There’s A Name for People Like Pelosi

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In the last few days there have been some INCREDIBLE sound bytes from House Speaker Pelosi. First she tells Reps in the House not to concern themselves with what the voters want, then in another sound byte she panders to voters attempting to portray herself as sympathetic to the Tea Partiers. Get REAL. Thought we were Nazis and low level terrorists, Nancy. Give me a break.
That “smaller” bill she is going to serve up later this week.. well, that’s the Senate bill… no less poisonous. Don’t be fooled.
Nancy Pelosi is a political whore.
Just like a common prostitute, when she can not sell her goods on Main St, she takes it to the back alley.
Just as a street whore sets out to diminish the John’s obligation to his wife, Pelosi attempts to mitigate our Representative’s obligation to us, the American voter.
Just as a wife makes it clear to her husband, THERE WILL BE NO HANKY-PANKY, we must burn the phone lines to DC this week. We need to make it clear there will be NO STEPPING OUT ON US.  If they step out, they are gone. Period.
Reid’s no better. He says now it’s only the Republicans speaking of reconciliation. Sure. Too bad there’s this new invention called “video” in which we can see the Democrats, including Harry Reid, speaking of it since late last summer.
They are all liars and theives.
PLEASE CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES AND SENATORS TODAY. Tell them- HELL NO on reconciliation. START OVER and do it ONE PIECE at a time. No 2000+ page bills. Not now. Not ever. We don’t trust them enough to let them heap unreadable legislation on us.
To find their numbers go to or
Call them even if you know their position. They must keep count of the number of yeah and nay calls.
Thank you! 

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3 Responses to “There’s A Name for People Like Pelosi”

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Another good source for contacting your representatives is

You just type in your zip code and it will show you who your representatives are and allow you to email them all with just one email if you would like. If you look up your zip + 4 (can find it at and put it in, it will also show you all of your state reps as well in case you ever want to email them.

This gang, starting with Pelosi has no clue and does not care what Americans want or think, and for some reason cannot hear, the crap in their butt must be filling their ears.

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