Hopes Lie in Rubble

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What has happened in Haiti is terrible beyond words. My heart goes out to the people there and I wish them strength toward a quick recovery.
As I watched news coverage yesterday, something struck me. It reminded me of something I noticed during the aftermath of Katrina.
Many of those that thankfully made it through alive and well were just hovering on the street, and some were looting. Perhaps as many as hundreds of thousands of people lay buried in the rubble. The looters went into the buildings to take, stepping over dead bodies along the way. The people were asking for help and help is coming.
The looters were not the norm, but just the ever present segment of society waiting to perch upon people at their lowest. Unfortunately it is a universal phenomenon.
The majority stood awestruck in disbelief at what had, in a blink of an eye, happened to them, their families and their country. Families huddled together trying to console one another.
But, just as in Katrina it seemed they were reluctant to give aid to themselves. Perhaps it was shock.
I felt compassion toward these people, but merely wondered why they were not helping to find people who may still be alive or helping remove debris where needed, especially where there may be live people under that rubble. Perhaps, I thought they could help in providing minor medical aid to those who require it, or comfort a child who can not locate their parents. Instead the videos showed people merely gathering in the street looking on.
In the aftermath of Katrina we saw the same behavior. Many who were fully capable of helping with the clean up or helping with the injured, etc.. did nothing. As a matter of fact, there are the unforgettable videos of some criticizing the government who warned them, blatantly, they needed to leave and if they chose to stay they would be on their own for days awaiting aid. They stayed, and blamed the government for what happened to them during and after the storm. I have not yet seen that in Haiti.
I don’t believe our government handled the Katrina situation well, either, for the record. That’s another issue.
The pictures coming out of Haiti were different today. Just as it took several days for some, and I mean literally, only some, residents to share what they had left in the way of food, supplies, energy after Katrina, some Haitian residents came forward today. Some were handing out prepared rice to people for nourishment, some were helping pull people, alive and dead, out of the rubble. They had reclaimed their country, despite this latest terrible setback. They were beginning to take responsibility, not for the tragedy they had no control over, but rather where to go from this point forward. It seems, perhaps, the shock of it all was starting to wear off and the rebuilding of their lives had begun. We should all help in any way possible.  
My point is that most often the help you need lies at the end of your own arms and in your own heart. The world will follow. My biggest fear for Haiti, is those in charge. The government there is known for it’s corruption. Just as we have seen in other developing countries around the globe, those in power have a tendency to usurp what rightfully belongs to the people.
In no means to belittle the tragedy in Haiti, or in Katrina, I must say it reminds me of the inner cities here in America. The able bodied lie in wait for the Calvary to come. The Calvary is over rated. Take a look at the mismanagement involved when ever government is in control. It staggers the mind. Yet, many rely solely upon it, instead of their own efforts and abilities.
That’s the direction our country will head if the current administration has their way. 
For years the left has taught their warped version of history in our schools, has dumbed the people down and attempted to instill a sense of entitlement to them. Made them feel helpless, hopeless. Blighted surroundings and blighted spirit will do that.
Just as there has been massive amounts of abuse in the inner cities regarding funds relinquished in order to rebuild, to revamp, to renew, there are massive amounts of money on it’s way to Haiti. My fear is money earmarked for the people goes to the corrupt politicians and gang chiefs. The people are left to suffer.
I pray that is not the case for the people of Haiti.
I pray the trend reverses here at home, too.  I see nothing but the opposite with the current administration. Hope and change – not so much. Hoax and change is much more like it.
Corrupt governments do not work. Socialist, fascist governments do not work. Yet, so many who have been abused by their misplaced trust will, no doubt suffer more, if the current Washington agenda is not stopped. We need to educate those who see no other road. Freedom, not slavery, is the only way to achieve self-love and self-confidence. True hope comes from within but can be nurtured and fostered by society.
Haiti is a republic, and was the first independent nation in Latin America, gained by a successful slave rebellion. In recent times, however, Haiti has been ridden with corruption and greed on the part of the government. Very much akin to the inner cities here in America. Where there were once great shinning trophies of success as a result of self reliance and entrepreneurship, now lies rubble and distress.
If you are financially able to provide assistance to those in Haiti, who will need our help for years going forward, please visit  state.gov or www.cidi.org or of course, the Red Cross . In any case, please pray for them. Pray too for those in our inner cities to find the help they need within to reclaim and rebuild as well.

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