helping the Democratic Party solidify its power base. In a November 2003 interview, Soros stated that defeating President Bush in 2004 “is the central focus of my life” … “a matter of life and death.” He pledged to raise $75 million to defeat Bush, and personally donated nearly a third of that amount to anti-Bush organizations. “America under Bush,” he said, “is a danger to the world, and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.” Claiming that “the Republican party has been captured by a bunch of extremists,” Soros accuses the Bush administration of following a “supremacist ideology” in whose rhetoric he claims to hear echoes of “Nazi slogans.”

Earthjustice: This group seeks to place severe restrictions on how U.S. land and waterways may be used. It opposes most mining and logging initiatives, commercial fishing businesses, and the use of motorized vehicles in undeveloped areas.

EMILY’s List: This political network raises money for Democratic female political candidates who support unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.

Feminist Majority: Characterizing the United States as an inherently sexist nation, this group focuses on “advancing the legal, social and political equality of women with men, countering the backlash to women’s advancement, and recruiting and training young feminists to encourage future leadership for the feminist movement in the United States.”
Free Press: This “media reform” organization has worked closely with many notable leftists and such organizations as Media Matters for America, Air America Radio, Global Exchange, Code Pink, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, the Revolutionary Communist Party, Mother Jones magazine, and Pacifica Radio.
Funding Exchange: Dedicated to the concept of philanthropy as a vehicle for social change, this organization pairs leftist donors and foundations with likeminded groups and activists who are dedicated to bringing about their own version of “progressive” change and social justice. Many of these grantees assume that American society is rife with racism, discrimination, exploitation, and inequity and needs to be overhauled via sustained education, activism, and social agitation.

Gamaliel Foundation: Modeling its tactics on those of the radical Sixties activist Saul Alinsky, this group takes a strong stand against current homeland security measures and immigration restrictions.

Human Rights First: This group supports open borders and the rights of illegal aliens; charges that the Patriot Act severely erodes Americans’ civil liberties; has filed amicus curiae briefs on behalf of terror suspect Jose Padilla; and deplores the Guantanamo Bay detention facilities.

Human Rights Watch: This group directs a disproportionate share of its criticism at the United States and Israel. It opposes the death penalty in all cases, and supports open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Immigrant Legal Resource Center: This group claims to have helped gain amnesty for some three million illegal aliens in the U.S., and in the 1980s was part of the sanctuary movement which sought to grant asylum to refugees from the failed Communist states of Central America.

Independent Media Institute: This group provides leftist organizations with “strategic communications consulting, training, coaching, networking opportunities and concrete tools” to help them “achieve their social justice goals.”

Institute for Policy Studies: This think tank has long supported Communist and anti-American causes around the world. Viewing capitalism as a breeding ground for “unrestrained greed,” IPS seeks to provide a corrective to “unrestrained markets and individualism.” Professing an unquestioning faith in the righteousness of the United Nations, it aims to bring American foreign policy under UN control.

Institute for Women’s Policy Research: This group views the U.S. as a nation rife with discrimination against women, and publishes research to draw attention to this alleged state of affairs. It also advocates unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, stating that “access to abortion is essential to the economic well-being of women and girls.”

International Crisis Group: One of this organization’s leading figures is its Mideast Director, Robert Malley, who was a President Bill Clinton’s Special Assistant for Arab-Israeli Affairs. His analysis of the Mideast conflict is markedly pro-Palestinian.

Joint Victory Campaign 2004: Founded by George Soros and Harold Ickes, this group was a major fundraising entity for Democrats during the 2004 election cycle. It collected contributions (including large amounts from Soros personally) and disbursed them to two other groups, America Coming Together and the Media Fund, which also worked on behalf of Democrats.

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law: This group views America as an unremittingly racist nation; uses the courts to mandate race-based affirmative action preferences in business and academia; has filed briefs against the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to limit the wholesale granting of green cards and to identify potential terrorists; condemns the Patriot Act; and calls on Americans to “recognize the contribution” of illegal aliens.

League of United Latin American Citizens: This group views America as a nation plagued by “an alarming increase in xenophobia and anti-Hispanic sentiment”; favors racial preferences; supports the legalization of illegal Hispanic aliens; opposes military surveillance of U.S. borders; opposes making English America’s official language; favors open borders; and rejects anti-terrorism legislation like the Patriot Act.
League of Women Voters Education Fund: The League supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand; supports “motor-voter” registration, which allows anyone with a driver’s license to become a voter, regardless of citizenship status; and supports tax hikes and socialized medicine.
Lynne Stewart Defense Committee: IRS records indicate that Soros’s Open Society Institute made a September 2002 grant of $20,000 to this organization. Stewart was the criminal-defense attorney who was later convicted for abetting her client, the “blind sheik” Omar Abdel Rahman, in terrorist activities connected with his Islamic Group.
MADRE: This international women’s organization deems America the world’s foremost violator of human rights. As such, it seeks to “communicat[e] the real-life impact of U.S. policies on women and families confronting violence, poverty and repression around the world,” and to “demand alternatives to destructive U.S. policies.” It also advocates unrestricted access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
Malcolm X Grassroots Movement: This group views the U.S. as a nation replete with racism and discrimination against blacks; seeks to establish an independent black nation in the southeastern United States; and demands reparations for slavery.
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition: This group calls for the expansion of civil rights and liberties for illegal aliens; laments that illegal aliens in America are commonly subjected to “worker exploitation”; supports tuition-assistance programs for illegal aliens attending college; and characterizes the Patriot Act as a “very troubling” assault on civil liberties.
Media Fund: Soros played a major role in creating this group, whose purpose was to conceptualize, produce, and place political ads on television, radio, print, and the Internet.
Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund: This group advocates open borders, free college tuition for illegal aliens, lowered educational standards to accommodate Hispanics, and voting rights for criminals. In MALDEF’s view, supporters of making English the official language of the United States are “motivated by racism and anti-immigrant sentiments,” while advocates of sanctions against employers reliant on illegal labor seek to discriminate against “brown-skinned people.”
Meyer, Suozzi, English and Klein, PC: This influential defender of Big Labor is headed by Democrat operative Harold Ickes.
Midwest Academy: This entity trains radical activists in the tactics of direct action, targeting, confrontation, and intimidation.
Migration Policy Institute: This group seeks to create “a North America with gradually disappearing border controls … with permanent migration remaining at moderate levels.”
Military Families Speak Out: This group ascribes the U.S. invasion of Iraq to American imperialism and lust for oil. This Web-based organization supports Democratic political candidates through fundraising, advertising, and get-out-the-vote drives.
Ms. Foundation for Women: This group laments what it views as the widespread and enduring flaws of American society: racism, sexism, homophobia, and the violation of civil rights and liberties. It focuses its philanthropy on groups that promote affirmative action for women, unfettered access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, amnesty for illegal aliens, and big government generally.
NARAL Pro-Choice America: This group supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand, and works to elect pro-abortion Democrats.
NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund: The NAACP supports racial preferences in employment and education, as well as the racial gerrymandering of voting districts. Underpinning its support for race preferences is the fervent belief that white racism in the United States remains an intractable, largely undiminished, phenomenon.
The Nation Institute: This nonprofit entity sponsors leftist conferences, fellowships, awards for radical activists, and journalism internships.
National Abortion Federation: This group opposes any restrictions on abortion at either the state or federal levels, and champions the introduction of unrestricted abortion into developing regions of the world.
National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy: This group depicts the United States as a nation in need of dramatic structural change financed by philanthropic organizations. It overwhelmingly promotes grant-makers and grantees with leftist agendas, while criticizing their conservative counterparts.
National Council for Research on Women: This group supports big government, high taxes, military spending cuts, increased social welfare spending, and the unrestricted right to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
National Council of La Raza: This group lobbies for racial preferences, bilingual education, stricter hate-crime laws, mass immigration, and amnesty for illegal aliens.
National Council of Women’s Organizations: This group views the United States as a nation rife with injustice against girls and women. It advocates high levels of spending for social welfare programs, and supports race and gender preferences for minorities and women in business and academia.
National Immigration Forum: Opposing the enforcement of present immigration laws, this organization urges the American government to “legalize” en masse all illegal aliens currently in the United States who have no criminal records, and to dramatically increase the number of visas available for those wishing to migrate to the U.S. The Forum is particularly committed to opening the borders to unskilled, low-income workers, and immediately making them eligible for welfare and social service programs.
National Immigration Law Center: This group seeks to win unrestricted access to government-funded social welfare programs for illegal aliens.
National Lawyers Guild: This group promotes open borders; seeks to weaken America’s intelligence-gathering agencies; condemns the Patriot Act as an assault on civil liberties; rejects capitalism as an unviable economic system; has rushed to the defense of convicted terrorists and their abettors; and generally opposes all U.S. foreign policy positions, just as it did during the Cold War when it sided with the Soviets.
National Organization for Women: This group advocates the unfettered right to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand; seeks to “eradicate racism, sexism and homophobia” from American society; attacks Christianity and traditional religious values; and supports gender-based preferences for women.
National Priorities Project: This group supports government-mandated redistribution of wealth — through higher taxes and greater expenditures on social welfare programs. NPP exhorts the government to redirect a significant portion of its military funding toward public education, universal health insurance, environmentalist projects, and welfare programs.
National Security Archive Fund: This group collects and publishes declassified documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act to a degree that compromises American national security and the safety of intelligence agents.
National Women’s Law Center: This group supports taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand; lobbies against conservative judicial appointees; advocates increased welfare spending to help low-income mothers; and favors higher taxes for the purpose of generating more funds for such government programs as Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, foster care, health care, child-support enforcement, and student loans.

Natural Resources Defense Council: One of the most influential environmentalist lobbying groups in the United States, the Council claims a membership of one million people.
Pacifica Foundation: This entity owns and operates Pacifica Radio, awash from its birth with the socialist-Marxist rhetoric of class warfare and hatred for capitalism.

Peace and Security Funders Group: This is an association of more than 50 foundations that give money to leftist anti-war and environmentalist causes. Its members tend to depict America as the world’s chief source of international conflict, environmental destruction, and economic inequalities.
People for the American Way: This group opposes the Patriot Act, anti-terrorism measures generally, and the allegedly growing influence of the “religious right.”
Physicians for Human Rights: This group is selectively and disproportionately critical of the United States and Israel in its condemnations of human rights violations.
Physicians for Social Responsibility: This is an anti-U.S.-military organization that also embraces the tenets of radical environmentalism.
Planned Parenthood: This group is the largest abortion provider in the United States and advocates taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand.
Ploughshares Fund: This public grantmaking foundation opposes America’s development of a missile defense system, and contributes to many organizations that are highly critical of U.S. foreign policies and military ventures.
Prison Moratorium Project: This initiative was created in 1995 for the express purpose of working for the elimination of all prisons in the United States and the release of all inmates. Reasoning from the premise that incarceration is never an appropriate means of dealing with crime, it deems American society’s inherent inequities the root of all criminal behavior.
Project Vote: This is the voter-mobilization arm of the Soros-funded ACORN. A persistent pattern of lawlessness and corruption has followed ACORN/Project Vote activities over the years.

Proteus Fund: This foundation directs its philanthropy toward a number of radical leftwing organizations.

Public Citizen Foundation: Public Citizen seeks increased government intervention and litigation against corporations — a practice founded on the notion that American corporations, like the capitalist system of which they are a part, are inherently inclined toward corruption.
Sentencing Project: Asserting that prison-sentencing patterns are racially discriminatory, this initiative advocates voting rights for felons.

Sojourners: This evangelical Christian ministry preaches radical leftwing politics. During the 1980s it championed Communist revolution in Central America and chastised U.S. policy-makers for their tendency “to assume the very worst about their Soviet counterparts.” More recently, Sojourners has taken up the cause of environmental activism, opposed welfare reform as a “mean-spirited Republican agenda,” and mounted a defense of affirmative action.

Thunder Road Group: This political consultancy, in whose creation Soros had a hand, coordinates strategy for the Media Fund, America Coming Together, and America Votes.

Tides Foundation and Tides Center: Tides is a major funder of the radical Left.
Urban Institute: This research organization favors socialized medicine, expansion of the federal welfare bureaucracy, and tax hikes for higher income-earners.
 USAction Education Fund: USAction lists its priorities as: “fighting the right wing agenda”; “building grassroots political power”; winning “social, racial and economic justice for all”; supporting a system of taxpayer-funded socialized medicine; reversing “reckless tax cuts for millionaires and corporations” which shield the “wealthy” from paying their “fair share”; advocating for “pro-consumer and environmental regulation of corporate abuse”; “strengthening progressive voices on local, state and national issues”; and working to “register, educate and get out the vote … [to] help progressives get elected at all levels of government.”
YWCA World Office, Switzerland: The YWCA opposes abstinence education; supports universal access to taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand; and opposes school vouchers.   
Secondary or Indirect Affiliates of the George Soros Network

By Discover The Networks

In addition to those organizations (“primary” or “direct” affiliates) that are funded directly by George Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI), there are also numerous “secondary” or “indirect” affiliates of the Soros network. These include organizations which do not receive direct funding from Soros and OSI, but which are funded by one or more organizations that do. These secondary affiliates also include organizations that work collaboratively or synergistically with Soros-funded groups. Among these secondary affiliates are the following:
Air America Radio: Funded by Democracy Alliance, which is heavily bankrolled by Soros, this radio station was created to advance the cause of the Democratic Party and the political Left.   Catalist: Headed by Soros ally Harold Ickes, this political consultancy seeks “to help progressive organizations realize measurable increases in civic participation and electoral success by building and operating a robust national voter database of every voting-age American.” Toward this end, it helps leftist organizations conduct more effective get-out-the-vote drives and targeted political advertising.
Center for Progressive Leadership: Funded by the Soros-bankrolled Democracy Alliance, this anti-capitalist organization is dedicated to training future leftist political leaders.
J Street: Founded in April 2008, the Washington, DC-based J Street describes itself deceptively as “the political arm of the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement.” 
Media Matters for America: Seeking to “systematically monitor [the media] for conservative misinformation” and to discredit anything that “forwards the conservative agenda,” this group, which has intimate ties to Hillary Clinton, works very closely with the Soros-backed Center for American Progress. It is heavily funded by Democracy Alliance, of which Soros is a major financier.
Moving Ideas Network: This coalition of more than 250 leftwing activist groups is a partner organization of the Soros-backed Center for American Progress. Promoting the candidacy of leftwing politicians, the Moving Ideas Network was originally a project of the Soros-backed American Prospect and, as such, received indirect funding from the Open Society Institute. In early 2006, The American Prospect relinquished control of the Moving Ideas Network
New Organizing Institute: Created by the Soros-funded, this group “trains young, technology-enabled political organizers to work for progressive campaigns and organizations.”
Schumann Center for Media and Democracy: PBS broadcaster and Schumann Center President Bill Moyers is a trustee of the Open Society Institute’s Board of Directors. The Schumann Center shares many of OSI’s agendas.
Service Employees International Union: The current President of SEIU is the former New Leftist Andrew Stern, who sat on the Executive Committee of the Soros-created America Coming Together.
Sierra Club: This organization’s Executive Director, Carl Pope, co founded America Coming Together, in whose creation Soros played a major role.
Think Progress: This “project” of the American Progress Action Fund, which is a “sister advocacy organization”of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress and Campus Progress, seeks to transform “progressive ideas into policy through rapid response communications, legislative action, grassroots organizing and advocacy, and partnerships with other progressive leaders throughout the country and the world.” Think Progress promotes an agenda identical to that of the left wing of the Democratic Party.
Vote for Change: Coordinated by the political action committee of the Soros-funded, Vote for Change was a group of 41 musicians and bands that performed concerts in several key election “battleground”states during October 2004, to raise money in support of Democrat John Kerry‘s presidential bid.
Working Families Party: Created in 1998 to help push the Democratic Party toward the left, this front group for the Soros-funded ACORN functions as a political party that promotes ACORN-friendly candidates.
     In a November 2008 interview with Spiegel, Soros made some comments that accurately outlined precisely the course that President Obama’s administration would eventually pursue in 2009:

“I think we need a large stimulus package which will provide funds for state and local government to maintain their budgets — because they are not allowed by the constitution to run a deficit. For such a program to be successful, the federal government would need to provide hundreds of billions of dollars. In addition, another infrastructure program is necessary. In total, the cost would be in the 300 to 600 billion dollar range [in addition to the $700 billion bailout which the government already had given to the financial industry]…. I think this is a great opportunity to finally deal with global warming and energy dependence. The U.S. needs a cap and trade system with auctioning of licenses for emissions rights. I would use the revenues from these auctions to launch a new, environmentally friendly energy policy. That would be yet another federal program that could help us to overcome the current stagnation.”

The interviewer then said: “Your proposal would be dismissed on Wall Street as ‘big government.’ Republicans might call it European-style ‘socialism.'” Soros replied: “That is exactly what we need now. I am against market fundamentalism. I think this propaganda that government involvement is always bad has been very successful — but also very harmful to our society…. I think it is better to have a government that wants to provide good government than a government that doesn’t believe in government…. At times of recession, running a budget deficit is highly desirable. Once the economy begins to recover, you have to balance the budget. In 2010, the Bush tax cuts will expire and we should not extend them. But we will also need additional revenues.”
Apart from the more than $5 billion that Soros’ foundation network has donated to leftist groups like those listed above, Soros personally has made campaign contributions to such notable political candidates as Charles Rangel, Al Franken, Tom Udall, Joe Sestak, and Sherrod Brown.

Political Campaign Contributions by George Soros (1999 to Present) – $3,411,576
Contributed To Party $ Amt Date
FRANKEN RECOUNT FUND Democrat Farm Labor 12,300 12/08/2008
DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF VIRGINIA Democrat 10,000 12/05/2008
PERRIELLO FOR CONGRESS Democrat 2,300 11/26/2008
RANGEL VICTORY FUND Democrat 1,400 08/11/2008
POWERS FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 08/07/2008
ALASKANS FOR BEGICH Democrat 2,000 08/06/2008
HILLARY CLINTON FOR PRESIDENT Democrat 2,300 07/31/2008
OBAMA VICTORY FUND Democrat 2,300 07/31/2008
STEVE COHEN FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 07/22/2008
KEVIN POWELL FOR CONGRESS Democrat 500 06/30/2008
PERRIELLO FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 06/30/2008
HAGAN SENATE COMMITTEE INC Democrat 2,000 06/18/2008
HAGAN SENATE COMMITTEE INC Democrat 2,000 06/18/2008
AL FRANKEN FOR SENATE Democrat Farm Labor 2,000 06/03/2008
NEBRASKANS FOR KLEEB Democrat 2,300 05/13/2008
NEBRASKANS FOR KLEEB Democrat 4,600 05/13/2008
NEBRASKANS FOR KLEEB Democrat 2,300 05/13/2008
NEBRASKANS FOR KLEEB Democrat 4,600 05/13/2008
ACTBLUE 6,900 05/11/2008
FRIENDS OF DAN MAFFEI Democrat 1,000 12/31/2007
BROWN FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 12/31/2007
JEFF MERKLEY FOR OREGON Democrat 2,000 12/27/2007
JEANNE SHAHEEN FOR SENATE Democrat 2,000 12/27/2007
UDALL FOR US ALL Democrat 2,000 12/26/2007
UDALL FOR COLORADO Democrat 2,000 12/26/2007
CAROL SHEA-PORTER FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 12/21/2007
PAUL HODES FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 12/21/2007
KILROY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 12/20/2007
FRIENDS OF SENATOR CARL LEVIN Democrat 1,000 12/20/2007
ARCURI FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 12/19/2007
JOHN HALL FOR CONGRESS Democrat 2,000 12/17/2007
DONNA EDWARDS FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,500 12/17/2007
PATRICK MURPHY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 06/28/2007
SESTAK FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 05/14/2007
TOM ALLEN FOR SENATE Democrat 2,300 03/07/2007
OBAMA FOR AMERICA Democrat 2,100 01/26/2007
AYDELOTT FOR CONGRESS, INC Democrat 2,100 11/11/2006
KLEEB FOR CONGRESS Democrat 2,100 11/06/2006
JOHN HALL FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,400 11/03/2006
FRIENDS OF DAN MAFFEI Democrat 2,000 10/20/2006
CAMPAIGN MONEY WATCH 100,000 07/28/2006
FRIENDS OF TAMMY DUCKWORTH Democrat 1,000 07/27/2006
SESTAK FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 07/27/2006
MAJORITY ACTION 120,000 07/21/2006
PATRICK MURPHY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 07/20/2006
DONNA EDWARDS FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 06/15/2006
NED LAMONT FOR SENATE Democrat 1,000 06/10/2006
AYDELOTT FOR CONGRESS, INC Democrat 2,100 03/24/2006
AYDELOTT FOR CONGRESS, INC Democrat 2,100 03/24/2006
FRIENDS OF SHERROD BROWN Democrat 2,100 12/15/2005
CRANLEY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 2,100 12/12/2005
CRANLEY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 2,100 12/12/2005
CANTWELL 2012 Democrat 2,100 09/30/2005
CANTWELL 2012 Democrat 2,100 09/30/2005
CANTWELL 2006 Democrat 2,100 09/30/2005
CANTWELL 2006 Democrat 2,100 09/30/2005
MCCASKILL FOR MISSOURI Democrat 2,100 09/28/2005
MCCASKILL FOR MISSOURI Democrat 2,100 09/28/2005
FRIENDS OF HILLARY Democrat 1,250 09/22/2005
FRIENDS OF HILLARY Democrat 2,100 09/16/2005
FRIENDS OF HILLARY Democrat 2,100 09/16/2005
SALAZAR FOR SENATE Democrat 2,000 10/30/2004
SALAZAR FOR SENATE Democrat 2,000 10/30/2004
TONY KNOWLES FOR US SENATE Democrat 2,000 10/09/2004
INEZ TENENBAUM FOR US SENATE Democrat 2,000 09/30/2004
SALAZAR FOR SENATE Democrat 2,000 08/09/2004
HILL PAC 5,000 08/03/2004
BRAD CARSON FOR SENATE Democrat 2,000 07/27/2004
OBAMA FOR ILLINOIS INC Democrat 395 07/23/2004
ERSKINE BOWLES FOR US SENATE Democrat 2,000 06/04/2004
MOVEON.ORG VOTER FUND 1,044,285 03/09/2004
OBAMA FOR ILLINOIS INC Democrat 12,000 02/27/2004
CALIFORNIA VICTORY 04 Democrat 2,000 02/26/2004
LEAHY FOR U.S. SENATOR COMMITTEE Democrat 2,000 12/31/2003
LEAHY FOR U.S. SENATOR COMMITTEE Democrat 2,000 12/31/2003
MOVEON.ORG VOTER FUND 955,714 12/30/2003
MOVEON.ORG VOTER FUND 500,000 11/01/2003
CLARK FOR PRESIDENT INC Democrat 2,000 10/16/2003
FRIENDS OF HILLARY Democrat 1,250 08/26/2003
BOB GRAHAM FOR PRESIDENT INC Democrat 2,000 06/02/2003
JOHN KERRY FOR PRESIDENT INC. Democrat 2,000 03/31/2003
DEAN FOR AMERICA Democrat 1,000 03/24/2003
FRIENDS OF MARY LANDRIEU INC Democrat 1,000 12/05/2002
FRIENDS OF SENATOR CARL LEVIN Democrat 1,000 10/02/2002
BRADBURY FOR US SENATE Democrat 1,000 09/30/2002
CITIZENS FOR HARKIN Democrat 1,000 09/30/2002
PAC TO THE FUTURE Democrat 5,000 09/13/2002
DCCCC NON-FEDERAL ACCOUNT #7 Democrat 50,000 09/10/2002
RON KIRK FOR U S SENATE Democrat 1,000 09/09/2002
DSCC/NON-FED UNINCORP ASSOC Democrat 3,000 09/06/2002
STRICKLAND FOR COLORADO INC Democrat 1,000 09/05/2002
WELLSTONE FOR SENATE Democrat 1,000 08/30/2002
TIM JOHNSON FOR SOUTH DAKOTA INC Democrat 1,000 08/29/2002
SHAHEEN FOR SENATE COMMITTEE Democrat 1,000 08/28/2002
CHELLIE PINGREE FOR US SENATE Democrat 1,000 08/28/2002
DSCC/NON-FED UNINCORP ASSOC Democrat 50,000 08/26/2002
DEAN FOR AMERICA Democrat 1,000 07/17/2002
GEPHARDT IN CONGRESS COMMITTEE Democrat 1,000 07/14/2002
MARK PRYOR FOR US SENATE Democrat 1,000 06/29/2002
ALEX SANDERS FOR THE US SENATE Democrat 1,000 06/11/2002
CITIZENS FOR BIDEN – 2002 Democrat 1,000 10/25/2001
FRIENDS OF SENATOR CARL LEVIN Democrat 1,000 10/09/2001
ELAINE BLOOM FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 11/06/2000
CITIZENS TO ELECT RICK LARSEN Democrat 750 10/20/2000
SUSAN DAVIS FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/19/2000
BILL NELSON FOR U S SENATE Democrat 750 10/19/2000
STABENOW FOR US SENATE Democrat 750 10/19/2000
TOM KEEFE FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/19/2000
CITIZENS FOR DANNER Democrat 750 10/19/2000
O’SHAUGHNESSY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/18/2000
CONNELLY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/18/2000
VAN HORNE FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/18/2000
ELEANOR JORDAN FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/18/2000
LAUREN BETH GASH FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/18/2000
LINDA CHAPIN FOR CONGRESS Democrat 750 10/11/2000
FRIENDS OF STEDEM Democrat 750 10/11/2000
TIM JOHNSON FOR SOUTH DAKOTA INC Democrat 1,000 10/10/2000
FRIENDS OF MIKE FORBES Republican 250 07/19/2000
DCCCC NON-FEDERAL ACCOUNT #7 Democrat 100,000 06/06/2000
CRANLEY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 03/31/2000
CRANLEY FOR CONGRESS Democrat 1,000 03/03/2000
CORZINE 2000 INC Democrat 1,000 09/24/1999
CITIZENS FOR SARBANES Democrat 1,000 07/14/1999
GORE 2000 INC Democrat 1,000 06/30/1999
MCCAIN 2000 INC Republican 1,000 06/02/1999

      In addition to the campaign funding of McCain Above, The Soros Connection to Obama Runs Deeper Meet the open borders family: McCain, Hernandez, Soros, and the “Reform Institute”  By Michelle Malkin   Follow the bouncing ball with me: Shamnesty peddler John McCain taps former Mexican government official/shamnesty advocate Juan Hernandez as his presidential campaign Hispanic Outreach Director. Hernandez is a fellow at McCain’s “Reform Institute.” What has he been working on there for the past year? “Dr. Juan Hernandez serves as a Senior Fellow of the Institute’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform Initiative.” That is: Shamnesty. Among the immigration projects at McCain’s Reform Institute: An art contest in which students depicted their protests against a southern border fence. The Reform Institute is a tax-exempt, supposedly independent 501(c)(3) group, as Ed Morrissey noted two years ago, “that employs Rick Davis, who also works on McCain’s staff as his chief political advisor, and they pay him $110,000 per year. The Reform Institute has often supported McCain, paid for events highlighting him and his agenda, presumably including campaign finance reform.” The Reform Institute received $200,000 in donations from Cablevision…and McCain basically tried to intervene on Cablevision’s behalf by writing a letter to the FCC supporting its regulatory agenda. Morrissey noted at the time: “[T]he Reform Institute helps keep McCain’s staff gainfully employed between campaigns, allowing McCain to do less fundraising while retaining the best of the available talent. For instance, Carl Hulse and Ann Kornblut note that Rick Davis managed McCain’s presidential campaign in 2000 before founding Reform Institute. Now its president, he gets over $100,000 a year from RI for “consulting services”. That money allows Davis to remain available for McCain’s future campaigns, and the funding he raises for RI gives him inroads for building support.” Yep. Which is exactly how it worked out. Davis is now McCain’s campaign manager. The IRS 990 form for the Reform Institute, filed in 2003, lists Davis and his “consulting fees:”   Who funded the Reform Institute, which boasts Juan “Think Mexico First” Hernandez as its resident amnesty fellow? The donor list is a who’s who of ultra left-wing, open borders elites. Again, via Ed Morrissey’s research: * The Tides Foundation, which heavily promotes “reproductive justice”, giving over $500,000 to pro-abortion efforts. They also actively oppose the death penalty (so do I, FYI). John McCain opposes abortion and supports the death penalty, so why is his chief political advisor getting so much support from those who ostensibly oppose him? * Educational Foundation Of America, which also supports abortion. EFA also opposes drilling in ANWR, an issue on which McCain has an ambivalent record. It also supports euthanasia and assisted suicide through the Death With Dignity National Center, a group which it gave $45,000. It gave $100,000 to the Alliance for Nuclear Accountability, which opposed the Yucca Mountain nuclear depository (McCain supported it), and opposes development of low-yield nuclear “bunker buster” bombs, which McCain supports. In fact, EFA appears to contribute to just about every left-wing cause imaginable, as well as a number of noncontriversial charities and outreach efforts. * The Proteus Fund, which also opposed the Yucca Mountain repository, spending $75K to stop it. That pales in comparison to the $935K they spent on supporting gay marriage initiatives, which McCain strongly opposes. They have also spent over $800,000 funding nuclear-disarmament and antiwar causes in each of the last two years. Their Security Policy Working Group contains nothing but left-of-center groups like Project on Defense Alternatives, which calls the Iraqi elections “faulty” and predicted disaster for the Bush administration’s “program of coercive transformation throughout the region.” * OSI (Open Society Institute), founded and funded by George Soros. Among a litany of left-wing causes supported by OSI are People For The American Way, to support their Supreme Court Project. (Hint: It isn’t intended on assisting Bush get his nominees confirmed.) They also gave $150,000 to the Campaign Legal Center, which will be important shortly. * David Geffen Foundation also shows up on the list, although not in the top tier. David Geffen is an entertainment-industry mogul who supports Democrats and left-wing causes. They do not have a website I could find, but notes that in 2002, most of the grants Geffen gave went to environmental activists and the Tides Foundation and Tides Center. Via Discover the Networks, you’ll see that Soros’s OSI is a key open borders funder–providing support to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund; the Immigrant Legal Resource Center; the National Immigration Law Center; the National Immigration Forum; the National Council of La Raza; and the American Immigration Law Foundation. Remind me again which party’s presidential nomination John McCain is running for?  


GEORGE SOROS FOUDATIONS:     Below are links to International Soros foundations, arranged alphabetically by country or area.  

Albania:  Open Society Foundation for Albania Armenia:  Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Armenia Azerbaijan:  Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Azerbaijan Bosnia and Herzegovina:  Open Society Fund–Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria:  Open Society Institute–Sofia Czech Republic:  Open Society Fund–Prague East Africa:  Open Society Initiative for East Africa Estonia:  Open Estonia Foundation Georgia:  Open Society Georgia Foundation Guatemala:  Fundacion Soros–Guatemala Haiti:  Fondation Connaissance et Liberte Hungary:  Soros Foundation–Hungary Kazakhstan:  Soros Foundation – Kazakhstan Kosovo:  Kosovo Foundation for Open Society Kyrgyzstan:  Soros Foundation–Kyrgyzstan Latvia:  Soros Foundation–Latvia   Lithuania:  Open Society Fund–Lithuania London:  Open Society Foundation Macedonia:  Foundation Open Society Institute–Macedonia Moldova:  Soros Foundation–Moldova Mongolia:  Open Society Forum Montenegro:  Foundation Open Society Institute–Representative Office Montenegro Poland:  Stefan Batory Foundation Romania:  Soros Foundation Romania Serbia:  Fund for an Open Society–Serbia Slovakia:  Open Society Foundation–Bratislava South Africa:  Open Society Foundation for South Africa Southern Africa:  Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa Tajikistan:  Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation–Tajikistan Turkey:  Open Society Foundation – Turkey Ukraine:  International Renaissance Foundation West Africa:  Open Society Initiative for West Africa

SOROS CHARITIES found at shows:  



 Jennifer and Jonathan Allan Soros Foundation


   New York









Paul & Daisy Soros Foundation


   New York









 Soros Charitable Foundation Tr


   New York









Soros Economic Development Fund


   New York









Soros Foundation-Hungary


   New York









Soros Foundation-Newly Independent Baltic States


   New York









Soros Fund Charitable Foundation


   New York









Soros Humanitarian Foundation Tr


   New York








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