Circumventing Congress

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When Congress meets in the middle of the night to do it’s dirty work, when it votes against an estimated 56% of the citizens it is supposed to represent, when members of Congress whore themselves for their votes, when deals are made behind closed doors to purchase votes at our expense, Congress leaves the people no other alternative but to circumvent their actions in any lawful way possible.

Rest assured, there will be increased unemployment in Washington DC late next year. Make no mistake, the voters WILL remember.

Until such time, protections are needed.

To that end, many states are rushing to exert their Tenth Amendment rights. The Tenth Amendment, ratified in late 1791, states:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

At present, 37 states have either passed, or have pending, legislation to protect their sovereignty from the federal government. According to the Tenth Amendment Center, they are as follows:


Sovereignty Resolutions: HJR27 (Passed 37-0 on 04-06-09) (Senate

Passed 19-0,  on 04-19-09 – Awaiting Transmittal to Governor)

 Signed by Governor on 07-10-09



Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR2024 (Committee voted Do-Pass on

04/14/09) Passed House, 34-24 on 06-10-09



Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR1011 (failed in committee on 03-04-09

passed committee 04-01-09 failed House vote, 54-34)



Sovereignty Resolutions: SJM09-011 (postponed by committee)





Sovereignty Resolutions: HM19


Sovereignty Resolutions: HR280 HR470 HR773 SR632 (Passed Senate

43-1 on 04/01/09)


Sovereignty Resolutions: HJM004 (Passed House 51-17 on 03-23-09

Passed  Senate on 04-07-09)



Sovereignty Resolutions: SR0181


Sovereignty Resolutions: SCR37 SR42 (SR0042 Passed Committe 8-0 on

04-01-09) (SR0042 Passed Senate 44-3 on 04-09-09)


Sovereignty Resolutions: SCR-1


Sovereignty Resolutions: SCR1609


Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR168 HCR172 HCR10 (pre-filed for 2010



Sovereignty Resolutions: SCR-2 (Passed Senate, 32-0 on 05-11-09,

 transmitted  to House) (Passed House 59-12 on 06-24-09)



Sovereignty Resolutions: Introduced 05-26-09


Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR4 SCR4 September 17, 2009 – Senate

unanimously  passed 2 sovereignty resolutions


Sovereignty Resolutions: HF997


Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR69 House – passed committee 05-06-09,

 scheduled  for vote (HCR-69, Amended, Passed 80-39 on 05-07-09 –

new text to follow) SC630 (SC-630 Passed 05-07-09) (HCR69 – Motion)



Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR13 (passed house on 03-23-09) (senate

 public hearing 04-07-09)



Sovereignty Resolutions: HJ26 (Failed 51-49 on 02-24-09) Resolution

 reintroduced  as HR3 (HR3 Passed House Committee on 04-21-09)

 (HR3 failed to pass in house, 50-50)



Sovereignty Resolutions: AJR15 (Committee 04-11-09: “No Further Action


  New Hampshire

Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR-6 (resolution failed in house on 03-04-09:


  New Jersey

Sovereignty Resolutions:ACR238 – introduced 06-22-09

  New Mexico

Sovereignty Resolutions: HJR27 (tabled in committee)

  North Carolina

Sovereignty Resolutions: H849 Introduced and referred to committee

  North Dakota

Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR3063 (passed house 52-40 on 04-07-09)

(passed senate 25-20 on 04-20-09 – returned to house, amended)

(passed House by voice vote on 04-27-09)



Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR11SCR13 Passed Senate, 19-12 on 09-29-09


Sovereignty Resolutions: HJR1003 (passed house on 02/18/09) (senate

 version  passed 25-17 on 03-04-09) (Joint version passed Senate,

29-18 on 04-15-09  – awaiting signuture of governor) (Vetoed by Gov)



Sovereignty Resolutions: HJM0017


Sovereignty Resolutions: HR95 SR51

  South Carolina

Sovereignty Resolutions: H3509 (passed house on 02-26-09) (senate –

referred to subcommittee)S-424


South Dakota

Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR1013 (passed house on 03-03-09 by a

vote of 51-18)  (passed senate on 03-05-09 by a vote of 20-14)



Sovereignty Resolutions: HJR108 (Senate version passed 31-0 on

 05-04-09)(Passed House 85-2 on 05-26-09) (Senate Passed HJR108

31-0 on 06-12-09) Signed by Gov. on 06-23-09



Sovereignty Resolutions: SCR-35SCR-39HCR-50 (05-19-09, HCR50

 returned to  committee) (HCR50 Passed committee on 05-20-09)

 (HCR50 passed 98-36 House on 05-30-09)



Sovereignty Resolutions: HR61


Sovereignty Resolutions: HJM4009

  West Virginia

Sovereignty Resolutions: HCR49


Sovereignty Resolutions: SR-6


Ten States have introduced legislation to protect the rights of gun owners. The leader in this movement was Montana, which was the first to exempt itself from any moves by Congress by passing a law saying any guns manufactured within the state, readily identifiable as so, and kept within the state, would not be subject to Congressional mandates. Tennessee followed promptly on it’s heels. Other states to introduce the same or similar legislation, according to the Tenth Amendment Center are: Alaska (HB 186), Florida (HB-21), Kentucky (HB87), Michigan (HB-5232), Minnesota (HF 2376), Missouri (HB1230), Ohio (HB-315), Pennsylvania (HB 1988), South Carolina (S. 794), Texas (HB 1863) and Utah (bill number not available).

Other examples of States fed up with Washington mandates are the 14 states which have passed medical marijuana laws, including Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington. 

Twenty five states have passed legislation opposing the REAL ID Act, although the federal government is not enforcing this act at the present time.

In regard to the Health Care Legislation currently being crammed down our throats by the President and Congress, six states have already introduced legislation to declare various provisions void within their states.

Five states have introduced legislation to allow the Governor of the state to recall their National Guard. Five states have also introduced legislation to nullify federal legal tender laws by authorizing payment in precious metal or paper note backed by such.

At some point, the Congress makes themselves irrelevant.

Recent presidents, including the current, have hastened this with the overuse of unconstitutional executive orders and czars, which Congress has done absolutely nothing to stop.

Committing acts of treason, should, by all rights hasten Congress’ suicide as well, although I see no one in power objecting to treasonist acts being committed.

While the people are objecting strongly, government and the media are pretending to be deaf and blind. Dumb, well, let’s see what happens in November 2010.

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4 Responses to “Circumventing Congress”

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Good points, but the minimum opposing Obamcare is 61% – and that was by the Far-left CNN poll. All the other polls were at least 70% and some higher than 85%.

While many states have moved to pass sovreignty resolutions, the will to back them up when the federal government tries to enforce it’s unconstitutional legislations. Remember that many laws currently on the books are dubious constitutionally and the states have largely allowed them, setting precedents that will play into supreme court challenges. It may be necessary to go further, how far will be determined by the resolve of the federal authorities to enforce these provisions. Another aspect to look at, the likelyhood that states with progressives in power will not resist despite laws to the contrary. The federal government will play a divide and conquer strategy.

This is a darned well written article. You managed to make powerful and salient points without letting your righteous anger pull down the power in your argument. This takes skill, this takes grace.

Bottom line… thanks for a good article.

Rev Michael Bresciani

You can include me in your rolls anytime.

Pennsylvania also has HB 2053 which preserves our right to contract with whom we choose for health care coverage

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