Stand up America or We Will Surely Fall!

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Every day I wake up to more incredibly disheartening details of how our government is turning against it’s people. It goes far beyond the simple “corrupt politics” of the past. This is much more serious than that. Our government is in a state of anarchy against the citizenry. They have ceased to represent us. They have closed the door on transparency and the constitution. They are plotting to bankrupt our country, bankrupt our businesses and bankrupt us! On purpose. With intent.
This is America – home of the free and land of the brave – is it not?
I can only speak for myself, but I am not feeling so free and just what is the definition of brave?
The soldiers fighting for our country are brave. But what of the people they are fighting to protect? Some are out there fighting to save this country from domestic enemies. Most are not. Are we such a complacent people that whatever happens, happens? What about freedom? What about justice? What about honesty and integrity? What about our constitution?
How is it even citizens that know and understand what is going on are doing nothing? Nothing? If you are not involved – GET INVOLVED! America NEEDS you! Are you willing to send our children, spouses and parents off to fight for our freedom, yet ask nothing of yourself? How is that fair?
Are people simply naive? Do they think that because it’s America nothing bad can happen to us at the hands of our government? Or do they merely feel powerless to change things? Something bad IS happening and TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THINGS if we act NOW.
Every day that goes by brings new assaults upon our constitution and upon us. At what point is enough ENOUGH?
Even if you are for the non-reforming Health Care Reform our government is attempting to force upon us… Even if you’re for the fallacious and criminal Cap and Trade legislation… Even if you call yourself a liberal – HELLO…. are you not for a representative government which works on the people’s behalf? That’s not just a conservative or libertarian idea, is it? Socialists, Marxists, Fascists and Communists don’t like that idea – but Democrats, Independents.. come on. Pushing stuff through under the cover of darkness, allowing themselves to break any law they choose while holding us to a higher standard, lying to us then calling anyone who catches them “the bad guy”…. why is this ok? Why are many citizens standing to watch but doing nothing to stop it?
It reminds me of that story some years ago in New York City where a woman was being brutally attacked and a whole crowd of people just stood by and let it happen. No one wanted to get involved, no one called 911.  We are better than that America! We were then and we are today!
It’s time to call 911 against a government that has us pinned to the ground and is raping everything we hold dear. If you don’t think it’s that serious and that this is just politics of usual, you are simply not paying attention. Our government is instituting it’s own fiscal demise and taking us down with them.
It is no mere coincidence social security is trashed, our 401ks are trashed, our home values are trashed. Our government is directly responsible for all of these. Now they are passing unconstitutional legislation that has nothing to do with what they are claiming to want to accomplish without any hope of funding any of it. We are involved in wars they have no desire to fully fund or win. We owe our souls to foreign governments we can not trust. We are providing billions of our dollars to international socialist organizations (and domestic ones too for that matter). All being done behind closed doors at a rapid fire pace and without the people being given any voice. Everything is a “crisis” – but nothing is really a crisis. The media stands idly by watching and understanding but does not feel compelled to alert us or burden us with facts.
When is enough ENOUGH? Now? If you need direction, allow me to offer some.
SPEAK OUT to anyone, everyone – whether they want to hear it or not. It’s not about politics, it’s about America. Call radio talk shows, write letters to the editor, leave comments on internet sites. Do this on outlets that back these programs – challenge their facts. If you don’t know the truth, research it! Use the watchdog tools provided here to ferret it out. Pay attention. If something sounds fishy, it probably is. Arm yourself with knowledge. Then educate the public.
Educate your politicians. Enlighten them not only to the facts, but also to the point that YOU know the facts. Write or call daily! It only takes five minutes. Don’t tell me you don’t have five minutes in a day to fight for your own freedom. That would be the very definition of complacency.
Use your money as your weapon. If media outlets lie to you, why would you support them? Do not watch network tv, purchase newspapers or magazines if they are unwilling to tell you the truth. Period. If a store or an online concern uses their profits to fund corruption or malfeasance – shop elsewhere. Period. This is YOUR future we are fighting for. It may be inconvenient, but so is 50-60% tax on your income. So is not being able to keep your house. So is not being able to own a car large enough to transport your family. So is having to keep your thermostat at 55 degrees in the middle of winter and 85 degrees in summer. So is waiting two months to see a specialist after you are diagnosed with cancer.
Sign petitions, attend town halls and tea parties. Join Twitter or Facebook groups. Find a concerned citizens group in your area or start one. We are the majority. We are allowing a very small minority to trash our very existence. Do something, but keep it peaceful. Violence, while you may feel compelled to ring their necks or worse, would only empower them further and elicit media sympathy.
If you feel you can not speak out because of your union or your job, be stealth in your opposition. Send emails or call your politicians. Use a fake name when calling stations or commenting on web sites.
Let’s start today with this health care bill. We have had an impact on a few politicians worried they may put their reelection in danger, but house and senate leaders are devising ways to get this legislation passed by going around us and those that speak for us. Reid and Hoyer have already stated their intentions. The President said he will use his energy czar to put cap and trade regulations into play if it won’t pass through normal means.
Our time has run out. Time to get busy. If we loose our way of life, those that did nothing to stop them are complicit in our demise.
News comes this morning of mass protest on Twitter last evening.

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2 Responses to “Stand up America or We Will Surely Fall!”

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I think it stems from various factors. Some hate confrontation and therefore do nothing. Some feel “what’s the use, they’ll never listen to us”. Some just hate politics and don’t want anything to do with it. Some are just lazy and figures someone else will do something about it. I’m sure there are other reasons out there.

For me, I’ll keep writing my articles, and writing my emails and letters. I’ll go to protests and townhall meetings as I can. I plan to help out with Vitter’s re-election and will help with others also. And I’ll keep on praying. God is in control of my life and nothing will happen to me that He won’t see me through.

Americans need to understand how hard on the pocketbook the changes we are facing are going to be. The CHANGE we allowed to become our Leader will deal us some cards that will doom our nation and our children’s future.
Bravo to the Patriot that is the Beacon of light that works so hard on this publication!!!!

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