Why You MUST NOT Trust Our Government On Fixing the Economy

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I hesitate to put out such a time consuming column. It’s important, however, to illustrate in video the recent government behavior in a concise and cohesive way. These videos, when combined, go a long way in providing a general understanding to the American people of what we are truely up against. These will bring home the importance of each of us taking responsiblity, as citizens of this great country, to become informed in the name of our own futures. Corruption in our government is so immense. It has been let go as “We The People” feel powerless to stop it. While the truth is it is the classic “David and Goliath” tale, we really do have the power to stop it. Please take the time today, or bookmark this to look at sometime during the week, in order to strengthen your resolve to take back our country’s future.

 From a noted conservative’s viewpoint above to a noted socialist’s viewpoint below.

They seem to agree. The government’s spending is nonsense, suicidal, unconscionable in it’s patterns. So why, then has not the audit the fed legislation been fast tracked? Because it’s not in the government’s best interest to shed sunlight, no matter what they are saying on air.


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One Response to “Why You MUST NOT Trust Our Government On Fixing the Economy”

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They tell you it is bad for our Economy, but do you know why?

#1 – you need to start reading articles by http://www.mises.org.
#2 – I recommend you read “Economics in One lesson” by Henry Hazlitt (http://tinyurl.com/yg7bmv5) and “What Has Government Done to Our Money” by Murray Rothbard (http://tinyurl.com/yf3peq9).

Both of these are small, easy to read books that will help you realize why Keynesian economics is a fallacy and the problem with our Central Banking system and how the government is counterfeiting the money supply causing our entire economics woes.

Get educated. It is so important.

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