It Is Becoming Apparent The Tea Party Can Trust No One

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Although Meg Whitman stumped for Republican candidate John McCain in 2008, and is running herself as a Republican for Governor of California, she herself said eleven months ago she was a huge fan of  radical, social and economic justice pusher Van Jones.  I’m not so sure she would say that today, not in public anyway.

So then, is one to assume she is also a progressive?

I can not say. She is a proponent of green technologies and government involvement in the green movement, based on her statements from the campaign website.

She is true to the Conservative platform in some areas such as no amnesty for illegal immigrants and enhancing border security as a priority, as an example.

Saying she is a huge fan of a communist ex-con, though, is a huge red flag.

Then today I came across a blog post on DarkPolitricks talking about Fox News. Not one in which they are demonized as a harsh critic of Obama, but suprisingly one in which it is stated they hired reporters to dig through the comment section of to look for comments calling for violence and violent leaning rhetoric from those they see as “teaparty” members.

So although “teaparty” members as a rule are loyal Fox News watchers, Fox News itself is out to tarnish the teaparty. This would explain why we got almost no coverage when over one million of us marched at the capitol last September and why the coverage was inadequate for the Code Red rally the weekend Congress signed our liberty away.

A year ago, thedailypaul noted FBI agents were spying on teaparty members as well.

About the same time we found out any American who is a registered libertarian, has legally purchased guns, has served in the military, belongs to a teaparty group, etc.. is considered a low level terrorist by our government.

I am just not sure what country I live in anymore, but it looks nothing like the America I was led to believe I lived in. This is the New America my friends, one where commies are glorified and hard working, honest, tax paying Americans are put on the terrorist list and spied upon by supposedly fair and balanced news networks.


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4 Responses to “It Is Becoming Apparent The Tea Party Can Trust No One”

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Call me a “low level terrorist”, then. I’m an AMERICAN, goddammit! And I intend to STAY THAT WAY. If opposing the enemies of Liberty makes me a “terrorist”, so be it.

I think we all are rapidly running out of people to trust in politics and the MSM. Both are getting paid off by the Elites who want to make us their slaves.

The only ones we can trust are our fellow American Patriots.

We don’t need no stinkin’ politicians or news personalities!

Meg Whitman has CFR people on her campaign team, endorsed Barbara Boxer in 2004, supports taxpayer-funded abortions, and was on the Board of Directors of Goldman-Sachs in 2001-2002. She is NOT on your side, tea party people. Neither is she on the side of progressives. She’s basically a neocon.

Just because Fox News does its research does not mean they are out to tarnish the Tea Party. But this woman needs to stay in the private sector.

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