Nothing is sacred to the left

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Democrats wonder why they lost the election in Massachusetts Tuesday. Apparently they have either lost the ability to comprehend or have taken loss of both their vision and hearing. I am not sure which it is. Clearly, there is a disconnect somewhere.
The left has spent the last forty eight hours finger pointing when they should have just shut up and take notice. When it was best advised to show contrition for their overbearing, unconstitutional and criminal behavior, they instead continued their suicidal path.
I found it interesting that on election day, knowing they stood almost no chance to win in Massachusetts, Rolling Stone, typical of other left leaning publications, printed stories underlining my point:By all appearances, Democrats are poised to lose their 60 vote super majority on the staggering weakness of Martha Coakley and the Worst Campaign Ever. Indeed, Coakley’s top campaign adviser, venting precriminations, has all but conceded defeat. Her competitor, the hunky former Cosmo centerfold Scott “I Drive a Truck” Brown has run a flawless campaign, using man-of-the-people populism to mask his narrow partisan ideology.

Give me a break.. and you wonder why you lost. Maybe it’s because hard working, tax paying Americans are sick and tired of being the object of your third grade bully mentality. Maybe it’s because we are tired of being the brunt of your jokes. Maybe we’re tired of living by the overburdensome rules elitist politicians place on us while doing any damn thing they please, legal or not.

No, they think it’s because their candidate let them down. They say we’re the dumb ones. 

While voters were casting votes for Scott Brown, they were having closed door meetings on how to continue to circumvent the voters wishes without a filibuster proof majority. Wonder why they lost?????

Further evidence of case in point are the following incidences occurring during the election: 

 Signs ordinance in Massachusetts regarding election signs is the requirement they be no closer to the entrance to polling places than 150′. Really, As posted at, there were numerous RECORDED instances of signs for Coakley placed in immediate proximity to the polling place entrance… but this one takes the cake!

And how’s this for polite and civil behavior? Apparently this reporter is not one of their paid flunkies:

More seriously, this woman is handing out absentee ballots on the street (illegal) with instructions to vote for Coakley, of course.

Also interesting was this press release from the day PRIOR to the election from the Coakley office. Really? Why are people receiving ballots prior to election day?

(obviously this is most likely bogus allegations which were released prematurely- insert your own punch line here)

Newsreal blog reported this Monday:

The most disgraceful thing is happening!

Pro-lifers are receiving phone calls from people claiming to be Mass Citizens.  The callers say that Mass Citizens is not supporting Scott Brown because of his position on health care!

The truth is that Mass Citizens is supporting Brown because of his position on health care!  

These deceitful calls are coming from 202-461-3441, a Washington, DC number.  The phone company says this is a company called SOOH.  Pro-lifers are not the only victims of this scam.  Our MCFL sleuths have found that this same number is calling people across the state claiming to be different groups with different messages – all anti-Brown!

America is watching and will now take cameras and cell phones to the polling place with them as a matter of course. Patriots will distribute phone numbers to call to report voter fraud or any irregular occurrences. We will no longer allow this. Those holding office such as Secretary of States or Federal Election Commission personnel should take notice- we will not allow you to shove these actions done purposely and with malice into your circular files. We ARE taking our country back and in our country, elections are sacred.

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