Now That You’ve Seen How Much Your Opinion Means To Government, Do You REALLY Trust Them With Your Vote?

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Now that you have seen how much your opinion matters, do you REALLY trust them with your vote?
Do so at your own peril, my friends.
I have presented a five part series on what is being done in this country to corrupt the vote count. It is imperative that ALL Patriots, all citizens, really, learn what they are doing to manipulate and alter vote counts. No place in this country is safe. It is important you understand I am NOT overstating this.
Don’t think there is nothing you can do to change this. These articles will help instruct you on EXACTLY how they are doing it and what you must look out for in your own precinct.
I urge you to please, take time this weekend to look through this material and bookmark it so you can refresh your memory as we get closer to fall elections. Feel free to copy and paste this post into email to share with tea party groups, 912 groups and all concerned Americans.
We started the series by asking that if you have not seen the documentary “Hacking Democracy” you please watch it.
Part 1- Manipulation of vote counts coming from voting machines
Part 2- Continuation of Manipulation of vote counts coming from voting machines – your local precinct
Part 3- Technical Guidelines Development Committee – being manipulated by the far left
Part 4 – Universal Voter- THIS IS A MUST READ – This is how the far left will have a long term impact on vote corruption
Part 5- SOSProject- George Soros will stop at nothing to ensure Democratic victories for years to come. Leftist mantra: “The ends justify the means”

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