Destroying American Society and The Middle Class

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Recently I came across the following list posted at the Mark Levin Show website:

10 Steps To Destroying American Society

  1. Rewrite the Constitution and break down its firewalls through Judicial and Bureaucratic fiat.  
  2. Concentrate all meaningful power in the Federal Government.  
  3. Suppress and Repress the Individual by attacking his Unalienable Rights through laws and constant torment.  
  4. Eliminate Private Property through Confiscatory Taxation and Regulation and wage constant war against Business Enterprises and Entrepreneurs.  
  5. Control Institutions of Education at all levels and turn them into Indoctrination Centers for the State.  
  6. Change the Citizenry by opening National Borders to virtually all comers and changing the qualifications for Citizenship to include mostly poor, uneducated illegal aliens.  
  7. Destroy the Private Financial Institutions that have funded the Greatest Production and Accumulation of Wealth for the Most People the World has ever known.  
  8. Destroy Capitalism and replace it with Redistributive Policies by Destroying the currency and Replacing it with a new currency or Revaluing the old currency.  
  9. Eliminate American Sovereignty through arrangements and agreements with Foreign Countries and International Bureaucracies.  
  10. Use American Foreign Policy not to improve American Economic and National Security, but to advance the Notion of One Government Globalism.
As you can see by reading the list, they are well on their way to succeeding. There are a few other points I can add to this list that were not addressed. It is these that finally made citizens see clearly what was happening was not a figment of their imagination.
Most average, middle class Americans had maintained the majority of their wealth in their home and in their 401K / IRA. That was a well known and indisputable fact. In accordance with their agenda to eradicate the middle class, thereby concentrating all wealth and power in the elite class, it was important to hit us where it counted.
As most American middle class people are busy attending to their jobs, their family activities and obligations, and so forth, they merely needed to manufacture exuberance followed by a crash. They did that successfully in first the investment market with the dotcom bubble on the immediate heels of a huge baby boomer retirement influx. In no way could that have been mere coincidence. They engineered NAFTA to facilitate a large number of boomers retiring by including temporary penalties for those who retired during the first few years of the agreement, thereby forcing anyone who was planning on retiring in that time frame to do so in 1999. Then boom. Then again just a few years ago, after lulling investors back into the market. Boom again. These two corruption driven occurrences stole half of the middle class 401K wealth accumulation, forcing many into precarious positions.
As for housing, many in the industry tried to warn what was happening and it fell on deaf ears. Conversely, government leadership was touting how sound our housing industry was.  Loans were being made on false pretense with no regard for soundness or security of the loan. Loans were being bundled, but not in like bundles and classed for investors, as was typical historically, but cut into slivers and all manner of investment quality, improperly classed as top notch investments and sold WORLD WIDE. Again, this was purposeful, planned deceit. That’s crucial to realize.
As a professional in the housing industry, I noticed something incredibly wrong. In summer 2006, while everything was fine in most areas of the country, the national evening news, led by NBC, of course, started to lead with stories of a housing bubble in Washington DC. Anyone who has ever been involved with real estate knows “all real estate is local”. This story was not presented on only the national news, however, as the local affiliates started to carry the story. It was not a one night deal, but hammered home over the next several months on both national broadcast companies and their local affiliates. Although the bubble was in the DC market, media presented it as if all homeowners nationwide should be concerned. Localized bubbles are commonplace after run-ups in pricing due to supply/demand conditions, as was the case in Washington DC.  Instead of reporting the news, media purposely drove the news. It was, in all honesty, an all out assault on the American people led by government and by media. It is very important that be understood by all, going forward.  Also important is that private enterprise control (both the Fed and Fannie/Freddie) were whole heartedly complicit in a manufactured housing crisis which has caused many families to loose their homes or to be in fear of loosing their homes.
The only thing left for them to hit us on is our jobs and they are doing that nicely. It started blatantly with NAFTA and has continued full speed. Although the country should have been concentrating on employment issues for the last several years, they have feigned their attempts through spending sprees disguised as job creation. They are doing it again now. The more people who are unemployed, underemployed, or are now in retirement without funds to provide for themselves, the faster they can move ahead to socialization of the United States followed quickly by global governance. It’s that simple.
Why do government and media downplay the Tea Party movement? Why do they downplay the Constitution? Why do government and the media constantly attack our 1st and 2nd amendment rights? They know that is our saving grace. It is the same reason they must attack religion.  
I wish I could tell you that by fighting this battle diligently we will take our country back this fall. That would be a lie. We must continue, I’m afraid, to fight this battle for decades to come and to instruct our children and grandchildren how to fight it as well. The next time you attend a protest, take them with you. Show them how it is done and explain to them this is their right, their obligation, the price they must pay for freedom.

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One Response to “Destroying American Society and The Middle Class”

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I agree I am fighting by your side sire…
I am sick of our government’s blind ambition that’s oppressing us, and using us. We have an internal prison, they have used police for some time now to imprison “us in our own homes,” and prevent us from acting free i am sick of our government! Sick of our laws- have you listened to a scanner police make me sick they’re like programed robots, just like our military people and one day they’re going to tell them to kill us all, and I hope and pray that day don’t come. Because something else is watching us too. “and they know that to. I wouldn’t put it past these lunatics. You have done a great job warning people- keep up the good work..

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