A Proposal For Republicans In Washington,D.C.

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To me, the handwriting is on the wall. The Democrats are making deals behind LOCKED doors this time. How sad that in our country, this is what it comes down to.
Did you notice, however, no one is really standing up. No one is telling us exactly what is going on behind closed doors. I find that interesting. None of the Democrats, even those voting no, are speaking out, and they all know plenty.
However, it’s convenient for the Republicans they supposedly know nothing of the deals being made and arms being twisted. Only, I will bet they know plenty, too. It’s my supposition, however bitter, they just don’t want to speak up as they know when they go to pull this crap in the future- if they tell now, the Dems will tell later.
Stupak is only feigning to stand up for pro-life in my belief. He had to know when he made the deal last time it would not be enforced in the Senate. Think about it. Now they want us to believe they can reach an agreement even though the House must pass the Senate bill verbatim, then add Stupak’s desired language later. Can anyone hear Judy Tenuta screaming in the background right now besides me? THAT COULD HAPPEN.. when monkeys fly out.. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself)
Of course, you may have heard the sound bite from today where Pelosi said they should pass the bill so everyone can find out what’s in it. Huh? Does anybody, ANYBODY, go to the store, plunk down several hundred dollars, then say .. OK.. what did that buy me??? A couple hundred dollars is what it will cost the average family each year for the next several years before any benefit even takes effect and at minimum how much your premiums will go up from now on if this passes. Is our government now “Let’s make a deal”.. with us being left to guess which curtain to choose. No, we don’t even get that privilege. We get what they give us and we are supposed to shut up, sit down and take it gratefully.
I really do think the crooks in charge are going to get this bill to pass no matter what deals they have to make to pass it. I have heard Single Payer legislation is indeed buried in the bill. That is why they are so intent on not starting over. All of the socialist controls are in there.
So, let’s say it does happen. The Republicans are going to exploit the situation come election time. Just as it would be foolhardy for anyone to trust the Senate to “fix” the bill later, so too would the American people be foolhardy to trust the Republicans to repeal the bill if they are put in control after the election.
Here is what I propose. If the Republicans are really appalled by this legislation and the way it came about, then why are there no bills being introduced to stop it in the future? I know of none. Hmmm. They don’t have to be in charge to introduce a bill. Remember “Audit the Fed”?
Say the bill does pass, do you think they will introduce legislation to repeal it ASAP? Probably not. They will tell us if they are elected in November they will introduce the legislation to repeal.
THAT IS NOT OK WITH ME. We are supposed to trust any of them even though no one is adequately standing up to stop all the nonsense that goes on in DC. No. Show us. Talk is cheap.
It is admirable that Arizona Congresswoman (D) Ann Kirkpatrick introduced a bill to temporarily cut congressional pay by 5%. Nothing funny there, oh, except for that she is for the health care bill, and other legislation that would grow the size of government.
They really do think we are stupid. Let’s show them we are not. Hold their feet to the fire no matter what party they are in. They all know what goes on and none actually spill the beans. Keep that in mind.
If the Republicans want us to vote for them in the fall, let’s see how fast bills get introduced and sponsored to correct what is wrong with the whole process and repeal the health care bill.
If you have not called your Senator and Representative’s office yet in the last two weeks to tell them no.. please call. Tell them no. They have to keep records on how many yes calls and no calls they get. Please get on the record.

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All good points. I am so sure they will not even attempt reconciliation, nor will the Republicans move to repeal this piece of garbage. Maybe “We The People” should write and introduce our own bill STAT! in anticipation of it’s passing–just sayin. #TAB10

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