Follow-up On Council of Governors Nominees

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Over the weekend we discussed the Council of Governors Execuitive Order and the list of nominees presented by the Obama Administration, with a promise to highlight salient points found regarding these nominees.

Governor James H. Douglas, Appointee for Co-Chair, Council of Governors

State of the State Address 01/07/2010

My take on Gov. Douglas, a Republican, is that he walks the line of the fiscal conservative, failing to commit to these principles whole heartedly. While he condemns recent tax hikes passed by his legislature, he calls for a partial rollback but also calls for ways to siphon some of the money into his ideas for the state. He seems to support many of the left leaning goals such as climate change, health care reforms, government mandates and collectivism. It is odd to me no position papers were issued by the candidate or the governor, and no issue data could be found. That automatically raises suspicions for me, especially since he is a 59 year old career politician. Mmmm. There were things I agreed with in his speech, but here are the things that sounded alarm bells in my head:
Today, that work is far from done. In these uncertain times, we must transform our public and economic framework by redesigning how we deliver state services and refocusing efforts to create jobs and ensure economic security for Vermonters. Out of necessity and because it is the right thing to do, we must act now to write the next chapter in the proud history of Vermont.
…I’ve seen, time and again, the will of Vermonters to change, reform and make better this great state. I’ve seen what can be accomplished when we work together, putting the public good before self interest. Indeed, the last decade has been full of such accomplishments.
…Vermont’s commitment to our natural resources is unwavering. The Clean and Clear Action Plan is a model for how government, citizen groups, farmers and others can work together to reduce pollution in our waterways. We’ve led on climate change by partnering with other northeastern states in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. And we were the first state to join California in adopting more stringent standards for automobile emissions, ultimately forcing the federal government to follow our lead. Our environmental leadership is a source of pride that sets us apart and gives us a leg-up in the green economy.
…Thanks to our head start, Vermont has been well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act — ARRA. While other states asked for planning funds, Vermont sought and won major federal grants for technology implementation. With nearly $70 million in ARRA funds, plus an additional $120 million in investment by Vermont utilities, we are building a high-capacity, fiber-optic backbone that enables next generation innovations to take root and grow in our state.

…Part of this backbone is our Smart Grid — a breakthrough in energy conservation. The Smart Grid will help families save on electric bills by knowing the best time to use appliances. Businesses will cut costs by choosing to operate equipment when it is least expensive. And Vermonters will be prepared to take advantage of new technologies — such as electric cars — to cut emissions and clean our air.

Governor Chris Gregoire, Appointee for Co-Chair, Council of Governors
 Ms. Gregoire is a Democrat. Based on her position papers, the governor appears to follow the philosophy of the left in many aspects. To her credit, she appears to be strong on security, however.
Governor Luis G. Fortuño, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors
A former Republican turned member of the New Progressive Party, he was educated in Virginia and Washington DC. To his credit, he has fully supported ACT for America agenda to strengthen American ideals, Not a lot of information was available for Gov. Fortuno.
Governor Brad Henry, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors

Gov. Henry is a pro-gun rights Democrat. Political
courage test results indicate his views are limited pro-choice, for increased spending in education and health care, for government social engineering through tax structure (extra taxes on cigarettes, gasoline, etc). He also appears to be fairly tough on crime, although he does advocate for increased training for inmates. In my opinion, available political courage test results appear to show he is a strong believer in government spending as a way to address problems.
Governor Robert F. McDonnell, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors
A Republican and former military man, Gov. McDonnell is strongly pro-gun, pro-life, pro-Christian and pro-business. Gov. McDonnell is for government spending scrutiny, cutting tax burdens, anti-death tax, and tough on crime.
Governor Jeremiah W. (Jay) Nixon, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors
A Pro-ACORN, Pro-UN, pro-tax Democrat, his noted positions appear fairly weak on defense. To his credit, he appears tough on crime. Other positions appear to indicate he is a believer in the green agenda, social engineering (particularly affirmative action programs), appears to favor government intervention over personal liberties (especially regulation of nicotine as a drug and mandates on gun ownership), pro-rights for illegals.
Governor Martin O’Malley, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors
Limited information appears to show O’Malley as a pro-government, pro-green Democrat. Governor O’Malley, for Mayor of (notoriously corrupt) Baltimore, has severely limited information donation to VoteSmart. He does serve the National Governors Association Special Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety and is big into cyber-security issues.
Governor Beverly Eaves Perdue, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors
A supposed moderate, and pro-ACLU Democrat, Gov. Perdue is also limited pro-choice, pro-affirmative action, pro-government, but does appear to be tough on crime. On most issues she seems to tow the liberal line, however, she does appear to favor most gun rights and she does espouse cutting capital gains, property and grocery taxes. Lawyers appear to favor her, contributing large amounts to her campaign.
Governor M. Michael Rounds, Appointee for Member, Council of Governors
A pro-gun, pro-business Republican, he has a very limited pro-choice stance on abortion, and tows the Republican agenda line fairy consistently. He is in favor of cutting both capital gains and income taxes.
Overall, based on the limited amount of information readily available, it would appear the Council of Governors veers somewhat left, not surprising as they are appointed by the Obama administration. I do find hope in the inclusion of Governor McDonnell of VA, however.
None the less, the Council must be watched closely, especially contributions made to recommendations for changes to public safety and homeland security laws. As with the current House and Senate, the majority are left leaning, pro-government liberals, which may not bode well for our personal liberties.
Also troublesome to me is that these nominees did not feel compelled to share positions with the voters through disclosure of their personal views. I realize that’s American Politics today, which is why websites like this and are necessary.




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3 Responses to “Follow-up On Council of Governors Nominees”

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Do the govenors have to correspond to each of the FEMA districts? Cuz there is a govenor for each of the 10 regions… except region 5.

Governor Gregoire is a Far-Left Dem. She’s implementing Cap and Trade regulations here at the State level and promoted the Progressive nightmare that was proposition 4 in Eastern Washington, a leftist temperature test that was, thankfully, squashed by the voters in Spokane. We Washingtonians refer to her as “Governor GARGOYLE”. She’s a far-left nightmare for conservatives in more ways than one.

As long as government defies the Constitution to maintain credit-‘money’, ALL the Politicos MUST succumb to increasingly cruel imposition on The People’s labor. The exit from certain ruin could be adopted immediately if not for their delusional intransigence.

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