A Letter to the President

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Dear Mr. President,
Never in my life have I ever disrespected a President of the United States of America. I have always felt that no matter the disagreements, the office holds a certain level of respect. Then, Mr. President, you were elected.
I did not vote for you. I certainly considered it. I would have been proud to support the first African-American nominee for president. I was proud that my country had come that far in my lifetime. I found your words intriguing, even compelling. The debates, however, made me take notice of your willingness to stretch the truth and morph the facts to fit your own agenda.
At the nomination of Sarah Palin, I cried at the sight of a mom with her children on the platform. What a great moment in American history. Even though Geraldine Ferarro had been nominated for the position with Mondale so many years ago, it was still comforting to this mother and grandmother. I felt pride in my country again, for overcoming another hurdle of bias. I would have thought you would have delighted in it, too. For America’s sake. What a historical election this was going to be. Instead you and your camp hurled insult after condescending insult at her. For no good reason. A fighter of corruption and a watchdog for government thrift. She most certainly did not deserve your insults. Politics aside, what those on the left did to that woman, sincerely hurt my heart.
Then came Joe the Plumber. Why would a person “of the little people” snap at one in such a vile manner? That was odd. Coupled with the insults to Mrs. Palin I began to see a pattern emerging. Not a pattern I would attribute to a champion of the downtrodden, but rather a common thug.
Then I became aware of your back story, Mr. President. I knew then you were not what you purported to be. I knew then you could not be trusted. Your color, Sir, has nothing to do with it. The color of your soul, however, does. History, so far, has proven my judgment correct.
You are nothing but a snake oil salesman, spewing lies in order to sell your product. We’re not buying any of it.
Why would we not mock you? You are the one that lowered the bar with your Saul Alinsky tactics. You mastered them so well you were able to teach them to all your community organizers, like ACORN. Isn’t that how they bullied the banks into making all those bad loans?
The first rule, as you well know, Mr. President, is Power is not only what you have, but what the “enemy” thinks you have. It’s abundantly clear to us now, the enemy is defined by you as the American people. Is that why you disregard the constitution at every turn, hoping we won’t notice?
The second rule is Never go outside the experience of your people. Is that why, Mr. President, you insist on having all those (unconstitutional) Czars?
Thirdly, Mr. President, is the rule stating to, whenever possible, go outside the expertise of your enemy. Is that why the good people of America must spend every one of the few precious moments they have at the end of a long day, a day in which THEY actually fulfill their obligations,educating themselves on all the back door dealing, and researching the bills your friends in the house and senate are hurling at us faster than we can duck from. Is that why the American people are forced to ferret out the real news, expand our vocabularies to include words like oligarchy, and decipher the subtle differences between socialism, Marxism, fascism and communism so we can figure out which one you are running us headlong into? Is that why we must now spend the weekends teaching our children and grandchildren about our brave and glorious forefathers, teaching them the profound meaning of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of these United States – only after becoming aware of the prostitution of our history at the hands of the National Education Association?
Isn’t it the fourth rule that states, Mr. President, Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. We are, now, based on your insistence, living up to our constitutional responsibilities. You, on the other hand are NOT living up to yours. Remember that oath you took? Remember the promises you made? Didn’t we all hear you declare your administration would be a beacon of transparency?  Didn’t we hear you declare no lobbyists would be allowed in your cabinet? Didn’t we hear you say you would not raise taxes on the middle class? Didn’t we hear you say you were going to cut spending in Washington by going through the budget line by line? Didn’t we hear you tell us you were going to bring into service only the best and brightest ? Were you speaking of those that were most schooled in the leftist agenda? We misunderstood that part. 
The fifth of Alinsky’s rules is  Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon. This must be your favorite one. It is very evident you are a master at it. Does it hearten you to see how studious the American people are in learning this one? It’s kind of painful to be on the receiving end, though, huh? I know some people think it would be much better to offer up sincere debate on issues, but they are probably naive. Ridicule is much more fun. Of course, it doesn’t solve the problem, but I have a feeling that’s not your actual agenda anyway.
The sixth rule states A good tactic is one your people enjoy. Well, I am certain they enjoy rule #5. Also, it seems they enjoy taking the taxpayers payers money to fund their corruption. Hence Van Jones $8,000,000,000 dollar budget, another $8,000,000,000 dollars to ACORN, Americore, Health Care “Reform”, Cap and Tax,  How much to the UN? Geez, there are so many hilarious stunts.  Oh, and I am sure your boondoggle trip to Copenhagen on not one, but two huge jets, at the cost of 2 million gallons of fuel and 2 million tons of carbon plus the actual cost of the trip and security and WOW! that’s a huge waste of taxpayer funds. And let’s not forget all the tax money you will be funneling into your friends pockets, back there in Chicago if you are successful… well, that’s just a hoot. Not to us, but I am certain you and “your people” are laughing hysterically.
The seventh rule, Mr. President, A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. That must be why we have unreasonable deadlines that do not even allow the American people to read the legislation. Yeah, you’re right, that would be a drag. To your agenda anyway. Look what happened this summer at those pesky town hall meetings.
Rule eight, Keep the pressure on, explains how you are man-handling the few good representatives we have in the House and Senate to get the job done. They don’t need to worry about the American people or the Constitution. You’ll take care of us. That’s exactly what we are afraid of.
The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself is rule nine. This must why you ignore the American people. After all, what are THEY gonna do.
Rule ten- The major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition. So it is true, you think if you continue to throw the fast passed, never ending, pardon me Sir, bullshit at us, we will eventually tire. Oh, we are tired all right. Tired of your tactics, and it is true many of us are missing sleep night after night. But, I assure you, Sir, we will not quit. You underestimate the American people’s love for their country and their freedom.
Number eleven is If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into it’s counter side. That explains buying up the car companies in hopes we will forget about it when they become, well, if they become profitable. Then there’s the banks. You kinda got screwed on that one, Mr. President. But I guess you could always blame George Bush.
Number twelve The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative. Alinsky explains this by saying you can not risk being trapped by your enemy in his sudden agreement with your demand, when he says “You’re right- we don’t know what to do about this issue, now you tell us.” Guess that’s why you refuse to tell Congress what you want in these bills, huh? You don’t have a friggin’ clue, do you? It’s ok, I think you’re counting on your looks and charm to get you through.
Number thirteen and the final tactic is one you know so very, very well. You have taught it to all your cronies, too. Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Problem is, you do it so well, you taught the American people how to do it, too. And you thought you were going to “Unite” us. Oh, yeah, that was just a load of crap, too.
While I hoped we could be friends, I am sorry to say you have declared us, the American people, your enemy. You do so every single time you use one of Alinsky’s tactics upon us. You took an oath you merely wanted to mock, on a bible you mock as well. That’s too bad.
We the people, yeah, I know you think that’s funny too, know the real power does not lie in the hands of the President of the United States. It only temporarily lies with elected representatives in the House and Senate. The real power lies with us, the people. We are rising like a phoenix from the ashes, Mr. President. Your call to duty has been heard. I know they told you about the March on Washington, and hopefully they filled you in on the actual size of the crowd. If you refuse to conform, if you refuse to do your job according to the oath you took, it will be at YOUR peril, not ours. That is not a threat to you, Mr. President, that is a threat to your ability to maintain the office you are so enjoying. 
Our forefathers, the ones you care nothing for and that we hold so dear, they gave us the ability to toss you out like yesterday’s news. You and your friends. That is our house, the people’s house. As smart as you are supposed to be, one would think you know that.

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18 Responses to “A Letter to the President”

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That’s just about the best letter I have read. It says everything I feel. There is something wrong with the leadership of this country when the citizens have to not only work all day to make enough money to support ourselves, our families, and the unrealistic demands of our government, but we have to spend what is left of our free time to keep up with what shenanigans are going on in D.C. on a daily basis.

Obama is a huge disappointment and in fact, most people I know are scared of him and his tactics. They are tired of watching he and his wife live the life of democrat elitists, wasting our precious tax dollars, and acting like uppity people (and I don’t care if that sounds racist – I’ve never considered it racist).

I’m tired. I’m worried. I lose sleep. I worry about the future of my 24-year-old son who just graduated from college. I worry about his future family and how they will survive if this crapola going on in D.C. does not stop.

Our only hope is to clean house in 2010 and 2012, and that includes many of the republicans.

the best letter to the president i ever read.

So many of us had told this nation about OBAMA before, during, and after the 2008 election. Moreover, we continue to do so. Now is the time for all to call- without let up – for our U.S. Congress to IMPEACH OBAMA NOW for known “high crimes and other misdemeanors,” and “TRAITOR.” If we wait for 2010 or 2012, we won’t have a Constitutional government. My archives is replete with reasons why BHO never should have been given the keys to our White House. This is truly a sad, sick situation. But we can all rectify it together. They “Hijacked America In Plain Sight,” as I said in 2008, in the midst of it. Read the article here, http://voiceink.blogspot.com/2008/07/america-hijacked-in-plain-sight.html

Remember! Questions people are raising now have already been RESEARCHED, documented, and answered. The time for action is now.

God bless you. God bless America. America bless our God.

Just plain Outstanding! Powerfully written. Well said!

excellent letter. I have not gone to the head of the snake yet, I’ve just been talking to the main body. Continuing my efforts here. Thanks for the list of tactics. Most of us have not read the book.

Viva la people!
Well articulated. My sentiments exactly.

Speak softly and carry a big stick may apply to the bully pulpit, but here at ‘ground zero’: speak up loudly with confidence and conviction and do not back down on principles you stand for. Do not compromise your single voice, and do not corrupt your conscience. Do not compartmentalize your frustration. Use them. All that could apply to our elected reps too, however, they chose an alternate path. We must seek alternatives to theirs.


You are a patriot whose tweets I enjoy. We need to fight the good fight. I will continue to follow, and God bless.

So good… So very very good… It’s like I am hearing it spoken to me.. All the things I am thinking and all the things that I have been teaching myself.. are All in this letter.. I just want you to know.. I think most of the country is up late at night reading, studying, worrying, talking, and organizing so you are not alone. We are speaking out and we WILL be heard…

Couldn’t have sid it better myself!

A very powerful compendium of charges.Well thought through.I Applaud the writer. I also stand with the writer on every statement.”We,” the people will not let Nazis take our freedom. “We” the people will fight you at the ballot boxes and if you try an end run around the next election with a trumped up crisis,”We” the people will fight you at the barricades. The 2nd amendment to the Constitution was placed there so that”We'” the people would never be cowed by thugs in office.

Absolutely brilliant letter and exactly my feelings. Bravo!


Amazing letter!!!!! I give you a huge standing ovation!!!

AWESOME! Thank you. Standing O is right. Posted it on Facebook

I have to say this lady has interpreted the Alinsky rules very well, she give example of each tactic and I hope that she does not mind that I am going to share this with millions. My intention is to give her credit for the research and let people read for themselves. Each of you that reads this please pass it on, copy and paste it to emails, new blogs, whatever social page you may belong to.

The best was said by you and I have read it laod and clear. Thank you for telling it like it is to President OBAMA. great Job by a True American 100%… God bless America and Proudly We Stand Together..

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