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I had shown you parts of this previously, but want you to see this whole document. This just makes me first, realize how clueless these people are, and second, angry and third, sad to see what this country has become.


TO: 2010 Senate Campaign Managers

FR: Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

DT: January 26, 2009

RE: Time-sensitive tracking goals to get Republicans on record


Public opinion polls show that voters continue to hold negative views of the Republican Party, and strongly disapprove of the approach that the Republicans in Congress are taking on issues. Republicans want to run away from their records and their positions, but the key to Democratic success in 2010 is not to let them do so, and to make sure that voters understand that this election is a choice between two alternatives.

In nearly every Senate race, deep divisions within the Republican Party have materialized as Republican primary challenges and energetic third party groups. Together, these pressures are driving Republican candidates to the right and out of the mainstream of your state’s electorate. We believe pinning down all Republican candidates on their positions on a spectrum of issues will be critical in framing the general election campaign.

Given the pressure Republican candidates feel from the extreme right in their party, there is a critical – yet time-sensitive –- opportunity for Democratic candidates. We have a finite window when Republicans candidates will feel susceptible to the extremists in their party. Given the urgent nature of this dynamic, we suggest an aggressive effort to get your opponents on the record.

Voters are understandably angry and frustrated with the pace of change in Washington – but the last place they want to go is a return to the policies that got us here in the first place. To that end, it is incumbent upon your campaign to build the case that electing your opponent will mean a return to economic approach that nearly drove us off a cliff.

This is not about blaming the Republicans. This is about making sure voters understand the differences between the two parties. There are three goals for this project:

A. Trap your likely opponent(s) into supporting the very policies that created this economic recession. You are accumulating the evidence to later assert they want to turn back to the economic policies that created this recession.

B. Create sufficient pressure for your moderate opponents to be forced to weigh in on the positions of your far right opponents. For example, Rand Paul denies that the president is a United States citizen. Trey Grayson should be pressured into stating whether or not he believes the same.

C. Equally important as holding them accountable for positions outside the mainstream is holding them accountable for standing on the side of the special interests in Washington and corporate interests. This election will likely turn into a choice between Republicans who are standing with Wall Street fat cats, bankers and insurance companies – or Democrats who are working hard to clean up the mess we inherited by putting the people’s interests ahead of the special interests.


Economic Policies Bush tax cuts: Did you support the Bush tax cuts passed in 2001 and 2003? Do you support extending the tax cuts for the wealthiest that received them, which are currently set to expire after 2010? Flat Tax: Do you support a national flat tax, or the fair tax? Corporate Taxes: Do you support closing corporate tax loopholes such as tax benefits for corporations that send U.S. jobs overseas?

Labor Minimum Wage Increase: Do you support an increase in the minimum wage? Wages: Did you support passage of the Fair Pay Act of 2009?

Health Care Health Care: Do you believe that health care reform should be repealed? Which parts of the bill would you throw out?

The closing of the donut hole in Medicare part D

The elimination of preexisting conditions

Minimum coverage standards

Subsidies for families to buy insurance

Tax credits for small businesses

Education Department of Education: Do you believe the U.S. Department of Education should be eliminated?

National Security Iran: Do you support a military invasion of Iran? Torture: Do you believe that the U.S. military and intelligence agencies should employ torture tactics during interrogations?

Seniors Social Security: Do you believe social security should be privatized?


Do you believe that Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen?

Do you think the Tenth Amendment bars Congress from issuing regulations like minimum healthcare coverage standards?

Do you think programs like Social Security and Medicare represent socialism, and should never have been created in the first place?

Do you think President Obama is a socialist?

Do you think America should return to a gold standard?

Corporate and Special Interests

Do you support the recent Supreme Court decision affirming runaway corporate spending in elections?

Do you support the President’s proposal to tax Wall Street banks to recoup taxpayer funds?

Do you support the Democratic congressional proposals to hold financial institutions accountable with meaningful financial regulatory reform?


The first step is to identify what issues your opponent has taken a stance on in the past. Your research director should be able to definitively answer whether or not your opponent has taken a stance on any or all of the above issues and what his or her position was on each issue.

Depending on your opponent’s record there are a number of different options to choose from. If your opponent has taken a moderate position in the past, you should be sure to make sure their primary opponent or conservative activists know it. This will cause them to take heat from their primary opponents and could likely provoke a flip flop as it already has several times over with Mark Kirk in Illinois.

If your opponent has never taken a stance on the issue then you are going to need to draw them out on the issues. Your campaign or the state party should relentlessly urge reporters to seek answers and positions from your opponents.

During this process you should be tracking your opponent in order to document the issue positions he or she takes while they are locked in primaries or while they are traveling the state meeting with conservative activists. These video clips will give you insight into your opponent’s policy positions while they attempt to navigate their primary and if they decide to lurch to the right, we will have video proof of it for use later.

To see the rest of their skewed “rants” check out this link .

Please pay attention to races and comments made during campaigning in your area. Tell people what you are seeing. You can post to in the forum. From home page click Forum, then under American Politics near the bottom of the folder lists. Watch carefully and tell us what you see.  If you are on Twitter or Facebook, point people to the information you posted. Thanks.

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