Elitism – Your True Enemy

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Super Bowl Democracy: One of Us Is Better Than Most of Them

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Many pass up videos posted, but please, take ten minutes to listen. The video linked above is a brilliant presentation from Bill Whittle.
Take to heart what he is saying regarding elitists and hold it true. Elitists feel we are inferior and therefore, they need to make decisions for us. Hence the nanny state we now live in.
At Thursday’s prayer breakfast, the President used the opportunity, once again, to look down his nose in mockery at American citizens.
His points on Jefferson, Lincoln, Reagan illuminate the point of elitist presidents vs presidents who believed in the will of the people. These men respected and admired the intelligence, wit and ingenuity of the American citizen. They carried themselves as servants to a free people.
All other nations on earth have traditionally been ruled by elitists which is why America found it so easy to become the forerunner in so many fields. Those days are numbered if not already gone.
You only have to watch Fox News to see another example…not in their news presentation, or even their commentary. Look at Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. Bill O’Reilly, a former professor, is an elitist. Notice how he has been much more forgiving toward Barack Obama than many of his viewers? Do you notice how he treats Glenn Beck? He feels he is much more superior and touts Glenn as the “every man” and does so in a condescending manner. O’Reilly likes to refer to us as “the folks” and while he professes to “look out for you”, he has done nothing regarding the theft of constitutional government nor impingement on our rights as citizens. Note, too, that by labeling us “the folks” he clearly distances himself as not being of that ilk. O’Reilly knew he no longer appealed to a segment of his base and it is my contention he asked Beck to do his “Bold and Fresh” tour (you’ll note it is the name of HIS book) in order to forego the embarrassment of not having sold out crowds. Glenn Beck, the so called “Every Man” has no trouble selling out his audiences. Glenn says O’Reilly has been nothing but nice, but what’s he supposed to say? On Wednesday’s show I believe, Beck asked O’Reilly to do a segment on his show. While Beck has been doing segments weekly for nearly a year on O’Reilly, Bill could not even lower himself to walk down the hall to appear on Beck’s – he did it “by satellite”.
This example shines another light as well. While O’Reilly was entrenched, and still is, in the number one spot on cable “news”, Glenn Beck became a threat instantaneously upon joining the Fox Team. When good people rise up, just as did Scott Brown, and speak and ACT for the common man, their success if virtually insured due to the limited number of figureheads who truly represent us.
The reason this is important is the elitists have stolen our media, our education system and are in the process of stealing our country. If this is not the road you choose to go down any, should this not surpass party loyalty as the number one criteria in choosing candidates for everything from school board to president?
So many otherwise good citizens do not bother to vote on local school board elections, nor do they do their homework regarding candidates running for the boards of our universities. That is no longer acceptable as it is the education system which has been used as their greatest weapon against us.
My children are grown, however, I can honestly say if I had children in school, I would insist they attend a conservative charter school or I would home school them at this point. Our education system is an embarrassment to our morals and ideals as Americans. I did not realize when they were in school two decades ago, they were, even then, not being taught our history. Unfortunately, I became aware too late and despite what we as parents tell them now, in many cases we are met with an “eye roll”. What we espouse goes against what their basic and their higher education has taught them, and since we are merely their parents and not an honored professor, we are the ones who must prove what we say.
I had often wondered why so many professions, hands on type work, now require a college degree. It’s superfluous to say the least and offers no real insight into the profession at hand. Now I get it. I finally understand. The elite are mandating the brainwashing which occurs at most colleges and universities in our country. It’s that simple.
If left to our own devices, we would most assuredly follow the common sense theology so despised by elitists. What’s the best way to thwart that? The literal brainwashing that comes at the hands of the elite.
Now you understand why it is important to not only vote with knowledge for school board elections, but to actually run for the seats yourself.
As far as Scott Brown goes, let’s hope he’s smart enough to hold true to the ideals which got him to Washington. The question you may ask your elected officials is: Are you my actual representative, or do you just play one on TV?

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