Corrupting The American Vote- Part 1

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“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” -Joseph Stalin


That is where we will begin.


Over the weekend I put up a documentary I wanted all to see called Hacking Democracy.


This film told the story of how Diebold, one of the largest voting machine companies in the world, but especially here in the US, has knowingly, willingly, perhaps even purposefully, neglected to make their voting machines secure from manipulation. The film detailed how votes are kept on smart cards and how the smart cards could be manipulated to mistally the votes recorded on them. It also showed how various municipalities do not follow law and are very cavalier about vote tabulation as well as procedures in place to forestall miscounting and corruption. If you have not seen the film as yet, it is crucial, as a citizen of this country you understand the important issue at hand. Our votes, just as our wishes on the current health care legislation and others, are not being taken seriously by our government.


I will attempt, over a series of columns, to lay out for you the corruption that is taking place right under our noses. There is a systematic attempt by George Soros, the Rothschilds, and others to corrupt our voting system. It is a blatant attempt to choose the winners for us, despite what votes we indeed cast.


In January, Soldier for Liberty put up a column entitled “Every Honest American Needs To Read This Before Tuesday”, which was the day of the Scott Brown election. In that column we detailed exactly how just about anyone could manipulate the voting machine tallies. We talked about the recent impacts this issue had with the outcome of the Minnesota election where comedic writer Al Franken was “determined” to be the winner and how the machines tainted the NY 23 election late last year.  We talked about how George Soros funded outfits are hiring, in their words, progressive operatives for on the ground mobilization tactics already for the 2010 and 2012 elections.  The most vital information came from this paragraph in the column:


Here I present three links which need to be read by every single voting American. These are serious bit by bit how to’s – exactly what to do and how to do it – mind boggling! Take a deep breath and read:

How to: Do Election Fraud, Steal Elections or Fix a Vote Part 1

How to: Do Election Fraud, Steal Elections or Fix a Vote Part 2 

How to Use Optical Scan Voting to Do Election Fraud, Steal Elections or Fix a Vote and Escape Detection by a Postelection Audit


We also pointed you to a very important website, which is put up by the lady in the Hacking Democracy film, which tells all of us how to monitor elections, provides examples, etc. Everyone who cares about fair elections should read and understand this information. If at all possible, you should, after such time as you understand this information, volunteer to get involved in your local precinct. We need to all become keepers of the Constitution. The detailed information is also found in the column printed the Tuesday before the election on Soldier for Liberty, linked above.


There are several voting machine companies in the US. The top producers of voting machines are ES&S, Diebold, Sequoia, Hart, Microvote and others. Black Box Voting has provided us with the list of machines to manufacturer so you may detect who manufactures the machines in your municipality:

Brand names matched to vendor:

Diebold = Premier; makes AccuVote, TSx, TS-R6, OSx

ES&S makes M100, M150, M650, Eagle Optech, iVotronic, sells AutoMARK, some models called M400,M550 etc.

Sequoia makes Optech (same machine as ES&S); Insight, Edge, Advantage

Hart makes eSlate, eScan, BallotNow

Danaher makes 1242, also sold as Shouptronic by defunct vendor called Electec

Advanced Voting Solutions (AVS) (Defunct) made WinVote

Last fall, ES&S announced the acquisition of Premier Election Services division of Diebold. Prior to the acquisition, ES&S serviced 47.7% of purchasing jurisdictions in the country. If the acquisition was allowed to go through, this would rise to a whopping 74.7% of electronic or computerized voting machines in the country. (see map)

Last week, however, word came the Department of Justice handed down a ruling saying ES&S must divest itself from the Diebold portion of the merger- or so it seems. Bev Harris, true to her viligant self, has looked over the decision and found VERY important flaws.  From Black Box Voting:


Here’s a quick analysis of the possible impact of the USDOJ antitrust decision:US Department of Justice on antitrust grounds. However, the DOJ erred by not acting promptly to protect the Premier Elections operation from being gutted by ES&S.U.S.) or GBS (midwest) could expand into servicing and controlling more states. They may be licking their chops on this. In other words, LHS Associates could say “Hey, Pennsylvania, whether or not any “acquirer” shows up to buy ES&S’s divestiture of Premier, we’ll support you with your existing equipment.”milarities to the 1997 deal when ES&S got into antitrust problems after buying a massive voting machine company called Business Records Corp. Under the antitrust order, ES&S was allowed to service existing accounts and Sequoia was allowed to sell and service new accounts.US elections industry would remain overconcentrated.

The acquisition by ES&S of Diebold’s Premier Election Solutions has been (supposedly) nixed by the

The Dept. of Justice claims that the deal flew under the radar so they couldn’t stop the pillaging of Premier in time. That’s not the case. The records will show that the Dept. of Justice had received — and acknowledged — formal complaints in time to put a protective halt on the mass firings of Premier employees.


The USDOJ failed to act to protect the assets of Diebold’s Premier Elections unit, resulting in the problem that they now cannot mandate full divestiture of Premier by ES&S, and instead have ordered ES&S to remove itself from Premier’s current locations only partially — or perhaps, not at all.

That’s right. If the acquisition were to stand, ES&S would have over 70% market share. But under the current Dept. of Justice decision, ES&S may still end up with over 70% market share.

Here’s why: Because ES&S gutted Premier and fired over 100 employees, no other entity can swoop in to acquire an intact company. According to my sources inside Diebold, the Diebold corporation has no intention whatsoever of taking its Premier Elections unit back. Diebold Inc. considers the current situation to be ES&S’s problem.

If another entity were to step in and buy the gutted Premier entity, they would not have enough support staff to service the accounts.

We are in the midst of an election year, with primaries coming down the road pell-mell. Counties with the Premier equipment still need to run their elections. Under the USDOJ decision, they can choose to sign with ES&S to take over their election support, or they can opt to wait and sign with an “acquirer” — an entity that does not yet exist. The expedient action will most likely be to sign with ES&S.


a) Most or all current Premier voting systems customers may sign with ES&S to support their Premier equipment, because they have elections coming up. Firm deadlines with no other support available could effectively force counties to sign with ES&S.

b) Hart Intercivic or Sequoia might step in to become the “acquirer”, and under the USDOJ agreement the “acquirer” can scramble around trying to re-hire the Premier employees that were let go months ago. Hart and Sequoia could use their existing staff to help handle election support pressure, which will be intense.

c) One or some of the subcontractors, like LHS Associates (northeast

d) Some crony of ES&S, possibly waiting in the wings all along, could step in and may perhaps have already networked with former Premier employees to take over in the event of an antitrust rollback. Since we still don’t know who actually owns ES&S, and we won’t necessarily know who owns some new “acquirer” entity if it is privately held. Who knows, it could even be the same guys who are quietly involved in ES&S.

e) A group of angel investment bankers may jump in and theoretically that could be an opportunity for the citizenry to jump on this to form a kind of public utility. Don’t hold your breath on this outcome, which might be cool but would scare the pants off some of the dirtier players in the elections industry.


This proposed agreement has si

The current USDOJ decision allows ES&S to service existing accounts, but only an “acquirer” can sell new Premier equipment (if anyone even wants it!)

If any jurisdiction wants to replace more than 50% of its existing voting system with new Premier stuff, they can’t go to ES&S for the new stuff, but have to buy it from the “acquirer” instead. So, it would make sense for Hart or Sequoia or one of the subcontractors like LHS Associates to jump in to grab the cash on new equipment sales. Essentially, this would only rearrange the deck chairs, and the


One interesting situation: Former Premier employees and the ES&S employees who were involved with supporting the Premier product line recently will be released from their noncompete and nondisclosure agreements.

The decision doesn’t seem to cap or limit that requirement, from what I can see. So the potential for spilling some more beans exists.

Black Box Voting also has a forum where you can check to see what instances of irregularities have occurred in your county, or where you can post information you are aware of.


In part two of this series, tomorrow, we will continue the discussion on voting machines and the other many red flags- so many that it is now apparent what has been occurring and where they are headed. It is thoroughly sickening what has come to pass to this point. It matters not which side of the isle you are on, both sides are complicit. The fact of the matter is that our votes are becoming meaningless and we can not have that happen in America. This series will go on for most of the week, if not all, due to the many facets to this story. 

While all eyes are on the health care issue, I maintain the two are related. The point being, where government is concerned, manipulation, trickery, etc.. is all permitted. In the view of politicians and government bureaucrats apparently the ends do justify the means. The sanctity of the American vote and the wishes of “We The People” mean nothing. 

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