More Shocking Videos- There’s Really Nothing Left to Say

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The Senate Finance Committee meets today at 10:00 AM to vote on the Baucus Health Care Bill. If you have not contacted those on the committee, or still are not sure where you stand on this, please see yesterday’s column for information and links to those voting : 
ACORN is notorious for their corruption and their disregard for our laws. SEIU is no better. Yet, listen to Obama himself addressing SEIU before the election:



And yesterday, Breitbart TV broke another video – even more shocking- showing Obama in his own words again, at another SEIU function just prior to the election:

Thanks to Wade Rathke, we now know ACORN and SEIU are working hand in hand with our President on health care “reform”:



Now comes word from Michele Bachman the Senate only defunded ACORN for one month:


There is really not much else to say. They have said it all. It’s definitely not about you, not about the good of the country, and definitely not about providing health care for those who can not afford it. Rather, it’s about greed, corruption, political paybacks – courtesy of our elected officials in Washington DC. If you have yet to call to voice your opposition, what are you waiting for? If you want a country based on the principles of SEIU and ACORN, do nothing. If, on the other hand, you are as repulsed by that notion as I am, you need to STAND UP AND TELL THEM NO WAY! Today the Senate Finance Committee votes. In the next few days it will become law.
Notice in both the SEIU and ACORN videos here mention EFCA- Employee Free Choice Act. This is also not about free choice, but rather coercion, once again to benefit the Union and enhance their power. Just as Health Care “Reform” is about filling the union’s coffers, particularly the UAW, who is about to receive the vast auto company reserves as negotiated called the “VEBA Fund”. I have included here links to the SEIU agenda posted on their website, a link to the EFCA in both the House and Senate versions under consideration, and information on the VEBA Fund.


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