Please Help Push For the Enumerated Powers Act

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 I came across the following today from : 

Make Congress Obey the Constitution — Support the Enumerated Powers Act

Calling all constitutionalists! Here’s a bill you’ll be glad to support: The Enumerated Powers Act, H.R. 450 and S. 1319, “To require Congress to specify the source of authority under the United States Constitution for the enactment of laws, and for other purposes.”

Here’s the key provision of H.R. 450 (S. 1319 reads virtually the same): “Each Act of Congress shall contain a concise and definite statement of the constitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of that Act. The failure to comply with this section shall give rise to a point of order in either House of Congress.”

Sixty members of the House are already cosponsors of H.R. 450. There are 22 cosponsors of S. 1319 in the Senate.

Use these bills to put the pressure on your representative and senators to adhere to the Constitution. Phone and email (scroll down) them. Ask them to cosponsor these bills and work to bring them to the floors of the House and Senate for a vote. Get them on the record on their support or lack of support for obeying the Constitution.

Take advantage of the heightened receptiveness of Congress in this momentous election year featuring a rapidly growing constitutionalist movement to help convince your representative and senators to support the Enumerated Powers Act.

Click here
for phone numbers for your representative’s and senators’ various offices.

Scroll down this page to send a prewritten, editable email message.

Be sure to personalize for maximum impact.

I urge you to join in the campaign to hold Congress’s feet to the fire. This should receive bipartisan support. I would love to see a vote on this before fall elections. If your congressional representatives won’t cosponsor this bill, that should tell you what side of the Constitution they are on. Period.

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3 Responses to “Please Help Push For the Enumerated Powers Act”

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You should have been following this provision in the first place.

S4L has written about this act before as well as Audit the Fed.

During all of the healthcare legislation debatates, I never heard anything mentioned or questions asked, what is the specific source of authority for the inactment of theses laws and for other purposes under the Constitution of The United States. passage of any law or portion thereof shall contain a concise and definate statement of the onstitutional authority relied upon for the enactment of each portion of that act.

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