The Narcissist Speaks

Posted on January 27, 2010. Filed under: General Info |

Ok..132 times in the Ohio speech,  so for tonight’s state of the union address, how many times do you think the President will say I or me? My guess is 120. What’s yours? (leave comment)


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32 Responses to “The Narcissist Speaks”

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My guess is 200.

Hmmm, I’ll say 102 times he’ll pay homage to himself. I wonder if he needs chiropractic treatment after A long speech with the teleprompter, his Mussolini muscles should be real strong by now.

Pam I think you came closest I counted 101 times.

@tlephew says 120 sounds pretty accurate, maybe I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt and say 95. Probably a mistake, right?

143, my guess is 119.

912 Truck

Hey, I’ll bet on 99.5 (.5 when he stops himself in mid -stream)- HeHe… HOWEVER… Let me know who gets the closest (after me) and I’ll mail you a free sticker from 🙂 Kayte

Count me in. I say 157 ’cause he’s got a lot of ‘splainin’ he needs to do.

I’m gonna say 85, since he’s been called on it so much lately, tOTUS probably will avoid it as much as possible, however I’m already so steamed at the previews I may not make it through. I will tune back in for our Governor, however.

Im guessing 1 hour and 15 minutes at 3.5 references per minute is 262.5 times. Im counting “I”, “me”, “us” and “we” when by context it means BHO.

188. Long speech new record.

Since his speech is over an hour long, I bet 300 times.
Who’s keeping score?
Between speech bingo & speech drinking game, it might be easy to lose count. LOL.

Speech drinking game? did Jo Anne just say drinking game? mmm mmm mmm Make mine Mountain Dew!

i’m going with 222. it’s a long speech tonight! thanks for the safe alternative to the drinking game!

I’m going to say 187x he’ll mention himself…

Put me down for 196 I/me references tonight.

Ill take 22 jump ups 🙂

My guess is 45…I have a feeling someone has told him LOL

Mae wants a poll of how many times Pelosi will stand up to applaud, too. LOL.. I say 14, I think Mae said 22

Oh sorry 22 jumpups and 113 “I I Is”

She reminded me of an organ grinder’s monkey


Yes, she was doing her Jolly Jump Ups again last night, watching the monitor for her Que to hop up.
She is so very annoying to watch, sucking her teeth and that perpetual plastic smile on her face.
I wish I could pie her in the face like the Canadian Politician got the other day from some PETA woman.
Reid was falling asleep because he’s heard the same campaign speech over and over, again and again from Obama.

One hour and nine minutes. Mentioned “I” “we” and “us” (meaning BHO and h is adminstration) 221 times or 3.2 times per minute. There was a one minute when he did not refer, and another two minute period when he did not refer.

Following the official transcript released as the speach started, he tended to ad-lib extra words more as the speach went on. By my count he used the euphimism for “I’m about to lie to you” at least three times.

Rofl Ralph

Here’s the pre-speach transcript of what he was going to say….

Pam L was the closest. He said I 101 times.

speech, not speach….duh

See post Promises and Lies for official actual count pool results

How many lies did he tell?

Obama = I, Me, Mine, My, unless it’s the deficit:)

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