Our Mobster-Style Government

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After watching all the bribery, back door deal making, arm twisting, name calling and no doubt Chicago style blackmailing going on in Washington, DC during the Health Care “Reform” assault, something became perfectly clear.
This is how our government works – our government in action.
This is what has become “business as usual” in our nation’s capital and no doubt in many of our state houses as well.
Something else occurred to me. 
This must be why government is now pushing “card check” legislation to disallow secret ballots for unions.
Can you imagine what this country would look like if our businesses were run this way? Bribing, blackmailing, arm twisting or worse threats to workers who do not want to be extorted by the unions? We really would transform into corrupt third world country quickly.
The America we knew is quickly slipping away.
We must fight even harder. Nothing else must be allowed to pass in Washington, DC.  Our government is out of control. Our nation
is sure to follow if we don’t stop this run away train NOW !
Along with term limits and other MASSIVE needed reforms in government, the public needs to MANDATE the end of “canvasing the vote” in Congress. It’s nothing more than mobster style politics and it needs to stop!

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2 Responses to “Our Mobster-Style Government”

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For the last few days, the progressive dems have been stating on the congressinal floor and in the media, that republicans have not been cooperating in getting a health care bill passed and have only done everything to stand in it’s way. They fail to mention, that republicans have presented healthcare bill options and ideas and they have ALL been voted down. 100s of Amendments were introduced, all meaningful ones will voted down by the progressives.

Then, like you said, they citicized, ostracized, and bribed any democrat who stood in their way. Sounds more like the mob than Congress.

This is so true, as a life long union man I have seen unions become nothing but front for both corporations and the mob to run a corrupt shake down of the working class. Secret ballots are totally necessary as anyone who has any opposition to the establishment in a union is soon without a job for a corporation finds that a corrupt union is much easier to deal with than a good union. You only have to bribe the leadership and give them a little power to crush the membership and take all of the members power.

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