Leftist 2010 Rally Cry: “Hide The Decline”

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What started with “Joe the Plumber” has turned out to be the modus operandi of the Obama Administration.
Shoot the messenger. Discredit your critics. Not to mention the blackmail and bribery for votes.
Sunday I read a piece at the HotAir blog that talked about how the left wing is now at war with Rathmussen due to recent poll results in which the President and his policies are tanking.  
At what point will the bullying stop?
First there was Joe, then Sarah, the beer summit fiasco (uggh), fox news. Then came “hide the decline” on job numbers, government spending, the economy, non-existent “global warming”.  Now there’s hide the truth from the American people on the socialist programs you and your friends are attempting to stuff down our throats.
When will you and your leftist friends realize if you have something to say, present the FACTS and let the people decide? That’s called Democracy. 
You call the patriots “Mobsters” and yet, TRUTH (you may have to pull the ol’ Webster for that one Mr. President) be told the left is now being run by nothing but a bunch of hoodlums, thugs, bullies, tax evaders, liars and cheats. 
 What you are doing is called FASCISM (look it up Mr. President). This is a REPUBLIC.
While the Patriot rally cry for 2010 is “Don’t Tread On Me”, the Progressive’s rally cry must then be “Hide the Decline”.
Man, if that’s what your expensive ivy league education and law degrees got you, glad I didn’t waste my money! Who were your professors? Hitler and Mussolini?
Here’s a thought, Mr. President – if you want better poll numbers, maybe you should listen to the people. That would require you to take off your RED colored glasses and put your American flag lapel pin on without wincing. But you think it’s easier to just squash free speech.
Guess Alinsky wasn’t such a genius after all, huh?

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3 Responses to “Leftist 2010 Rally Cry: “Hide The Decline””

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Many of us honestly feel that he has no right to that lapel pin.
Great Stuff, plainly said. Thanks

Well when you are a narcissist, you have to bully to try and keep up the facade.

I can’t even bring myself to call him “President”. He hasn’t proven he’s eligible for such a post, and his behaviour is more like that of a tyrranical dictator.

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