How Can They Catch Them When They Won’t Even Call Them What They Are?

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The system worked? Really?
Is he a terrorist? Even though the would be bomber claimed to be an operative of Al Qaeda, Napolitano says it would be inappropriate to speculate as to whether he is a terrorist or not ???
Let’s see, in a plane, attempting to ignite a bomb, from Nigeria, recently in Yemen, his family says he’s got Anti-American Islamic fundamentalist ties warns US of his intentions to commit a terrorist act. Sounds like a terroist to me.
Just as  Major Nidal Malik who, ironically, served on the Homeland Security Policy Institute Task Force, offering advice on the topic to President Obama, shot thirteen people at Fort Hood while shouting Allah Akbar, but the government said he should not be considered a terrorist. The Government stalled congressional investigation into the shooting, commencing only recently.
According to Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), there was a suggestion of links between Abdulmutallab and radical US-born Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Aulaqi, who had contacts with the US army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hassan, who killed 13 people at a Texas military base in November.

“He may have been in contact with the American imam al-Aulaqi,” Peter Hoekstra, the most senior Republican on the House Intelligence Committee and a member of Congress for Michigan, told AFP.

“There are reports that he had contact and that he was recently in Yemen. The question we’ll have to raise is was this imam in Yemen influential enough to get some people to attack the US again.”

But how long will it take the government to call a terrorist a terrorist?
After the incident on NW Flight 253, the bomber, subdued by passengers, was treated at the University of Michigan Burn Unit, a top notch facility many citizens can not afford to receive treatment at, was arraigned in a civilian court with taxpayer funded attorney’s. This on your dime, despite the fact he is from a wealthy Nigerian family and was caught in the act of attempting to blow up a plane filled with passengers. 
President Obama made a television appearence today, while enjoying a family vacation at a reportedly $4000 a night hide-away in Hawaii, to say he’s on it.
Then the President went back to golfing immediately following the public statement.
Apparently he looks for terrorists like OJ looks for the “real killers”.
Perhaps the government should spend less time worrying about taking away our liberties and start worrying about taking away terrorist’s liberties… just a suggestion.

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