Is It Treason or Merely Theft? Our Congress in Action

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According to the New American, in an article by Bruce Walker entitled Defense Appropriation Bill Full of Pork the bill had 1720 different pieces of bacon in it, despite the fact our president promised not to let that happen. This is just another example of how Congress is being exceedingly irresponsible with our hard earned money and how the president does not mean to keep any of the promises of fiscal responsibility he made. It’s one assault on the taxpayer after another. The article also delineated some of the bacon found when Fox News analyzed the bill, including:
  •  $5 million for a visitors center in San Francisco
  •  $23 million for indigent health care in Hawaii
  •  $18 million for the Edward Kennedy Policy Institute in Massachusetts
  •  $1.6 million to computerize hospital records in Oakland
  •  $47 million for anti-drug training centers around the country
  •  $20 million for the World War II Museum in Louisiana
  •  $3.9 million to develop an energy-efficient solar film for buildings
  •  $2.4 million for handicap access and a sprinkler system at a community club in New York
Verum Serum did a column last week on the ten most ridiculous uses of our stimulus money. Just as noted, it provided ten blatantly abusive uses of our tax money from finding a study involving the sexual arousal in anesthetized female rats to nearly 3/4 a million dollars to develop a mechanized humor machine. These ten items named (there’s plenty more where they came from) costs us $65,691,072 and provided 19.79 jobs (that’s 3.3+ million per job). I have heard other stories where the calculation came out similarly.
Remember in the fall of 2008 when the first round of spending was passed through despite taxpayers vehement demand it didn’t? Remember the email that went around showing how much per capita that was and how much better things would be for everyone concerned if they just hand the money over to each taxpayer. Real jobs would have been created, homes would have been saved, cars would have been bought,etc… Obviously none of that is the actual plan behind the spending spree. Instead that money went to corporations who broke the law, all got fat cat bonuses despite lousy job performance and for which no progress was made.
The spending is beyond comprehension and totally outside any meaningful problem solving.
Yet, it continues. As does the incompetence of our government in action. has published lists of false zip code reporting regarding the stimulus money. That initial report of false districts being reported by was only the first in a long string of erroneous information put out by the government. They also have illuminated the worthless reasons for which our representatives have so recklessly stolen our money. For example:

In the spirit of the season, the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota sorted through newly available data and compiled a last minute list of stimulating gifts presented through the generosity of current and future taxpayers. Tis the season!

Franconia – $50,000 for a sculpture park:

The public may get in for free to view “Spitting Bazookas” among other sculptures at the outdoor Franconia Sculpture Park, but not the taxpayers, who also help foot the bill for special events on Earth Day, Summer Solstice and World Peace Day.


Willmar – $48,394 for surveillance cameras:

The “Police” warned us about watching “every breath you take and every move you make” and evidently authorities in Willmar are in tune with them. County and local law enforcement received stimulus funding for a high tech video surveillance system to monitor risky public areas and at least “increase public perception of security” in this west central Minnesota community.

Cloquet – $16,486 to monitor a Hell’s Angels rally:

When Hell’s Angels targeted Cloquet last summer, it evidently became a national security issue. Local authorities monitoring the 2009 Hell’s Angels USA rally in Cloquet billed for stimulus funding for the cost of overtime.

University of Minnesota – $190,464 to study sex reversal in mice:

When taxpayers were promised that economic stimulus funds would be spent only on the most critical public projects, few would have predicted that one of those projects would involve sex reversal in mice. But that’s exactly what the University of Minnesota received nearly $200,000 to study.

University of Minnesota – $230,280 for stop smoking outreach to the homeless:

The University of Minnesota received more than $230,000 not to combat the serious problem of homelessness, but instead to stop homeless people from smoking. The university’s plan involves distributing nicotine patches, transit passes, and debit cards to participants. In order to enhance participation in this study, the university intends to produce “attractive intervention materials.”

Burnsville – $208, 900 to implement new Sustainability Guide Plan and convert holiday lights to LED lighting:

Burnsville’s Sustainability Guide Plan is the result of a year-long process involving ten teams of consultants. But the really pricey part of this greenprint is implementing it. The city has acknowledged that its best chance to fund this plan lies outside the city’s coffers. That’s why they’ve sought grants, public/private partnerships and, of course, federal stimulus funds. With the Sustainability Guide Plan, Burnsville is modifying an old maxim: Think globally, act locally, fund federally.

St. Cloud – $798,396 to improve “reliever” airport with no commercial flights:

The St. Cloud Regional Airport is a self-described “reliever airport” for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.  But what’s to relieve? Though commercial airlines have curtailed daily passenger flights, civic leaders continue to go full throttle ahead in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in stimulus funding in hopes the airport takes off–someday.

Regency Beauty Institute – $4,573,458 for Pell grants:

An attractive financial package for qualifying students at beauty institutes administered by  Twin Cities-based Regency Corporation in Minnesota and several other states.

Or how about this:

The website,, reported $26.5 million going to ten New Mexico Congressional districts that do not exist. Those millions were credited with creating 61.5 jobs. Spadework by our Watchdog counterparts in other states showed a total of $6.4 billion reported as being allocated to 440 nonexistent, or “phantom,” Congressional districts.

Or this:

With the quarterly American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) data slated to be released soon, the most recent data from still has flaws, including funding for West Virginia zip codes which do not exist.

$28 million in stimulus funding is listed as going to four unknown zip codes: 26661, 26551, 24913, and 2119. The website lists funding by zip code. West Virginia Watchdog compared these zip codes to W.Va. zip codes. The zip codes that didn’t match up were ran though the U.S. Postal Service’s Zip Code Lookup.

Three other zip codes included in West Virginia’s data were actually Virginia zip codes: 24503, Lynchburg; 23601, Newport News; and 23505, Norfolk. Combined these three cities received $212,249.

And to add insult to injury, here’s a eye opening link to see how much your representatives and senators spent in 2009, while we were scrimping just to get by, on stuff like office equipment and food – from .

What they are doing is treasonist, purposeful crashing of our system. There’s no other way around it. Republicans and Democrats alike. I know the Republicans are playing “Angel” right now, but their halos are definitely crooked. Just remember who voted for the original bailout in fall of 2008.

I hear a lot of people saying there is nothing they can do. There is something an average citizen can do. They can pay attention. They can make calls, write emails and letters, they can even join political movements such as the tea party movement or others to take the country back.

There is an election this fall that can go a long way to a very good first step. If you choose not to run for office, make sure you put a few hours in to someone’s campaign that will help take our country back. If you can afford to donate to their campaign, do so. Especially important is to donate to campaigns who do not receive party money. The parties only fund sure winners. Keep that in mind. It’s bogus and another egregious slap in the face of the voter.

Apathy is your worst enemy no matter how frustrating the real world gets.

Make it your new year’s resolution to become a wide awake American, no matter what side of the fence you are on.

You may find our sister site helpful in tracking how government is spending your money.


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