Reality Check for Liberals

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I just want you to stop and think.

 If all this global warming – green agenda crap were true; if all of the people pushing this agenda really, sincerely, just wanted a healthy planet; if they actually took the time to read the so called “science” behind it, how could they actually be on the side of Cap-and-Trade or the Kyoto Treaty?

 They couldn’t.

 First of all, Cap-and-Trade, has nothing to do with saving the planet, and neither do Agenda 21,COP 15 or the Kyoto Agreement or whatever other name it’s wants to go by these days. It’s all about control. Not about a “green” planet – all about profit to a few at the expense of the many.

 If the green movement wanted alternative energy, they would have embraced it. It’s already out there. They would have spent money to perfect it, instead they spend their money, and our tax money, to fight it in court.

If the green movement wanted to impact the health of the planet, they wouldn’t all fly around in private jets or ride around in stretch limo’s telling the rest of us we should walk or bike to work. Those like Al Gore and the other elitists pushing it wouldn’t have several mammoth and lavish homes spread throughout the world while pushing pack-and-stack on the rest of us. They wouldn’t be fighting local farmers and forcing us to import our food from foreign countries at great expense and great carbon outlay.

There are so many, many issues with the green movement in which their actions contradict their drivel.  Yet, no one questions. Come on, really. Congress will investigate whether baseball players take steroids, but not whether the science behind a complete overhaul of the American way of life is legit?

Not only will government not investigate, they won’t allow challenges, not even from noted scientists.

If you are still in the camp of the green movement, and you believe it’s all about the betterment of the earth, please take some time to read through documents and videos, etc we have compiled on this site.

Start with the Maurice Strong files. Strong, Soros, Club of Rome, etc… if it’s all about the earth, why do you think the power players of global business and corruption are also the people pushing the agenda? Won’t you listen to their own words? I don’t ask you to believe me.

Are you aware of Agenda 21, which dictates the policies of the green movement, including depopulation of the earth (not population control – actual depopulation), loss of property rights for homeowners around the world, loss of sovereignty for all nations- ceding to a global government?

It’s one thing to have a liberal ideology, it’s another thing to simply drink the grape kool-aid. They’ve spiked your drink – now what are you going to do about it? Are you going to do the hard work, read the data, see the facts or just believe what they tell you?  Is it Jonestown, Guyana all over again?

If you actually care about the planet, educate yourself on the real facts. Don’t allow them to think for you, think for yourself. If you want a better planet and want to solve actual issues, I think you’ll find many freinds on the right willing to join with you. That goes for so called “health care reform” too.

Do you think by supporting them you won’t have to yield to their policies, or do you just not know what their policies are?

If  it’s about solving real problems, let’s do it. I’ll help you.

If  it’s about you using phoney baloney to control me and my life, I will fight you til the day I die.

I’m not a scientist. But there is one scientific formula I know:  

< Freedom = >Government Control = Profit-from-corruption²

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4 Responses to “Reality Check for Liberals”

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My thoughts are that these people are either sinister or stupid. Come on, it doesn’t take a lot of logic to see that if carbon dioxide makes up such a small % of the atmosphere, then man-made carbon dioxide cannot possibly effect the planet to the extent they say. Water vapor is the largest % of the atmosphere. Should they work to reduce cloud production in order to reduce water vapor? NO, that would be just as stupid.

2nd – they want to pump millions of tons of carbon dioxide deep inside the earth (where it does not belong). They have NO idea what millions of tons of it will do to the earth long term. How exactly do they plan to clean up that mess when the crap hits the fan?

Keep up the pressure!!!!

I have been following your site for the past few months and YOU ARE RIGHT ON THE MONEY with everything you are saying. I have forwarded links to everyone I know, including local talk radio, hoping the word spreads.
Thank you.

Thank you, Jethro, for your patronage of this site and for your very kind words.

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