Maurice Strong – The Interview

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Yesterday we talked to you about the “Earth Scouts” and showed you the newly released interview from Muarice Strong. Today we have the rest of that interview.
Maurice Strong, George Soros, and others of their ilk are involved in a campaign toward One World Order. They are almost there.
While they pretend to be on a mission to empower low income and poverty stricken individuals, they are merely propelling their agenda forward into a hefty profit for
themselves. As with the Democrat party, and certain Black Activists, they merely use the guise of their David and Golliath epic battle to hypnotize another generation
into believing the lies they tell and laughing all the way to the bank.
Tomorrow we will highlight what the current administration is doing to that end, but today let’s listen to Maurice Strong in his own words.  If you are just learning about him, please see the links provided in yesterday’s column for a further education.
Maurice Strong Thoughts on RIO+20 in 2010 (birth of the Earth Charter)
Maurice Strong Thoughts on Climate Change
Maurice Strong Thoughts on Peace and Sustainability
Maurice Strong and His Motivation in Life

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6 Responses to “Maurice Strong – The Interview”

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Did you watch Jessie Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory program tonight on TruTV? It was on Global Warming and as Jessie said, when you want to get to the bottom of the conspiracy, you need to follow the money. He traced the theory all the way to Maurice Strong and basically showed the link between Maurice Strong and the Global Warming conspiracy to the push for a one world government.

I have never seen a better collection of information about Maurice Strong anywhere else on the Internet.
Yours is definately the best.
This madman, who lives on a sprawling ranch with all sorts of religious fanatics he’s collected from around the world has so much control on the US and the World.
The problem is people don’t know about him or the Earth Charter or Agenda 21 and the Sustainable Development-Biodiversity World takeover.
I’ve been trying to circulate the information where ever I go on the Internet but people insist it’s only another conspiracy theory.
Seem’s like Maurice Strong and other maniacs that want to rule the world for their own pleasure, are from the early 60’s hippie generation.
They are ‘Deep Ecology’ and ‘GAIA Hypothesis’ believers.
If I’m not mistaken, even Al Gore who was a devoted Baptist, is now a GAIA Hypothesis and Deep Ecology believer and follower.
I found a you tube video of HOW the Earth First GAIA followers worship!
Oh boy! Very strange.
And I read the ‘Georgia Guidestones’ and it sounds like something Maurice Strong would write, so he may be the person that paid all the money, or used taxpayer money to pay for the Guidestones, and it’s very Green Agenda, Deep Ecology, Gaia, inscriptions.
People like Strong believe we are no more important that the larve of an insect.
They also believe that a Rock has a soul, and that it can reincarnate into a human after a certain amount of time.
These are the very people running the UN and the US now.
If people across America and the world knew about people like Strong, what he believes, they would Awaken very quickly to reality and want to know everything about Agenda 21, Strong, Soros and all the rest the Government along with NGO’s and the UN are doing and trying to do to us…It’s so sinister.

This is a very dangerous man!

[…] Maurice Strong – The Interview Posted on December 16, 2009 (Four videos of a Maurice Strong interview–B.P.) […]

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