Government pushes National ID After Sneaking Implantable Chips Into Health Care Bill

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Recently, WSJ online had an article discussing how Congress is moving forward on the Amnesty bill and including in the bill the National ID biometric cards for every citizen to carry. These cards would have our personal information loaded in the chip and would be required for every working citizen.

Real ID met with opposition by the American voters, and is still stalled in committee, so just as they did with the health care bill, they are being stealth by including National ID in the Amnesty bill, which most citizens also oppose. They will, once again, ignore the will of the people and no doubt pass this anyway.

Support is said to be bi-partisan with Sen. Lindsay Graham-nesty joining with Sen. Chuck Schumer to co-sponsor the bill.

Senator Graham is a traitor to Republicans across America and has said the small government contingent is not welcome in his party. It’s high time we tell him the tables are now turning. Either he tows the limited government line or he’s buying himself a one way ticket home.  South Carolina is a fairly conservative state, by nature, thus I am fairly confident the majority of citizens there will agree with that statement.

As if tone deaf to the majority of Americans on their health care non-reform was not enough, Congress is now plowing head long into National ID.

Furthermore, the new health care bill, as written, leads the way for citizens to have a mandated chip inserted in their bodies in order to provide our medical records on the spot. (see Subtitle C-11 Sec. 2521)  FDA long ago approved PSID (formerly VeriChip) for this purpose.  PSID is moving forward in Florida to test this in a voluntary capacity. Update link:

I will bet the majority of Americans are unfamiliar with this portion of the bill.

Americans need to become aware of what is actually going on in Washington. Politicians want us to fight Democrat against Republican. The true fight is freedom and liberty versus slavery. Just as the Republicans freed the slaves the first time around, they need to reevaluate their priorities and do so again. Pay close attention to the battles ahead my friends, as by 2012 we may be too far gone to ever get our country, our freedom, our privacy and our liberty back.

Campaign for Liberty is sponsoring a petition to stop National ID. If you care to sign the petition please visit this link.

We will have more on our fight against the Amnesty Bill itself at a future date.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I will be off until Monday night. In my absence, I will post a big brother alert Friday night, and over the weekend highlight a few documentaries from our Theater, which is available any time and full of free documentaries to inform and enlighten.


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One Response to “Government pushes National ID After Sneaking Implantable Chips Into Health Care Bill”

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We often used to wonder what the “mark of the beast” mentioned in Revelations was. It seems as time goes by that the most likely candidate will be a chip implant.Interesting heh!

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