The Enabling of The Permanent Campaign

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I saw a video on Glenn Beck’s show Wednesday night of a speech Howard Dean had given back in April of this year. Allow me to quote him:
“This is a new innovation from Obama, I think it’s gonna be great for the democratic party. Remember I talked about the permanent campaign? Now we don’t just have a campaign for electing democrats, we have a permanent campaign for influencing policy. It brings us a little closer to the European model.”  
During the Nixon campaign of the late 1960’s, a book came out which enlightened the American people to the phenomenon known as “The Selling of the President”. We learned they were selling politicians to us as if they were any other product and brought new political meaning to the word “spin”.
Pat Caddell, who appears on Fox News fairly often as a consultant or pundit, is a life long democrat who has become fairly disenchanted with some of the policies of today’s democratic party. He worked as a pollster under President Carter. In late 1976 he wrote a memo entitled “Initial Working Paper on Political Strategy”, which called for governing with public approval by running a continuing political campaign.
While the theory most likely started prior to that for various programs and political battles, this cemented the behavior in Washington.
The practice of the “permanent campaign” was rampant under both Clinton and Bush, but Barack Obama has brought it a completely new level.
The daily television broadcasts, the attempt to control the news, the attempt to squash dissenting voices, releasing “bad news” on Friday afternoon, naming bills the opposite of what they actually do. The list goes on.
Washington sickens me. With very rare exception, it has become nothing but a cesspool of greedy, corrupt, lying criminals. The precise word that comes to mind is “conmen” pretending to work on our behalf but stabing us in the back to rob us of our freedom and our money.
The sad part is we let them. We fall for their crap year after year and award them with their office . We’re enablers.
We can either put a stop to this once and for all by making a bold statement and voting nearly all of them out, or, we can be the abused slave, handing over any dignity and rights we have left.
I know what my choice will be.

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3 Responses to “The Enabling of The Permanent Campaign”

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I just truly hope that more concerned citizens get out and vote in this next election. The hard part is getting more people concerned. I, myself, see so many who just do not wanted to hear anything about politics and turn a blind eye and deaf ear away from the news.

Us, who are concerned, need to get involved in the campaigns of good people we want to vote into office and go door to door trying to get people to the voting booths.

Merry Christmas!! Soldiers. Keep up the resistance of tyranny. Happy New Year!! only 11 months left to hold the line, and to remove the entire House of Rep.s, and 1/3 of the Senate. I would say to all that this needs to be the “permanant campaign”. That is my goal, for the New Year. Then still 2 yrs. until we remove more of the Senate and a Prez. 2013 could be a great year for liberty! Just Hold The Line!! It’s a long campaign

If Howard Dean wants a European model, tell him to move to Europe! He can take his European policy and get our of our country!

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