Calling all Patriots

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On November 9th, 2008, after the election of President Obama and during the transition, Rahm “Rahmbo” Emanuel made the following comment on a television interview with George Stephanopoulos:

“President Obama is very clear, as you look at his career, both in the state senate, U.S. Senate, and the campaign, that we have to govern in a bipartisan fashion, and if you look at the way his campaign is run and also the ideas, he has always said that we have to be bipartisan. The challenges are big enough that there’s going to be an ability for people of both parties, as well as independents, to contribute ideas to help meet the challenges on health care, energy, tax reform, education. So that is the tone. That is the policy. And that is exactly how we’re going to go forward.”

It has been “tell the American people one thing while doing the opposite” since this administration started their campaign. Let’s not forget that those important to the campaign, nearly without fail, were given key positions in the administration. They act as if they are still campaigning now.

President Obama in his State of the Union Address blamed everyone but himself for his failures and pledged to continue on his path. He did accept responsibility for not talking to the American people enough. So apparently, just as the Dems made back door deals to bribe crooked politicians for their votes, he will be bribing the American people as well. He has made a threat and apparently means to carry through with it. We either support him and his policies or he will continue to monopolize television on a daily basis, with a preference for 5pm, no doubt. I thought he wasn’t for torture, or was that just another empty campaign promise?

The fact is it’s looking as if things in Washington are going to get worse before they get better. Just because we won one seat in the senate, does not mean things will be easier for us going forward. With crucial elections this fall, it is imperative everyone who is concerned with the direction our federal government needs to get involved to make a difference. The Obama machine is already organizing for elections. They have ads in Craigslist, etc.. hiring their “grass roots” cogs to grease the wheels. They have the names, phone numbers and emails of everyone who pledged or donated to Obama and will be calling them adnauseam, no doubt.

I am asking you to do your homework then tell your friends what you know. Check all the candidates out. Know their history by looking up actual facts and NOT by believing what they tell you or what those asinine television ads say.

Organize, join the campaign of the person you believe in. Work the phone bank and spread your knowledge of why this person is a good candidate for the people.

Please do not take shortcuts. The future of the country is too important.

We will put up instructions tomorrow and leave them up until Monday night on HOW to look up information on these people; on HOW to find out what your elected officials were REALLY doing. Please stop by sometime between Friday night at ten and Monday night at ten to spend ten minutes or so to find out HOW and WHERE to get the HONEST answers you need going forward. Please, spread the word on this primer over the weekend too. We will make it easy for you to get the information, but you have to do the rest. We need all hands on deck to turn this country back around later this year.

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One Response to “Calling all Patriots”

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In my opinion, if Obama is able to get his so-called, comprehensive Immigration Reform, a.k.a., AMNESTY before 2010 elections and especially by the 2012 elections, it will cause an enormous imbalance.
I grew up in Los Angeles County and don’t remember any non-Democrat Latino(a)s ever.
So, I’m going to be working on stopping another Amnesty like the one in the 80’s that really opened the flood gates and I call, ‘Shamnesty’.
I’m going to keep a close watch on your blog to get tips for anything else I can learn how to do to help stop the Chicago (UN-Agenda 21) Way Administration though!

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