This Weekend’s Events From An Eyewitness Viewpoint

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My daughter-in-law, Laura Stevenson Paquette, was present on the hill all weekend. We are so very proud of her for participating, as we are proud of all of our fellow citizens that felt compelled to make yet one more trip to DC to demonstrate our contempt for the process and the content of this government takeover of  heathcare. She was interviewed by her local television station- film here.  She had a front row position for the supposed “name calling incident” and states her observations below:

The Code Red Rally From My Perspective

 by Laura Stevenson Paquette

Every time I attend a tea party protest, I can’t help but feel a glimmer of hope that maybe this will be the time the media accurately reports what is going on.  I attended the 9/12 protest in Washington, D.C., a state sovereignty rally in my home state of Virginia, and most recently, the Saturday and Sunday Code Red rallies against the health care bill.  Sadly, the mainstream media has yet to get anything right.

I am not an uneducated redneck (I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree), I am not a racist, I am not uninformed or stupid.  The other protesters don’t fit these descriptions either.  We are citizens who are horrified to watch the destruction of the United State of America and the Constitution.  The following is my account of what really happened on Saturday, March 20 and Sunday, March 21.

Once I heard that protesters would be back in D.C. on Saturday to denounce the health care bill, I felt compelled to go.  As a young wife and middle school teacher, I didn’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t do everything I could for the future of my students and for the children that my husband and I hope to have.  Early Saturday morning, I left my home near Virginia Beach, picked up my friend Jill in Williamsburg, and made the three hour drive to D.C.  We weren’t sure if many people would be there or not; after-all, the Saturday rally was put together at the last minute, and many people had a lot further to drive than we did.

As we emerged from the Capital South metro station and started walking toward the west lawn of the Capital building, our hearts began to swell.  Everywhere we looked, protesters were walking toward the Capital.  They carried American Flags, yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flags, wore pro tea party and pro Constitution t-shirts, and carried homemade signs.  I did not see any Confederate flags.  We arrived on the lawn at approximately 12:30pm, and it was packed with tens of thousands of people.  We listened to some of the tea party organizers and supporters speak, and then we were informed that President Obama would be arriving on the east side of the Capital at 3:00pm.  Hundreds of us moved to stand on either side of the street that leads to the east side.  We also stood on either side of the sidewalk and steps that leads from the Capital to the Cannon House Office Building.  Jill and I positioned ourselves on the sidewalk, right next to the stairs leading into the building.  On the stairs, a group of gentlemen held up an American flag. 

As members of Congress walked from the Capital to the Cannon HOB, we chanted slogans such as “Kill the bill,” or “Vote no!”  As members of the Congressional Black Caucus walked past us, we all booed.  After they entered the Cannon HOB, one of them came back out with a police officer, saying someone had called him the “n-word”.  Contrary to what has been reported in the mainstream news media, at no point did I hear any racial slurs or see anyone spitting.  If these events had really happened, why weren’t they captured by the cameras that were present?  I am deeply disturbed that false allegations are being made against us.  Clearly the left is trying to discredit us by making us look like racists and bigots.

I would also like to provide an account of the supposed counter-protesters.  People in support of the health care bill began arriving on Sunday between 12:00 and 1:00pm.  They were bused in by the SEIU, carried matching blue signs provided to them, and angrily tried to march through our tea party protest.  Whenever one of them came marching in, we blew our whistles to drown out their cries of, “Health care now!” and we held our homemade signs and flags up in front of their pre-manufactured ones.  We were not rude to them. 

Throughout the two days I spent at the Capital, I was nothing but impressed by my fellow tea party members and protesters.  All races and ages were represented.  Many, many families were there.  The signs people carried were about a love for democracy and the Constitution, and a hatred of socialism and big government.  I did not see or hear anything racist.  We left no trash on the ground.  We thanked the police, who were very cordial and polite, for keeping us safe and helping to direct us around the city.  Our cries were not cries of hatred, but cries for freedom and liberty!  We prayed; we sang patriotic songs.  We said The Lord’s Prayer and The Pledge of Allegiance.  We were, and are, ordinary people who have answered the call to save Our Country.

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10 Responses to “This Weekend’s Events From An Eyewitness Viewpoint”

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thank you for sharing your thoughts on
the dc rally. we have a tea party in my little town too. and i have seen nothing but
the most decent americans respectfully protesting an increasingly socialist government. i heard what the media said
about racial slurs & such. i knew they were lying as usual. god bless you for
going to dc & making your voice heard.
i was with you in spirit. i spent saturday
and the days before calling reps. they still
voted wrong, but most i got thru to let me have my say. again god bless you, keep fighting.

The Left wing has stagged massive protests for 50 years now, often not just with MAs but with leagues of PhD. Year after year. And the entire time the GOP mocked them as nut cases.

The GOP finds itself utterly out of power and stages protests just like the left did, they get far more media coverage, and yet somehow they expect the outcome to be different.

I mean when a tea party protest is the size of the Million Man March maybe it will accomplish as much as the Million Man March: Nothing.

The left got no where with endles protests and rallies, now the right will find it gets nowhere.

I could not disagree with you more, Mr. Hooker.

The left hinges their battles on trying to cause kaos and upheavel.

The tea party patriots are standing up for the rule of law and the constitution. While the happenings of late have shown the government thumbing their nose at us, that phenom will be short lived my friend. When the majority of the people speak and they are not heard, that in and of it self denotes the problem with a government that is of, for and by the people.

To add to Desiree’s comment, I have proof that these things are making a difference. When coworkers heard I went to the first DC tea party last April they were first surprised, then curious. Nobody thought I would do something that radical… They started asking me questions about what it was about. I answered the best I could, but the best reply was to tell them to learn for themselves. I gave them links to websites like this one. Soon, they were coming to see me at lunchtime to discuss their concerns. I started an e-mail “patriots” list that I use to distribute important infomation. Many of these friends now reply with their own info, and pass what they learn on to their friends. Many went to Town Hall meetings in August, and some joined me on 9/12 and in November in DC. Most are frequently writing their representatives. Some of us donated to Scott Brown’s campaign (even though we don’t live in Mass) because we realized this election was critical for our country.
None of this would have happened if I had went to work last April 15 and thought like Robert.

From the moment I heard the news of the Tea Party folks supposedly yelling racial slurs, I knew somewhere along the line the info was planted. It just didn’t make sense to me for so many reasons. Thank you for the eyewitness account. I will be writing about this on my blog and linking to your article in near future. It’s so important the truth gets out.

Thank you so much for standing up for a all us that share your important views. Thank you also for the honest accounting of this past weekend.If only we could get the MSM to fair and pay attention.
Keep the faith

[…] when certain congressmen allege the protesters yelled the “N” word and spit at them. She says it never happened. As members of Congress walked from the Capital to the Cannon HOB, we chanted slogans such as […]

I agree with the Tea Party protests, too. And I’m appalled that this bill passed. I pray that it won’t stand up to the Constitutional test. I have to say, though, watch the above video again– at approximately 3:31, you hear a man’s voice say something 2 to 3 times that sounds A LOT like the n-word in question. I could be wrong. And, for that matter, if he did say it, I wouldn’t put it past the left to have planted him in there for the very reason of tearing down the valiant Tea Party movement. Seriously, though, at 3:31, does anybody else hear that?

You are RIGHT– they are saying ‘traitor’. Wow- that really shows what the power of suggestion can do. My ears parsed that as n-word because of all the talk about it. I agree– it does sound more like ‘traitor’. Thanks for the comment.

At about 3:31 you can hear people call out traitor.

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