Meet the Man Who Took Rev. Wright’s Place in Obamaland

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In a recent column for Huntington Post, Jim Wallis recently wrote:

The Great Recession is not just an economic crisis, it is the result of a loss of values, a moral crisis. And to say that it is a moral crisis is also to say that it is a spiritual crisis.

But who is Jim Wallis? According to Huffington Post

Jim Wallis is the author of Rediscovering Values: On Wall Street, Main Street, and Your Street — A Moral Compass for the New Economy, CEO of Sojourners and blogs at

The Washington Post wrote in November, 2006: Wallis’s book, God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It, spent 15 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list in 2005 and became the catalyst for his budding effort to revive progressive Christian politics. Throughout the book, Wallis argues that liberals have lost touch with the faith that defines much of American life. In the values debate, nearly all of which stems from differing perspectives of religion and moral absolutes, Democrats have traditionally been on the trailing end since the devout Jimmy Carter lost churchgoing voters to Ronald Reagan in 1980. Bill Clinton significantly narrowed the gap in 1992 by winning the Catholic vote, but even with his ability to speak comfortably about faith, by 1996, the gap widened again. Four years later, George W. Bush brought Catholic and Protestant regular churchgoers firmly into the Republican camp.

But who is he really?

A recent column in The Christian Review called: Jim Walis: Obama’s “Red” Spiritual Advisor , they discuss Jim Wallis’s ties to South American Marxist movement leaders and regimes. The Christian Review lays it’s case out this way:

First, Jim Wallis has had relationships with the communist Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES).

Second, his “Witness for Peace” was an attempt to defend the Nicaraguan Sandinistas! Wallis, together with the Rev. Jeremiah Wright (Obama’s former pastor of 20 years) “rallied support for the communist Nicaraguan regime and protested actions by the United States which supported the anti-communist Contra rebels” (Family World News, February 2009, p. 7).

Third, Wallis and his Sojourners community of fellow-travelers believe Fidel Castro’s Cuba, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, Daniel Ortega’s Nicaragua and the other revolutionary forces “restructuring socialist societies” are the communist paradises the United States needs to emulate in order to establish “social justice.” Writing in the November 1983 issue of Sojourners, Jacob Laksin notes, “Jim Wallis and Jim Rice drafted what would become the charter of leftist activists committed to the proliferation of communist revolutions in Central America” (Laksin, “Sojourners: History, Activities and Agendas” in, 2005).

The ugly truth is Wallis wishes to see the destruction of the United States as a nation and in its place “a radical nonconformist community” patterned after the progressive, socialist commune he established in Washington, D.C., in 1971 (Laksin, Ibid.).

See what “Discover the networks” says about Wallis here.

Starmaker reported a year ago:

Obama hasn’t changed, still taking advice from the Black Liberation cult, only this time in the form of white socialist, Rev Jim Wallis of Washington D.c, according to IBD Editorials. He is currently the Usurper’s advisor for faith-based initiatives.

He preaches the same anti-American, anti-capitalist, message, one of redistributive
wealth for the sake of “social justice.” He and Rev Wright have rallied together to support the Communist Sandanistas decades ago. In fact,at the 2008 ACORN convention (6/25), while he was being introduced, the Acorn Hostess, slipped up and started introducing him as “Rev. Jeremiah..” Of course, that was just shortly after Obama threw Wright under the bus.

He is also from Chicago, like Obama and published a paper called “Post-American.” He has been associated with Marxism for some time, even though he does some window-dressing to cover up the big word “Communism.” He has close ties to Marxist Dr. Cornell West and, in the past, to James Cone.

His group in Washington D.C. is called Sojourners. He has called America “the great power, the great seducer, the great captor and destroyer of human life, the great master of humanity and history in its totalitarian claims and designs…(and is) fiercely opposed to capitalism and the free-market system. “Our systems have failed the poor and they have failed the earth,” Wallis has said. “They have failed the creation,” according to The Obama File.

Also a year ago, USNews reported:

For Wallis, who leads an antipoverty group called Sojourners, it was just the beginning of another long day of power politics. An afternoon interview at his Washington office was cut short so he could hop on a conference call with President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Then he was off to dinner with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

In more than three decades in the capital, the 60-year-old Wallis has never been so much in demand. As a politically progressive evangelical, he had long been an outcast in both evangelical and progressive political circles. Agitating for a greater government role in fighting poverty and promoting world peace, he pushed an agenda that was at odds with the Christian-right leaders who purported to speak for American evangelicals. Wallis decried those leaders’ fixation on fighting abortion and gay rights. His own politics lined up closely with the Democrats, but the party had little interest in consorting with evangelical pastors.

Now, all that has changed. Many evangelicals, particularly younger ones, have broadened their political agenda beyond hot-button issues to embrace causes like combating climate change. Many of the Christian right’s top leaders have died or lost influence. And Democrats all the way up to the White House are now embracing religion’s role in politics and are actively wooing evangelicals. Seemingly overnight, Wallis has gone from outside agitator, arrested 22 times for acts of civil disobedience, to inside player, talking with presidential aides a few times a week. “I’ve been 40 years in the wilderness, and now it’s time to come out,” Wallis says. “This is a new experience for me.”

…But Wallis’s lefty credentials are well established. In the early 1970s, he faced pressure to leave Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois because his anti-Vietnam War activism was scaring off the school’s benefactors. Wallis left by choice and helped start a commune to live out his “kind of Marxist” beliefs, which included living close to the poor and pursuing social justice activism full time. (Wallis has since disavowed Marxism.) The commune disbanded after it moved to Washington to advocate on social justice issues. But the name, Sojourners, lives on in his current organization and its monthly magazine.

…For now, though, Wallis is less focused on arguing the orthodoxy of his views than on turning them into policy. A Washington veteran, he has learned that political power can be fleeting. His invitations to the Clinton White House ceased after he opposed welfare reform. President Bush consulted him on faith-based initiatives, but his team froze Wallis out for opposing the Iraq war.

Obama is the first president Wallis knew well pre-White House. In the 1990s, both participated in a years-long dialogue on community engagement led by Bowling Alone author Robert Putnam. “He was self-consciously Christian like I was,” Wallis says of Obama then. “But we were progressively Christian in the era of the religious right.” Now, Wallis is eager to partner with his old friend to prove that a new, progressive era for religion and politics has arrived.

You don’t have to take it from me.  Here it is in Jim Wallis’s own words. Wow!:

In a column he did in 2007 he lays out how the progressive movement can gain ground moving through religious organizations and churches throughout the country. By perverting the scripture to their own agenda, they can aid social justice and further redistribution of wealth in this country.

Recently, his organization, The Sojourners have launched a campaign against Glenn Beck:

Tell Glenn Beck: I’m a Social Justice Christian
Glenn Beck recently told his listeners to leave any church that teaches social justice, and to report its pastor to church authorities. Since Sojourners’ mission is “to articulate the biblical call to social justice,” we thought we’d better turn ourselves in. But before reporting to any church hierarchy, we’re going to report ourselves to Glenn Beck.

Whether you’re a church leader, a church member, or a church seeker, if you’re a Christian who believes in the biblical call to social justice, we invite you join us. Once you turn yourself in, you’ll get a chance to encourage your pastors, fellow church members, or fellow seekers to report themselves too. Send the message below (change it if you like) to Glenn Beck, and let him know that the biblical call to social justice is good news–not fodder for “code word” scare tactics.


I keep telling you this is indeed our second civil war, and I truly believe it is. Unlike our first, this does not involve guns and ammo, but rather, at this point anyway, is a war of words and ideals.  The majority is lulled into silence by busy lives, mind numbing television shows and left leaning media. Please help rally our troups and bring this information to their attention. We must begin to alert all. With lies and manipulation being hurled at us in such a rapid fire manner, keeping up is increasingly hard to do. That’s how they play, attempting to make us watch one hand while they continually stab us in the back with the other. I will continue to do the best I can to bring information to your attention, but I need your help in disseminating the information.

Other blogs have written about Jim Wallis as well:

I would like to thank a fellow Convservative true Patriot who shared this information with me.

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Interesting Wallis had dinner with the Sec. Gen. of the U.N. and was nominated for Vatican Ambassador (but didn’t get the job-pity), it also raises the question “could he be considered the “False Prophet”, whom he should know who that is if he actually READS the Bible!

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