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Being a Soldier For Liberty is hard work… even we need some fun every once in a while. Please enjoy the following fun for yourself in my absence.
Make yourself at home. Have a look around my site. We’ve talked about a lot of important things lately. If you haven’t seen them, please take some time to check it out. There are several must see movies in my Vipod Theatre on the right hand side of the screen.
See you back here Monday. Will be discussing Executive Orders as they pertain to Martial Law.
Halloween or not, there’s no shortage of scary stuff in Washington DC. Leave a comment to speak out about your frustration with our government. Let us know how you are standing up or speaking out! Consider this our own little Tea Party for Freedom! Now go ahead – hop on the freedom train!
New Mob Anthem – Muse / Uprising
An Older Anthem –  Tom Petty/ I Won’t Back Down!
Awesome Song – Take America Back / Steve Vaus
I Am A Patriot / Jackson Browne
Tea Party Anthem – Lloyd Marcus
He was FANTASTIC at the 9/12 March on DC!
– while you still can.

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9 Responses to “Fun Loving Freedom Train – TALK TO US”

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How are you standing up or speaking out for freedom? Did you go to Washington DC? Did you attend a local protest? Have you written letters to the editor? Maybe you’re a soldier actively fighting for all our freedoms. If so we thank you. Or, maybe you’re working hard to find out the real truth on issues, giving up TV time to scan blogs and alternate news sites on the internet.
Let us know America – what are you doing in the name of liberty?

We’ve been to several tea parties and to the 9-12 march in DC. I belong to a 912 group locally. We have to take our country back. Thanks for all your hard work. Have a fun and restful weekend.

I’m very proud of Patriots such as you who have very full lives but take the time to help and encourage their fellow Americans to understand the issues effecting theirs and their families lives. GOD bless you.

Wonderful Site!!! Lot’s of info. & we need it. Appreciate your hard work. Scary people in this world.

Having Patriots like you and others that are speaking without fear inspires many to do the same. Keep speaking and informing so we may be able to turn our country back toward the country we grew up in.
Everyone needs to continue to write letters, e-mail, twitter and tea party/protest every day. I’ll be @ tea party express in Den. on Nov. 3 @ 5:00 PM. and will post some video via twitter and here. Lets let DC know that Denver does care, and that we stand for our constitution and freedom. Lights out 11/11 @11:00PM E. for comparison satellite pics of our country. This could be huge if we all participate.
Thank for being here for us S.F L.!!

Great information. Would not have known most of the stuff you’ve written about. Good Work!

Enjoy a well-deserved fun weekend, Desiree. Hopefully the comments I make next will fill your weekend void to a small degree.

You have been doing a great job at informing us and, in some cases, pointing us toward some specific actions. My current action plan moves me away from the marches, petitons, phone calls, twitter blitzes into a somewhat different next step. Rather than repeat it all here, link over to my blog at:

I’m looking forward to your return to the blogosphere next week.

I found your site a week ago and have been sharing your information with everyone I know. Take the weekend off and relax and enjoy the family time. With all the hard work you have been doing you deserve it.
What have I been doing?
Two tea parties and the 9-12 march in DC.
Internet research and reading about our forefathers and our form of government.
Sharing what I learn, but trying not to overload my friends so not to turn them off.
I recommend everyone read Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. Get the abridged version. It is also available on CD.

I am working hard to research what is going on in our country and world. It’s difficult with so many spins and agendas on both sides. I work to bring ppl 2gether – understanding that many are like I am, confused with Obama and his Czars “social injustice” corruption and dissatisfaction with the constitution. That still blows my mind. Name calling and dividing weakens our country and so this is NOW weakening Obama and our government in times of crisis. Our soilders and kids deserve better. It’s easy to grow inpatient with others and think we have the answers. We need to respect others differences, unite and engage to work out our problems. I believe disunity is what the enemy would want from our country to tear it down. So I am sadden to see Obama creating so much division in our country. But then all things work out to those that love Him and this may be his own undoing. We need to pray for our government and our leaders and so I do this hoping I can amaze my world making a difference and expecting direction as I go forward. Thank you for caring. God has not given us the spirit of fear but Love Power and a Sound Mind. Increase the Peace

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