Generation WE or Generation I for indoctrinated?

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First came the Dear Leader Chronicles during the election and inauguration, then news broke on “The Story of Stuff”, the Obama presentation to school children, the We Serve project,  Americorps indoctrination of youth, and the “sleep with someone to influence their opinion on health care” fiasco. Lastly the NEA endorsing “Rules for Radicals’ on their recommended books for students list. Here we go again. Generation WE.
From their website:
The presidential election is only the first step. The second step is encapsulated on the website that gives young voters and organizations practical organizing tools, from fifteen minute activism to weekend projects and legislation.

WE also has a new website that they say “is the beginning of a community to enable the Millennial Generation to mobilize and continue their important political engagement:


“(Millennials) have emerged as a powerful political and social force. As the largest generation in history, they are independent – politically, socially, and philosophically – and are spearheading a period of sweeping change in America and around the world. One only has to look as far as the Obama phenomena to understand that. In the latest quarter of fundraising alone, a staggering 128,000 students donated to his campaign.  

We are happy to announce that we have released Generation We: How American Youth Are Taking Over America and the World Forever and all of the research that went into it FREE as open source at It’s the open-source publishing model that makes Generation We a landmark for the information industry. Physical copies are available through bookstores and online. It’s a unique approach that sacrifices profit to make the ideas as accessible as quickly and broadly as possible.

This map, posted on their site, proves where their interest lies and why they are a danger to the future of our country and to our youth. They are part of the socialist left and their goal is pure indoctrination.  Please talk to your children and grandchildren. Tell them they must think for themselves. Explain things are not always what they seem. Teach them history.
I am begging the 912ers, C4L and other constitutional organizations throughout the country to hold free constitution instruction classes for our youth. We need to deprogram the youth of this country as quickly as possible. As well, I would encourage parents to pull their children from public schools, opting for charter schools that will teach them the facts regarding our history, parochial schools that will do the same, or where possible, home schooling. They are stealing our future right under our noses. It is important, too, that if you are paying to send your child to college, you send them to a conservative college such as, here in Michigan, Hope College or Hillsdale College.
Wake up America, this is no longer politics, but out and out indoctrination. This is philosophical WAR. What will you do to stop it??

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Great post! Glad I could help. The electoral map is just crazy and left me speechless.

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