My Experience At The Code Red Rally -by Melinda Brown

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The following was kindly provided us by Melinda Brown from Ohio. I certainly appreciate her sharing her experience at the Code Red Rally last week and find her story enlightening. I think it vastly points out what is wrong with our politicians and why they must get a one way ticket home come November.

Melinda’s Story

I’d like to think of myself as a small town girl. I live in the same town I grew up in. At the age of 48 I will be graduating from College this spring with my RN.  Going back to school has been quite a challenge. When I started school all of my six children were living at home.  Part way through my education, my then 16 year old daughter was in a near fatal auto accident, which left her paralyzed from the chest down. Her condition is one of the reasons I have gotten so involved in politics. Due to the fact government insurance (Medicaid) covers so little and it is hard to find a provider, we have always maintained private insurance for her. The other reason I am involved is my unhappiness with where our country is heading: The out of control spending, Entitlement programs, new taxes well let’s just say I could go on forever.

I’ve been active with the Tea Party Movement and Miami Co. Liberty Group. When I received an e-mail that a group was going to Washington DC, I had to go. This was called a “Code-Red Health Care Protest”. The group was headed up by a local doctor along with small business owners, nurses, retired military and other professionals. The itinerary was to meet Mon. 3/15 at 9 PM and then take the bus to Union Terminal. We would spend the day in Washington and then board the bus for the trip back. I knew this would be a tiring trip but at the same time felt strongly I needed to go.

After arriving in DC at 6 AM, we ate breakfast in Union Station and met up with other groups from Ohio. We walked as a group to the Cannon Building where we were going to listen to several Republican Congressional speakers. I’ve never been to Washington before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. There were several police officers walking with Dogs. I’m guessing they were checking for explosives. I also noticed there were police on foot, several cruisers and some on those new scooters. We walked past different groups of school- age children. I was surprised when several of the kids from one group yelled at us “We need Health Care Now”. These kids were maybe 10 years old. I’m sure someone planted that into their heads.

It was cloudy and a bit chilly. My hand warmers weren’t keeping me warm enough as we waited for the rally to start. I had never noticed media at any of the Tea parties or protests I’ve been to before, this time there were camera’s everywhere. They were lined up in a semi-circle around the podium. While we were waiting I had a reporter approach me and ask if he could interview me. I’m not even sure what station he was with. He asked me to say my name, where I was from, and why I was here. I told him about my daughter’s medical condition and how bad government insurance is. I even went into detail on how the government only gives her 4 catheters monthly. She is to wash them out and reuse them. Private insurance will give her 240monthly, this gives her a sterile one for each time she urinates.  If we aren’t suppose to reuse a straw, why would we reuse a catheter?

To be honest, during the speeches I just wanted them to hurry up so we could get over to the Congressional buildings. I wanted to visit several of the offices. I also felt like I had heard their speeches before. They didn’t need to convince me this Health Care Bill is a bad idea. Once it ended we had to discard our signs and put our flags away before we were allowed into the buildings. I was lucky, I was with people who had been to DC before. We went to a side door so we didn’t have to wait in line to go through the metal detectors. I had to be scanned because I forgot I had a belt buckle on. One of the officers tried to take my flag away. I told her I wasn’t going display it and that I had already thrown my flag pole away. She tried several times to take it, and I refused to give it to her. I was politely firm. She let me keep it.

We had 30 minutes for lunch and went to the Congressional Cafeteria. By the time we went through the line we only had 10 minutes to eat. The food was not impressive and rather pricey.  We had a meeting scheduled with Deputy Chief of Staff for Marcy Kaptur.  We went as a group to Marcy Kaptur’s office. Her Chief of Staff decided it would be best if we met outside due to the size of our group. One of the men in our group “retired Vet” pulled out his camcorder. He was told by one of the aids to put it away. He is the kind of man who doesn’t like to be told what to do. He asked several times why but finally put it away. This meeting did not go well, he put his wall up and was on defense. When our leader wasn’t getting anywhere with him, he decided to move on. They left and I went up and shook his hand, thanking him for his time. I also told him why I was so concerned about this Health Care Bill. Surprisingly enough, he actually took the time to listen to me. He told me he understood my concerns because he has a brother with Cerebral Palsy. He gave me his card and told me to contact his office. It was then that I noticed my group had deserted me.

I was armed with my folder, which gave me a list of those congressmen who were leaning yes or on the fence. I headed for the Cannon Building. I asked if I had to go outside to get from the Longworth Building to the Cannon building and was told it was the only way to get there. I later learned that wasn’t true. There are tunnels that connect all the buildings, but the sun had come out and the walk was nice. I visited the offices for the ones from Ohio. The office staff were not friendly. I asked in each to speak to the member of congress. I knew they would be held hostage someplace so I asked to speak with an executive officer. What a surprise! None were available. I was told I could write a message. And that I did. I left my name, address, phone number and filled the rest of the page as to why I was opposed to the Health Care Bill. I followed my list and visited each one in the Cannon Building before moving on.

I wasn’t the only one in the hallways; there was a group singing the “Star Spangled Banner” in front of one of the offices. Security had come and asked them to clear the hall. Others had come to do the same thing I was doing. I stopped one of the aids in the hallway. He was young and looked friendly.  Hoping to get some helpful advice, I asked him for some hints on how I could be more productive. He suggested I hang out in the walkway that’s  in the basement or the congressional cafeteria. He said the Congressmen have to go through the hall, “Just stop them and tell them what you have to say”. The area, I believe in the Cannon building, where most of the interview are filmed was another place I stopped to chat. One of the camera men was sitting in a chair reading a book. He told me that they are at the Congressmen’s beckoned call. They get a schedule and have to be ready for them. He told me it didn’t matter if they are Republican or Democrat, they are arrogant. It’s like they think they are in an upper class from us. I can tell that by the way they dress, designer everything, and even their mannerism. I keep thinking “They Work for US”.

Not getting any sleep was starting to take it’s toll. I found the cafeteria and got a bottle of water. I began scanning the crowd, thinking it would be nice to have a photo directory. I did see Zach Space, but he escaped before I could get to him. I knew he was leaning yes. The group I was with met there 15 minutes after I got there. I didn’t know they were coming there, but I was glad to see them. They told me we had to head for John Boehner’s office, he was going to have a private meeting with us.

As we arrive at Boehner’s office, his aids told us we had to leave all of our stuff in his office. Boehner would meet with us over at the White House and we were only to bring ID. This screening process took longer then the screening into the Congressional buildings. We were all given ID badges and led through the tunnels. There was a display of the best high school artwork in the country. Some of these artists have a lot of talent. Security was everywhere.

Before we entered a small hallway, we were told to be quiet because a live news conference was going on. Wouldn’t you know it was Pelosi giving her update on the Health Care Bill. I really wanted to shout something, but I figured I would end up calling someone for bail money. We were led to a large conference room with an oval table. We were getting ready to sit down when a photographer said she wanted to get a picture of our group. Just as she had us posed, Boehner stepped in and said “Hey, let me get in on this”. We sat down and talked with Boehner for about 45 minutes. I appreciated that he took the time to talk with us. Unfortunately, he could not tell us anything positive. He said we need to make changes in November. He also said the size of the government needs to shrink.

We visited a few more offices after our meeting but with the same results. We were all getting tired. Our leader asked if we wanted to go to Sherrod Brown’s office. My thinking was, “this is a waste of time”. This building was newer than the Congressional buildings. There was also a large work of “Art”, if that’s what you want to call it in the middle of the building. It was called “Clouds and a rainbow”. What a waste of money! Others must have had the same thought I did concerning the visit to Sherrod’s office. We decided to have some fun. With a straight face one of the men in our group walked in and said “I just heard on MSNBC that Sherrod is switching to the Republican party”. The look on their faces was priceless. We recorded it on a camera phone and will try to post it on U-Tube.

I’m glad I took the trip. More of us need to take a stand for what is right. I feel like our country is going down. Our kids are going to be stuck with all this debt, and we are losing the best health care in the world. We are suppose to be the land of the free. We are losing our freedom fast! I am not going to give up my fight. I spread the word and educate people every chance I get. In my conversations with people I know, there are more people not happy with the spending, expansion of government and healthcare bill.

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One Response to “My Experience At The Code Red Rally -by Melinda Brown”

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Take heart, freedom loving Americans. The Health Care bill is only one battle in the long war to restore our freedoms and liberty. The ‘Gang of Three’ (Obama, Pelosi and Reid) will keep pushing additional individual pieces of their American Communist Manifesto on us. They will be pushing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, Cap and Trade, and gun legislation, before the elections in November of 2010.

We must continue the fight for Liberty and Freedom and resist each and every piece of legislation in every legal way that we can. When election day comes in November, we will oust many of the leaders and followers of the Democratic-Communist politburo in the House and Senate and our battle plan will turn from defensive actions to offensive actions.

We have learned from experience, that we cannot count on the federal courts to stop attacks on our Liberty as they often rule that ordinary American citizens have “no standing” in their courts. The federal courts are also part of the problem and just as corrupt as our legislative and executive branches of government.

Once we take control of the House of Representatives and possibly the US Senate in November of 2010, we will be able to cut off all funding for the nationalization of our Health Care system. Without the funding, there will be no nationalization of our Health Care system. We will also be able to cut off funding of other unconstitutional agencies and programs of our government

So take heart, fredom loving Americans and let us remember that at critical points in the history of this great country, only a few generations of Americans have been given the of honor and privilege of defending Liberty and Freedom in their maximum hour of mortal danger. In 1776, our Founders’ generation was given that honor and privilege. The generations that lived through World War I and World War II were also given the honor and privilege of defending Liberty and Freedom in their darkest hours. In all these critical points in our history, brave Americans stood as one against Tyranny and our Liberty and Freedom were preserved.

Today in America, our Liberty and Freedom are once again in their maximum hour of mortal danger, just as they were in 1776, 1917 and 1941, and we are now the generation that must stand up against Tyranny as one united force and be prepared to act.

This is our time!!

We have not only been given the honor and privilege of defending Liberty and Freedom in their maximum hour of mortal danger, but our Founders told us that it is also our sacred duty to do so, not only for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children. Do not lose heart over the loss of one battle or even several battles, for there is no doubt that freedom loving Americans will win the war to restore Liberty in America.

I pray to God that we will be successful.


John Wallace

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