Obama’s Visitor List Interesting, To Say The Least

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The recently released White House Guest List holds valuable clues to who holds real power in America. Let’s take a CLOSE look at who’s had multiple opportunities for President Obama’s attention:

# Visits                 Name                            Description




2                 William Ayers                   

Former Weather Underground Founder, Leftist Radical, Ghost Writer Obama: Dreams of My Father, Criminal

2                 Angela Davis                  

Former FBI Most Wanted, Former People’s Temple (Jim Jones/ mass murderer cult) Supporter, 1980 and 1984 Communist Party Vice President candidate

15               Kim Gandy                         

 NOW President

6                 Jesse Jackson                    

 Rainbow PUSH Coalition,and father of Michelle Obama’s lifelong best friend, mentor to Michelle Obama

8                 Jeffrey Jones 

Former Weather Underground Founder, Leftist Radical, Apollo Alliance

8                 Nancy Keenan 

NARAL President (pro abortion group)

1                 Scott Levinson                      

 ACORN Spokesman

8                 Michael Moore                      

Leftist Radical

25               Anthony, John, Heather Podesta 

Center for American Politics (Soros Funded Organization),  Lobbyists for H1N1 Vaccine Novartis and leftist radicals. Van Jones and other subversives were given position at CAP after leaving government.             John Podesta was former Chief of Staff under Bill Clinton.

5                 Cecile Lynn Richards           

Planned Parenthood President

2                 Al Sharpton                                     

National Action Network

9                 Cass Sunstein                       

Constitutional Law scholar and proponent of the Nudge philosophy , Obama Regulation Czar who will translate Bills into Law


Leftist Philanthropic Organizations:


8                 Steve Gunderson                           

Former Representative, President Council on Foudations (2000+ grant making foundations)

9                 Phillip Gara Lamarche          

Friend of Valerie Jarrett, Leftist Philantrapist of Atlantic Philantrophies (Soros wannabe)

2                 Nancy Roob                          

Edna McConnell Clark Foundation President

7                 Ralph Smith                           

Sr VP Annie E Casey Foundation

4                 George Soros                       

Evil Incarnate, Leftist organizer and funder of America’s demise. Bilderberg & CFR member

2                 Luis Ubinas                                     

Ford Foundation President  

4                 Darren Walker                       

Rockefeller Foundation VP


Union Bosses :


22               Andy Stern                            


6                 John Sullivan                     

Labor Leader, Labor Attorney, Obama nominee Commissioner- Federal Election Commission , Assistant General Counsel SEIU, former General Counsel International Brotherhood of Teamsters

7                 Richard Trumka                    

AFL-CIO President


Green Agenda Proponents:


4                 Al Gore                                  

Former VP, presumed First Carbon Billionaire, Hypocrite, leading proponent of anti-human agenda

5                 Jeffrey Immelt                       

Controversial GE CEO , Obama Advisor

3                 Nancy Sutley                         

White House Council on Environmental Quality Chair

14               William White                        

Former Deputy Sec of Energy under Clinton, proponent of green technologies

5                 Steven Williams                    

Former Dept of Fish and Wildlife Director


Financial / Bankers: 


3                 Lloyd Blankfein                     

Goldman Sachs CEO

2                 Fred Becker                          

National Association of Federal Credit Unions

6                 James Dimon                        

 J P Morgan Chase CEO , Council on Foreign Relations member

4                 Camden R Fine                    

Independent Bankers of American CEO

3                 Maurice Greenberg              

Council on Foreign Relations Member and former AIG CEO

6                 Alan Greenspan                 

Former Fed Chair, member Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, husband  to Andrea Mitchell (Bilderberg and Council on Foreign Relations member)

2                 Kenneth Doyle Lewis           

Bank of America CEO

2                 John Mack                             

Morgan Stanley CEO

5                 Daniel Mica                           

Credit Union National Association President, former Congressman

2                 Heidi Miller                             

JP Morgan Chase

3                 Vikram Pandit                        

Citigroup CEO

3                 Scott Talbot                           

Sr VP Government Affairs Financial Services Roundtable

5                 Edward Yingling                    

American Bankers Association President and CEO


Health Care:


11               Tom Daschle                        

Health Care Lobbyist, former Senate Majority Leader and unsuccessful Obama nominee for HHS head, tax cheat

5                 Steve Elmendorf                   

United Health Care Lobbyist, Veteran Dem strategist, Lobbyist for Nat Assoc Broadcast Communications

7                 Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey      

James Wood Johnson Foundation President – Foundation touts they are “Leader in transforming America’s Health Care System”

5                 Linda Lipson                         

Health Services Reasearch and Development Services, Veterans Administration

2                 Glen Tullman                         

Allscripts-Misys HC Solution CEO and Obama Advisor     


Business Leaders:


3                 Robert McDonald               

Proctor and Gamble CEO

7                 David OReilly                        

Chevron CEO

3                 Rex Tillerson                         

Exxon Mobil CEO


Leftist Politicos :


3                 Howard Dean                        

Former DNC Chair, founder Democracy For America

3                 Michael Dolan                       

Campaign Coordinator Democrat Party

3                 Ellen Malcom                        

Polical fundraiser, President Emily’s List (supports pro abortion women candidates)


Miscellaneous :


5                 Dr. William Graham              

Marshall Institute, national security expert

5                 Jon Huntsman                       

Former Idaho Governor and Obama’s Ambassador to China

5                 Michael Jordan                      

Former NBA pro

2                 Mark Mallory                          

Cincinnatti, OH Mayor

4                 Chris McNeil                          

Smithsonian Institute board member

7                 Timothy Ryan                        

Dem Rep, OH

7                 Paul Smith                             

Oyez Project – documenting Supreme Court

27               William Smith                        

Unknown, possibly William Kennedy Smith, but can not confirm

7                 David Strauss                        

University of Chicago Law School, associate of President Obama


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Didn’t you hear … WH was only kidding!! They were asked if specific people visited the WH so the WH staffers; wanting to be accommodating, provided the list w/these names BUT the visitors are not the “real” Bill Ayers, George Soros etc. They were people with the “same name”! Again … they were kidding!!!! Just like Anita Dunn was “kidding” about Mao!!! Come on … lighten up!! – that being said we know our GVNT thinks the people are extremely gullible. Perhaps the left is but the rest of us need to fight for our freedoms!

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