Dems Recent Ploy Ill Conceived or Purposeful Deception?

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The drama played out this past week on Capitol Hill is deplorable with Dems painting tea partiers as racist homophobe vigilantes. Despite not having proof of the allegations and thousands of witnesses that say it never happened, the media reported the allegations as fact. That will backfire. The media hardly reported the fact that Republican Eric Cantor’s Virginia office was shot at early last week. Bullets trump bricks for danger, yet hardly a mention. Could that be because it does not fit their narrative. Hmm. It’s all BS. Many on Congress get threats constantly and Capitol Security said the number of threats had not increased over normal levels during recent weeks. So it’s all a ploy, plain and simple.

Remember when Bush was President? Well, where were the cries of brutality when leftists all over the country were calling out for his assassination? There were movies, rallies, etc.. Don’t remember that? Check out this link:

This clip is merely here for proof of the leftist movie about the “Death of A President” in which President Bush was assassinated. Warning: Graphic Violence

Or how about when Sarah Palin was hung in effigy?

Kinda says it all, huh?

How can you even consider voting for these lying, cheating, stealing people. They have zero integrity and even less concern or respect for the American people.

It is the Dems who are acting dangerously with leadership attempting to pit American citizens against one another.

I have written of the FEMA camps, EOs on martial law powers, and further attempts by President Obama to enhance the power of the presidency since Dems took office.  I was always hoping my concern was overblown. Because they are doing things like this, I now wonder if the concern is not becoming more and more reality based.

Please spread this word to all in your email lists. It is important for people to understand these accusations made by Dem Leadership are not legitimate.


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