Promises and Lies

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President Obama’s State of the Union Address, well, many adjectives come to mind.
Some portions were encouraging, some were uplifting. While I found many parts laughable, they were almost outnumbered by those which I found nauseating. Especially troubling were those which evoked the Constitution, the founding fathers, American values in the context of government and common sense in government.
Give me a break. As if they had been paying attention to any of that over the last year.
I must say the speech writers did an excellent job, deserving of “fiction writers of the year” nod, to be sure.
Mr. Obama encouraged Dems not to run for the hills and said Republicans would have to learn to work with the Democrats. (eye roll) He also touted his attempts at open government and transparency.
They really do think we’re stupid. My God.
For those who were involved in our little pools here, the following were the official tallies:
119 “I” or “me” references
44 Jump ups to applaud for Pelosi
I did not count “we”s as they were not part of the pool, however, he said that word over 200 times (averaging about every tenth word). No doubt to avoid the “I” / “me” thing he has taken a lot of heat for.
Thank God it wasn’t a drinking game, we would all surely have alcohol poisoning. Also, Thank God I didn’t have to count lies, misrepresentations or half-truths.

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Pelosi reminded me of an organ grinder’s monkey when she would jump up and clap. She has been well trained.

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