Soldier for Liberty Exclusive: “Roger” This? Maurice Strong connection to Future of US Healthcare

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In March, the President held a health-care summit in Washington, DC to help identify programs that would improve health care quality and restrain escalating costs. He said his policies would be based on scientific evidence of benefit. The flagship proposal presented by the president was national adoption of electronic medical records — a computer-based system that would contain every patient’s clinical history, laboratory results, and treatments. President Obama said this would save  $80 billion a year, help prevent medical errors, reduce the number of malpractice lawsuits, and facilitate preventive and ongoing care for the chronically ill.
It’s fairly well known about the government’s issues with securing online data, no matter from foreign countries or dorm students. Our government can not even secure their Homeland Security database when hackers compromised dozens of Department of Homeland Security computers, moving sensitive information to Chinese-language internet sites. Back in February of 2009, the Wall Street Journal reported in one of it’s online blogs that… “In the wake of the Obama administration’s announcement of a 60-day federal review of the government’s initiatives on cyber security, an e-mail obtained by the Project on Government Oversight reveals another embarrassing security breach, this time involving missing computers from the Los Alamos nuclear weapons laboratory in New Mexico, and “the loss of a Blackberry in a sensitive foreign country.” “The e-mail from Los Alamos National Laboratory senior manager Stephen Blair to several other LANL employees reveals that, within a two-week period in early 2009, three computers were stolen from the Santa Fe home of an employee, and a BlackBerry device was misplaced outside the United States. He warns colleagues, “This is garnering a great deal of attention with senior management as well as [the National Nuclear Security Administration].”
And we’re supposed to trust them with our most personal information?
That’s not even the creepiest part. Allow me to introduce a recent acquaintance of mine:
Introducing “Roger”
“Roger” is Preventive Medicine’s innovative and proprietary health and lifestyle behavioral change model for the health insurance sector. Information on their website says it was “created by physicians, psychologists, IT gurus, health and lifestyle experts, and e-learning wizards. It boasts it meets people where they are in their everyday lives and engages members through fun, visual and 3-D e-learning modalities to improve optimal health, wellbeing and your bottom line…
“Roger” accomplishes it’s wellness goals by applying a browser based preventive care and lifesyle management approach that concentrates on daily personal encouragement, community support, and goal achievement indicators.”
The website says it has a unique interactive intervention method, delivered through a new and innovative behavioral change model based on the Allen Behavioral Change Model, which relies on six key components based on ten processes of change. Research indicates dramatic improvements in recruitment, retention, and progress using stage-matched individualized and interactive interventions. (Wonder if we get a doggie-treat if we do good?- oh,no- that’s food. Maybe they just pat us on the head.)
The system is also enhanced by highly trained call center professionals.
MMM…MMM…MMM… does this seem Orwellian to anyone else? Oh wait, there’s much more.
Dr Allen, of the Allen Behavioral Change model helped co-design the model. It uses something called “the healthy lifestyle index” and serves as a motivator and benchmark for each individual, to help prevent chronic disease and risk factors. “Roger” also offers “group / population” metrics that “track and report changes in the employee community as a whole or in any meaningful desired cohort.”
The system is built for employers , the health insurance sector, but also.. oh, look it says for “government entities” too.
The site also says the model is “based on the well researched fact most humans do not make decisions relating to their lifestyle and health based on cognitive and rational thought, but rather on emotional and social value bases.” It goes on to say “Changing behavior that is automatic takes small incremental nudges”..  Nudges, mmm,,,mmm…mmm… where have we heard that before?
“The key to “Roger” is how the program uses it’s KNOWLEDGE of each individual (gained through access to medical claims, as well as the responses to a series of assessments about psychological motivations and lifestyle behavioral information) to build trust and a relationship before introducing change. 
Is this creeping anyone else out? Oh, I’m just getting started….
“Roger” is sold exclusively to health insurance providers and government plan sponsors and supplies it’s technology on a private-label basis, to be delivered under the provider’s trusted brand. The system is designed to be integrated into the individuals every day life in a supportive and unobtrusive way.
What makes “Roger” tick? The site says, “The answer is simple. “Roger” does not run on data, it runs on knowledge.”
…making “Roger” truly dynamic and effective in facilitating behavior change that is up to the second current in real time.
Always engaging and active and capable of promoting and monitoring incremental changes.. (you know, nudges) The site goes on to say “Roger is usable by all enrollees- regardless of age, gender, education, or cultural background, and reports their progress however you want the data sliced or diced.  (so happy it doesn’t discriminate.. maybe it has to do with it’s knowledge). Here’s the diagram from the website showing how it works:
Roger Diagram
What’s the icing on top of the cake?  Guess who’s on the board of directors for wonderful new friend “Roger”?
Maurice Strong
Oh, and by the way.. not that this necessarily means anything, the company is located in the same building as The National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.
“Roger That ?”,… over and out, good buddy.

My epiphany- it all boils down to this!
Maurice Strong Database Vol 1
Maurice Strong Database Vol 2
Maurice Strong and Agenda 21

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10 Responses to “Soldier for Liberty Exclusive: “Roger” This? Maurice Strong connection to Future of US Healthcare”

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How long before the people of the USA stop being sheep that follow a Government that wants to have total control over their lives ? Wake the hell up America.. We the People can stop this take over if all get off the couch and start to taking our Country back to who it really belongs to.. US !!! The People of The United States — not a bunch of Left or Right Government People.. Time to come to life again Americans and stand as one together for all the people..

I knew Maurice Strong, (as well as George Soros)held great power with creation of our so-called One World Government. I did not realize how Strong was connected, just that Strong he spent a great deal of time in China. Thank you for information!

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This information is mind boggling. I just read a bunch of information on Maurice Strong and seems like his plan along with government help around the world is influencing a global economic currency, and tyrannic government. Who’s going to be in charge, why haven’t i heard of this before? Why don’t people know anything about this guy. It was the first time I heard about Maurice Strong and things he was doing while people brushed off like they didn’t see any of it coming. What the f*** is in the future for all of us. Please respond I would love some insight on what is going on with this so called “One World Government” and the financial standpoint and future.

Conspiracy Theories, on TruTV recently did an expose on this guy too. It’s all pretty scary when you put it in perspective. It seems as if these guys are taking the lid off now as I have seen several recent interviews with Strong, Soros, and others and they seem to project their deeds are noble. Keep paying attention, that’s the only advice I can give. As they come out from the shadows info will become more available to us. The “tea party” and other conservative movements around the globe may push them back into the shadows though. Pay attention to everything the UN does, that and the World Bank and you will see what’s coming. Those are big clues.

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Red State did a companion piece to this some months later which credited much of Soldier For Liberty’s work file:

Reblogged this on Soldier For Liberty and commented:

CGI Federal is the company in the spotlight for the mess that is the Obamacare website. As @PL1776 pointed out, Maurice Strong is also Canadian and there may be a link. I have not yet found it, but can you? Also, this data for “Roger” seems particularly pertinent regarding Obamacare going forward. Pay attention to the second to the last line of the article.

Click to access Behaviour_change_reference_report_tcm6-9697.pdf

I found this British government paper that lays out behavioral change models and their role in reforming society, basically. That is totally creepy! You know the same is going on here in the US without a doubt. Instead of government of, by and for the people, it’s government taking control of the people in every imaginable way, and on a global scale.

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