DOH and FEMA Prepare for Domestic Upheavel

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Posted at Public Intelligence  , which was for official use only and most likely not intended for public disclosure.
Hat Tip to @Whenifhow was the following information:
With an overview describing the exercise as follows:


  • Tier 1 National Level Exercise as per the National Exercise Program
  • Domestic Terrorism focused
  • Guided by National Planning Scenario #1: Nuclear Detonation
  • Fully Integrated with Eagle Horizon 2010 (continuity exercise)
  • FEMA Region VIII and FEMA Region IX, select State and Local jurisdictions (venues) and the National Capital Region (NCR)
  • Multi-day (4-5), operations-based exercise scheduled for May 2010
    This report discusses the focus of the exercises as training for domestic terrorism. I seem to be seeing that topic in government discussions a lot of late. Along with citizen armies of various ilk being created in bills and documents right and left, I wonder what the government is preparing for exactly.
    Here are additional links to help you translate the various programs and proceedures noted in the above document:


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    3 Responses to “DOH and FEMA Prepare for Domestic Upheavel”

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    Isn’t this routine preparedness training? Don’t we want FEMA & DOH prepared for emergencies and the unexpected?

    I would agree with you under normal circumstances. However, with all of the recent executive orders under Obama and Bush regarding martial law, coupled with the news last week that we will now have troups assigned to the US for crowd control and natural disasters along with the forecasts for gloom and doom regarding the economy. Now add in the growng ranks of the teaparty and the government trying to inappropriately demonize them and “cautioning against” violence even though there is no threat of that from the teaparty. Thngs are starting to add up. While do not have a crystal ball, I can help prepare citizens by illuinating what I see and leave it up to each individual to draw any conclusions they may and prepare accordingly if they think that is in order.

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