Corrupting the American Vote – Part 2

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This is part of an ongoing series on threats to the American Vote Count.  The series will continue all week. 

Yesterday we began the discussion on how vulnerable the voting machines are, machines which we rely on in this country to provide an accurate tally of the actual vote count.

Today we would like to shed further light on that topic.

Per Sourcewatch, here are the makers of voting machines utilized in the US:

Types of voting machines:


Optical Scan

Punch Cards

Assistive Devices for Marking Paper Ballots

Mechanical Lever Voting Machines


First it would be helpful to know what machine your municipality uses. If you don’t know, simply call them and ask. To find out various flaws with the different equipment, visit and to find out about each specific manufacturer, visit their vendor’s page .

I would like to link you now to three specific documents.

The first is the complaint by to the DOJ.

The second is a report by the far left leaning Brennan Center with 162 pages of exactly how to go about corrupting the vote through many different avenues. Per them: The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law is a public policy institute that works to strengthen democracy and secure justice through law, scholarship, education and advocacy. With Justice Brennan, we believe that a “living constitution” is the genius of American law and politics – and that the test of our institutions is the ability to apply timeless values to a changing world.

The third is a recommendation to fix the whole issue made by The Open Voting Consortium.

Tomorrow, in part three, we will look at other varying complaints and threats.


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